Aprilia Tuono 660 roadster test


The Peaceful Streetfighter

Parallel twin, 659 cm3, 95 hp, 67 Nm, 183 kg full facts, 10,550 euros, A2 compatible

Do you remember the explosion of streetfighter style? If the answer is yes, then you also know what a VCR is … If the answer is no, know that streetfighters became extremely popular in the late 90s – a period when tuning was king and Jacky was not yet rhyming with Michel. To help contextualize a little better, try imagining a world where the stunt was just in its infancy. A world where the top 10 sales at the time were monopolized by hypersport cars and big roadsters that were just as sporty. The big game of the time was therefore to buy at a low price a severely crumpled track beast to graft it a large handlebars (cheaper than a new fairing), tinker with scrap lugs on the fork to make it hold so well. what a bad round headlight and zou, you found yourself with the absolute weapon on the open road for the price of a courier wheel !

The connection with Aprilia? Simple, the firm of Noale was the first to decline this concept in (very small) series with the Tuono 1000, closely derived from its hypersportive RSV. Well, the Italians did not take too many risks since they only produced 200 copies. But the sauce immediately took and each superbike of the brand was subsequently entitled to its Streetfighter version. Those who have memory (or access to Wikipedia) will retort to me that Triumph with its Speed ​​Triple or Honda with the X11, had already cleared the ground. But neither of them had a pure juice superbike as a base and it is for this very reason that the Tuono is for me the first real Streetfighter in production. Please forward threats and insulting letters to the usual address…

Test of the Aprilia Tuono 660 roadsterTest of the Aprilia Tuono 660 roadster

With the context set, coming to the subject of the day: the Tuono 660. Until now, the Streetfighter was only available in two varieties, XXL or XXS (50-125 cm3). So it took almost 20 years to finally see an intermediate version land. In the forms, the formula does not change, on the other hand, there is a difference of size since it is the first time that RS and Tuono have been developed in parallel. Logically, the roadster market is much more lucrative than that of sports cars, the Italian manufacturer has preferred to put all the chances in his side….

Well, here’s for the background, it’s time to take a closer look at this new Aprilia.


I would not pass judgment on the aesthetics (to each his own), but “in real life”, we will only note that the proportions are homogeneous and that the overall finish is of a very good level..

The Tuono 660 has excellent finishesThe Tuono 660 has excellent finishes

On the technical side, the Tuono 660 is almost a copy and paste of the RS. Fans of bolt-washers can therefore immerse themselves with delight in the excellent test of the RS 660 carried out by Damien, I will focus on the key points. With a full weight of 183 kg, the Tuono is a featherweight, in particular thanks to an aluminum frame, a swingarm and a rear buckle as well as a carrier engine contributing to the overall rigidity. The exhaust compacted under the engine benefits mass centralization.

With 183 kg full made, the Tuono is a featherweightWith 183 kg full made, the Tuono is a featherweight

The heart of the Tuono is a vertical twin-shaft twin-cylinder, four-valve-per-cylinder 659 cc with super square ribs (81 x 63.9 mm) associated with a six-speed gearbox and an anti-dribble clutch. It develops 95 hp at 10,500 rpm and 67 Nm at 8,500 rpm with a red zone set at 11,500 rpm. On paper it looks sharp, but we already have a little more than 53 Nm from 4,000 rpm. Aprilia has also put the package on the techno side with an electronic ride by wire accelerator and five driving modes (3 for the road and 2 for the track) acting on the engine mapping and the many driving aids: traction control, wheeling control, engine brake and ABS.

The Aprilia twin delivers 95 horsepower and 67 Nm hereThe Aprilia twin delivers 95 horsepower and 67 Nm here

On the other hand, the up & down shifter of the RS660 is only available as an option, just like the 6-axis inertial unit which “unlocks” the management on the angle of the ABS and traction control. Another little stinginess for a machine sold barely € 500 less than the RS (€ 10,550 vs € 11,050), the Kayaba inverted fork of 41 mm in diameter is still adjustable in preload, compression and rebound … but only on only one fork tube?!? To mark its difference a little more with the RS, Aprilia has very slightly retouched the chassis of the Tuono. The wheelbase is now 1378 mm (- 5 mm) and the caster angle goes from 24.3 to 23.9 °. Values ​​which, combined with the grafting of a large handlebar, should exacerbate the liveliness of the chassis. Aprilia would also have degraded (very slightly as always) the torsional rigidity of the chassis to facilitate the setting on the angle..

