Because you’re wrong: Now e-bikers are flashed

Two-wheeler Raser

Because you’re wrong: Now e-bikers are flashed

Because you're wrong: Now e-bikers are flashed-flashed

Imago Images / PantherMedia Because you’re wrong: Now e-bikers are flashed

On the bike paths of a nature reserve in the circle of Schleswig-Flensburg are monitored too fast cyclists from a speed camera. While it flashes, but the cyclists should only remember their excessive speed – a ticket does not exist.

In the nature reserve of Geltinger Birk (Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg) in Schleswig-Holstein, an increase in rapid bicycle and e-bike drivers was detected. Therefore, the Tourist Association Ostseefjord Schlei GmbH has decided to make an unusual measure in order to brake the rapid two-wheeler.

Speed camera flashes – but there is no ticket

Near the parking lot FalshOft was set up next to a way a speed camera dummy, which looks deceptively real and even "flashes", but does not absorb pictures or videos. As a result, the cyclists should be reminded of their excessive speed and are sometimes referred to by the staff of the tourism association even personally, the NDR reported.

Because you're wrong: Now e-bikers are flashed-flashed

Instagram Ostseefjordschlei Because you’re wrong: Now e-bikers are flashed

The paths in the nature reserve are not public paths and currently coexist pedestrians and cyclists there peacefully with each other. But according to the statement of the responsible state office for agriculture, environment and rural spaces, it was already more common to almost collisions on the ways. Nils Kobarg, the head of the integrated station Geltinger Birk, said opposite the NDR that one worsening the situation reservations to lock the paths complete or at least partially for cycling.

"Nature conservation has priority"

In the area, nature conservation has priority and if some people use this as a sporting agent or attractive due to aggressive driving behavior, the administration must draw corresponding consequences, so Kobarg continues. A ticket is not yet receiving the circling cyclists, but are stopped a few hundred meters after the speed camera and made aware of their too high pace.

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This article was written by Christian Lutz

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Because you're wrong: Now e-bikers are flashed-e-bikers

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12 thoughts on “Because you’re wrong: Now e-bikers are flashed

  1. There are black sheep everywhere
    I as a multi-wheel driver (road bike, e bike, city bike) motorists and pedestrians would be for that … Wheels get license plates and you may have to pay tax maybe 5 euros per year. Then all cyclists could also use all the streets and would not have to dodge the narrow footpaths or cycling paths in a miserable state. Advantage, except the car all have more space, it would be just safer for pedestrians and cyclists. However, the prerequisite is that the rules in road traffic are more monitored. What use regulations z.B. 1.5 meter distance when overtaking bicycles, if hardly a motorist lasts? Generally, mutual consideration is not a one-way street, no matter how I am on the way.

  2. Very many cyclists
    are extreme ruppel. Keep no rules, too fast, mobile phone on the ear, freehand, too close to the pedestrian over and much more. The list can be extended arbitrarily. For cyclists, the same punishments should apply as for motorists. And cyclists should deal with other road users as prudently as they expect from motorists !!!!

  3. Mr. Malowics
    You have to have a very nice hate on pedestrians. But live and leave life would probably be more appropriate. It’s probably the footpaths for pedestrians and not for cyclists. On hiking trails you can drive adequate and ring, about too much demands?

  4. Why not license plates?
    It is inexplicable and incomprehensible that no labeling requirement is introduced! Many 2-cycling ruffs and rubbels will remember the StVO and be careful.

  5. License plate for pedestrians
    Also pedestrians should be equipped with license plates. Then finally violations such as the crossing of the road can be punished at red traffic light.

  6. The e-biker falls from the wheel before laughing.Meaningless money waste.But well, he is not a motorist, which one can determine well-known masses, because that must drive with license plates and pay taxes.

  7. And what
    Looks at the police photo? A person male, or female and an e bike! So no one can start something, every lawyer strokes it from the table. I like the "Pedelecist" not at all, but if he is not stupid, he can turn right-in the city z.B.

  8. so it is right !
    For a long time it was the racing cyclists who were hated as a reckless rupel. Meanwhile, a uneven larger number of electrically supported two-wheeled RAMBOS is on the way, which can not properly assess your speed correctly and is often recklessly clearing the way and crimped. This clientelor does not matter if it is pedestrians or other cyclists with "muscle bicycles". As a multi-wheeler (with muscle strength), I observe this trend that rises proportionally with the number of E-Cadler, for a long time.

  9. Speed camera for e-"cyclists"
    Above all, one should publish the locations of the speed cameras so that the E-"cyclists" know exactly where they can extend their E-wheels fully. The maximum speed of these wheels should be limited, to 25 km / h! Or is not true? The wheels that are faster have to have such a kind of approval and are not likely to drive in the described terrain. But who is already dependent after. A flashing lightning alarm is of course a joke. Something else, a lot of e-bike users are so uncertain on the things. It also happens enough.

  10. Pity
    I think it’s a pity that the cyclists do not get any nouns for too fast. Then might remember that the traffic rules also have. Not just motorists

  11. Speed camera against e bike driver
    Is today the 1 April? Sorry but I also drive an e bike but drive only up to 25 kmh with support. But most of the time drive 30-35 km. So with normal muscle power what every normal cyclist can achieve. But there are always the evil e bike dran blam.

  12. Stunning well thought-out
    The result will be probably that each extra is very strong in the pedals. Who does not make the flash is then a sissy. Nee, taking battery in fitting is then the better alternative. You can sweat on the way home.

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