The geometry has been slightly revised with a reduced widthThe geometry has been slightly revised with reduced hunting

Mid-size machine requires, this Tuono 660 is more versatile than a V4. During its presentation, Aprilia highlighted qualities very far from what is usually expected of a Streetfighter: turning radius of 64 °, cruise control as standard (which would have been exchanged for heated grips), automatic headlamps on, best wind protection in its category, complete line of accessories designed to improve comfort and travel (comfort seat, suitcases, high screen, etc.).

Although sporting vocation, the roadster is equipped with many comfort equipmentAlthough a sporting vocation, the roadster is equipped with many comfort equipment

In the saddle

The large handlebars fall naturally under the hands, only tilting the bust forward very slightly, the saddle – still 820 mm high – allows me to almost put both feet flat despite my 171 cm and trail boots. which greatly limit ankle mobility. The footrests – very slightly forward, lowered and covered with a rubber to improve comfort – are placed directly vertically to your foundation and do not bend the legs excessively. In short, it’s sporty without being radical. My colleagues of larger sizes have also found the triangle saddle handlebar footrest perfectly suited to their size. So far, so good…

The driving position is only slightly tilted forwardThe driving position is only slightly tilted forward

Ergonomically, the non-adjustable clutch lever (but very soft to operate) is the only fault I found in this Aprilia. The dashboard is clear and well laid out, the interface controls on the left stalk are easy to operate even with heavy winter gloves and the information distilled by the on-board computer is very comprehensive: odometer, instant fuel consumption , average, duration of the trip, 2 partial, outside temperature and clock … The mirrors do not mirror the elbows, the saddle is neither comfortable nor uncomfortable. It’s time to roll.

The instrumentation is clear and well arrangedThe instrumentation is clear and well arranged

In the city

Once awakened with a kick of the starter, the vertical twin-cylinder stalled at 270 ° sounds exactly like a V twin (the first to use this ploy to artificially change the motor character was Yamaha in 1995 with its 850 TRX). Rather discreet at low revs and very flexible, it is totally at ease in urban areas. It can even move on idle set to fifth gear if you wish (well, at this speed the times are worthy of a Velib ‘, but that will teach you to drive under speed). Between the large handlebars, the excellent turning radius, the reduced weight and excellent engine availability from 3,500 rpm, the Tuono is a tool in town, gentle on the angle, able to turn around in handkerchief and requiring the minimum amount of neurons to navigate through heavy traffic, especially by switching to Commute mode which softens the response of the throttle. In any case in Rome. It remains to be seen what happens in interfiles ascent (yes, I know, it’s forbidden again) with the large mirrors and the wide handlebars…

With its very flexible engine and significant steering, the Tuono is at ease in the city.With its very smooth engine and high steering angle, the Tuono is at ease in the city.

Motorway and expressways

At 130 km / h, the engine purrs at around 5,700 revolutions, which is right between the torque and maximum power revs (therefore in the middle of the optimum range of use) and ensures copious times without ever giving the impression to force if you need to overtake. No parasitic vibrations to report either when driving at constant speed at the usual speed limits and the protection is surprising given the small size of the screen. The entire lower body is protected and the wind pressure is only felt at the level of the helmet up to the solar plexus. This is if you are pruned in the garden gnome format. I recommend older children to fall back on the optional bubble if they are planning long, repetitive trips. Or wait for the arrival of the Aprilia Touareg 660, trail variation for the 660 platform.

At the legal motorway we do not deplore any vibrationAt the legal motorway we do not deplore any vibration


Usually, it is in this paragraph that I have to tell you about the sporting potential. Except that the weather conditions were cool to say the least (between 3 and 10 ° C) and the state of the asphalt left much to be desired in places: stepped bitumen joints, gravel, untimely salting without forgetting an impressive amount of nests. gigantic hen … The untimely zigzags to avoid hitting the suspensions were commonplace. In other words, the opportunities to spread from one angle to the other while squeezing the throttle were rather rare. We rode well, of course, but not enough to really explore the dynamic limits of the Tuono.

Aprilia Tuono 660 road testAprilia Tuono 660 road test

What I can tell you, however, is that the Tuono is at the same time easy, homogeneous and comfortable. The passages from one angle to another are done without the slightest effort and in the sequences of particularly rutted curves, this streetfighter has never sliced ​​or pumped on its suspensions. The front and rear always work together and erase the vast majority of what can be thrown under the wheels. Be careful, however, not to cling too much to the handlebars on strong acceleration, parasitic movements begin to appear. Once this detail is integrated, the Tuono accepts all driving styles, swaying knees out or vertical bust supermotard style, it’s up to you..

Easy, the Tuono allows you to change angles effortlesslyEasy, the Tuono allows you to change angles effortlessly

If the comfort and the damping are remarkable efficiency, the work of the suspensions still lacks finesse. We would have liked a little more information feedback on the work of the tires (Pirelli Rosso Corsa II), especially at the rear, even if we know that the electronic aids ensure grain. It’s good, but not perfect.

Damping is effective, but lacks finesseDamping is effective, but lacks finesse

What is perfect, however, is the engine. The thrust is virile from 4,000 rev / min and only increases until the intervention of the breaker at around 11,500 revolutions. This little twin is at the same time flexible, round, torquey, lively, angry and distills a pleasing sound. We often get the impression that there is more than the 95 horsepower advertised, but once again it is the lightness of the chassis that makes the Tuono 660 so powerful and endearing. Unlike the RS, I didn’t notice that the front end tended to stiffen when cornering on the brakes, perhaps a beneficial effect of the large handlebars and its larger lever arm….

Flexible in town, the twin shows here a much more sporty facet for our greatest pleasure.Flexible in town, the twin shows here a much more sporty facet for our greatest pleasure.


I’ll repeat myself, the Tuono is stiff, light and precise. Those who want more rigor (and feedback) from the rear suspension will have to break the bank and afford the optional Ohlins shock absorber offered in the catalog. Aprilia has not yet communicated the price of this element to us, but rest assured, a doctor friend has assured me that we can lead a normal life with only one kidney..

It is possible to improve the suspension with an Ohlins rear shockIt is possible to improve the suspension with a rear shock absorber Цhlins


If the braking is irreproachable (but all the same less bite on the attack than a V4), some models made available to us during the presentation were decked out with a large dead stroke at the lever making the fine dosage rather unpleasant. And, it is the norm today, the rear brake panics the ABS much too early, whatever the chosen setting..

ABS is triggered fairly quicklyABS is triggered fairly quickly

Comfort / duo

For having tested the mouse pad that serves as a passenger seat, it’s good for troubleshooting, but divorce hangs on your nose if you plan to do more than 100 km with your other half. Space is tight, the footrests are too high and nothing to hang on except to hold onto the rider. Ha, yes, two good points anyway, the foam thickness seems greater than the average and the seat is horizontal which avoids continuously sliding on the driver.

Comfort is correct for the pilot, but space remains limited for the passengerComfort is correct for the pilot, but space remains limited for the passenger


With a 15-liter tank (including 4 reserve) and an officially announced consumption of 4.9 l / 100 km, the Tuono has a theoretical autonomy of more than 300 km. In fact, it is perfectly achievable without driving at a snail pace. At the end of our test day, my average fuel consumption was around 5.2 liters after just over 230 km of driving. The speeds were (very) sustained on the main axes – the house openers gave us the impression of always being behind on their program – much less on departmental roads because of the state of the asphalt and the winter temperatures. To be checked during a daily and long-term test as we like to do during the year.

The 15-liter tank allows a range of around 230 kmThe 15-liter tank allows a range of around 230 km

Video test of the Tuono 660


Difficult to find faults in the Tuono 660. Finally, real faults, those that we put in the “less” box. Aprilia did not fall into the trap of radicalism and its little roadster is a success. The little twin is powerful and full of character without being a thirsty wood, the chassis is light, rigid, the suspensions are a rare complacency on the bumps and the whole is at the same time easy and homogeneous. Add a top notch technology package to the equation and you have a very, very attractive mid-size roadster..

As long as you pay the price: € 10,550 for a mid-size, it stings a bit and at this price there are many alternatives. We will also ignore the small pettiness of Aprilia such as the optional inertial unit or the disappearance of settings on one of the fork tubes..

Aprilia Tuono 660Aprilia Tuono 660

What are the alternatives ? Too many to list them here based just on the price. But if you are a real first-timer accessing mid-size and you take into account other parameters than the purchase price in your budget (insurance, consumption, spacing and price of revisions …), I do not. see only two, the Yamaha MT-07 with the unbeatable quality / price ratio (this explains why it is at the top of the sales) and the Triumph Street Triple 765 R, even more character, with the unparalleled finish, but probably less versatile and livable on a daily basis. Without direct comparison (which will arrive soon) difficult to decide…

Strong points

  • Versatility
  • Comfort
  • Embedded technology

Weak points

  • Quality / price ratio

Aprilia Tuono 660 technical sheet

Test conditions

  • Itinerary: Suburbs of Rome, winding roads with surface varying from bad to very bad.
  • Weather: between 3 and 10 °, sunny
  • Motorcycle km: 240 km (route: approximately 250 km)
  • Problem encountered: Some test models were fitted with a front brake lever that was difficult to dose in the first few millimeters of the race (bad bleeding of the circuit?). Openers in a hurry who never give you time to make your video plans.

Test equipment

  • Shoei GT-Air II Helmet
  • Spidi jacket
  • Quattro gloves
  • Jean Ugly Bros
  • Puma shoes

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  1. Malas, there are quite a few roads suitable for 4×4 vehicles where you do not pass in a roadster (or very difficult). The same goes for rural roads: many are used almost exclusively by tractors or quads.

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  3. For me this is the only possible option after my 2 mt-03 Yamaha 320cc from 2016 and 2019.

    Based on lightness what is for me

    Primordial.This KTM is a success

    On all plans including consumption and spacing of overhauls.

  4. I tested the saddle height with my 1.69m and if the saddle is high I was surprised not to be on tip-toe.

    Low (-1.5cm) I will be curious to check the change.

    Otherwise the sensation felt when stopping

    is the same as with my Mt-03: a bike.

    A feather!

  5. Small mistake -> "The Duke has evolved well since the 990"

    We should rather write: "The Duke has evolved well since the 620"

  6. Here I want to quibble, because I like this article and I want to tease the author.

    But neither of them had a pure juice superbike as a basis.

    And the engine of the Monster S4, it comes from where, eh ? angel

  7. Salvation

    It is true that the rear cylinder heats up.

    During my test, I found the go-around (a little) brutal compared to my 950 carburetor. (a time to adapt certainly)

    On the other hand, I prefer this color:

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  8. The price is a minus point; It is rather 4,500 €. It comes out at 1900 euros in India !!! Here it amounts to more than double, without adding anything. I call it theft.

    On the negative side, I would have put the small tank capacity, the over consumption, the engine heating and a slippery saddle that breaks balls on a little sharp braking. With an estimated sales of 150 KTM 200 in France, it’s almost a collector’s bike. A 200cc motorcycle that consumes, vibrates, heats up and is (very) expensive. I don’t understand KTM marketing (fun in orange isn’t everything).

  9. frankly, for a guy who knows little mono, a weight of 150 kg and 70hp, it must be funny, it must send pвte. Plus a decent saddle height, yes! if! with the kit that goes well … 805 mm in this case … pass me the darling CB, I buy, I buy, I buy, yes! I buy!

  10. So welcome to Loпc !

    Well, after reading this, don’t tell me that KTM makes sewing machines..

    Very nice test report ……. It undeniably makes you want!

  11. Very nice try. Motorbike with character; the orange pressed makes you want …… Thank you to all the staff of the Rep. Bikers … Happy Holidays .. A + … VVV … zouc …

  12. QuoteTyrrell-008
    @fift, I said "pure juice" when I heard the superbike engine AND chassis. The S4 does have a block of 916 but a sport-GT trellis (the ST). Here it is (I quibble too)


    (Hey that’s funny, I always thought the frame was the Monster’s, but it’s an ST4 frame actually).

  13. looking for idiots to go and try the machine

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    i’m on but-laf 78

  14. I think you must have meant "conc" and not "idiots" …

    Indeed it becomes accessible to almost everyone with a saddle height of 805 and 160 kilos with the full.

    On the other hand, we are not talking about anti-locking of the wheel on downshifting or anti-wheeling. (ride by wire and ABS have the necessary sensors, more than the software is missing)

    Because a 70 hp mono is lively and torquey, enough to get some heat.

  15. Good idea to add electronic driving aids but we fall back into the same hellish loop as the Duke 3, top gear = price too high and therefore not profitable … Who knows, maybe electronic options will appear more late.

    But honestly I don’t see the point. The majority of testers spent their time on the rear wheel during the test. As for doing a wheelie without doing it on purpose, the Duke 4 is still not a BMW S 1000 RR … And as regards the anti-lock of the wheel, there is one (anti-dribble, I think I mentioned it in my article), see two if you take the ABS into account (because you have to brake when entering a bend). In fact, only the traction control would be really relevant, but for a minority. Personally, the rare slips of the rear encountered during the press presentation occurred at low speeds, when the mono "pounded" a little with each stroke of the piston at the end of the pin …

  16. "Personally, the rare slips from the rear encountered during the press presentation occurred at low speeds, when the mono" pounded "a little with each stroke of the piston at the end of the pin .."

    To have had a 690 SM for a while, I know what you mean. It’s true that it slips.

    In spite of everything, I would hesitate to speak of these "blows" like piston strokes.

    In fact, even at low speed at the end of a hairpin, the mono is never very low in the turns; let’s say 1200 revolutions / minute to facilitate the calculation, which is already very low for a mono.

    But at 1200 revolutions per minute, the explosion occurs 10 times per second (every 2 revolutions), 15 times per second at 1800 revolutions / min, etc..

    So this is clearly not what we feel. The pounding blows of a mono are much more spaced.

    Perhaps experienced mechanics could enlighten us on the "shelling" effect.

  17. This bike suits me (1m60 and 50kg, me, not the KTM) if the lowering kit of 3cm does not modify the balance and is not too expensive; I imagine that there is a change of rods, which brings down the Ar, but can we raise the fork bars in the T as much? does the crutch not get too long? in the event of resale to a "grand dadais", will we be able to go back?

    Finally, I am currently driving in an adorable little mono (Honda NX250 from 1991, 118kg 26hp), super manageable and supereconomic, at ease everywhere (city, roads, roads and even the expressway, with + 130km / h at peak): the Duke 4 will it be as versatile? won’t it ruin me with its timing adjustment every 10000km and make me drop the fillings with its vibrations?

    Thanks for your answers and reviews if you’ve tried it..

    Ps. We are talking about the release of the same in 350cm3 in 2013; do you know anything

    Good road!

  18. It is true that the low revs are not easy to tame. Better to stay in the towers. Otherwise, it’s super manoeuvrable, in town, small road, it sneaks. The top !!!. The highway, we muscle our arms to smile. The yen vibrations are not much. Really a lot of fun.

  19. Quotefift
    Here I want to quibble, because I like this article and I want to tease the author.

    But neither of them had a pure juice superbike as a basis.

    And the engine of the Monster S4, it comes from where, eh ? angel

    This discussion has already taken place. gnarf

    And the Tuono is the very first "stiff and nasty" roadster with a real hypersport as a base..

    Or it’s a 125, the Aprilia Europa in the early 90s… angel

    But this little Tuono makes me want to go see it up close.

  20. QuoteGodzilla
    Or it’s a 125, the Aprilia Europa in the early 90s… angel

    Pfff, but no, this is the first 125 Mito, with a version just without fairing, without modification.

  21. Accessible, accessible … already, even if it is lowered, it is high, more enduro than trial. For the leek that I am (small too) it must not be easy to take to the areas, of course, you have to put the cleat for more efficiency, but hey. A bit heavy too, it is the ransom of the "big engine". 5.5 l, a bit just to make a day without refueling. No engine guard …., they are not afraid.

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