BikerSOS GPS tracker for motorbikes with accident detection

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BikerSOS GPS tracker for motorbikes with accident detection


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BikerSOS GPS tracker for motorbikes with accident detection

BikerSOS GPS tracker for the motorcycle
Accident detection, recording tours, alarm system

With the latest update of the BikerSOS GPS tracker, automatic accident detection and an emergency call function are activated.

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The BikerSOS GPS tracker measures 90 x 72 x 30 millimeters (LxWxH) and weighs 250 grams. It is fastened under the seat bench, under the tank or in the paneling with the cable ties and Velcro fasteners supplied.

Theft protection via geofence

Previously, the GPS tracker could monitor the voltage of the on-board battery and send an SMS to the registered smartphone if the battery voltage fell below a previously defined limit. Drivers have also been able to use the geofence function, which allows a virtual safety radius to be set for the vehicle. If the motorcycle leaves this safety zone, the owner will be alerted by a message on their cell phone.

Tour records were also part of the competencies of the BikerSOS GPS tracker even before the update. The recording of a tour starts automatically as soon as the motorcycle starts moving. It is not necessary to start the tour recording manually in the app. The tour statistics can then be called up in the app.

Accident detection eCall Ready

With the latest update, the BikerSOS GPS Tracker now also has the function for automatic accident detection, including the emergency call function. For this purpose, the GPS tracker takes over the functionality of automatic accident detection with every exit, regardless of the app, as soon as the function is activated in the menu in the app by the user.

“As soon as the tracker detects a dangerous situation, it starts the emergency call sequence and tries first to contact the driver by phone”, says Werner Richtsfeld, founder and managing director of BikerSOS. If the driver answers or calls back the emergency number of the GPS tracker, the alarm is canceled. If the driver cannot be reached, the alarm is forwarded to the emergency contacts activated in the app and the emergency call center.

Save images at tour points

Not life-saving, but a nice function for everyone who likes to take pictures on their tours: BikerSOS saves the photos of the tour at the exact points on the route. Afterwards – if you want – you can share the tour and the pictures with your friends.

Prices for device and app

The hardware, i.e. the GPS tracker, costs around 149.90 euros. The app is available in a free and a paid version (from 3.33 euros per month). The automatic accident detection and the emergency call function are among the functions reserved for the paid app.


With its GPS tracker, the Austrian startup BikerSOS offers automatic accident detection including an emergency call function plus theft warning, tour recordings and battery monitoring in one – and above all for every motorcycle to be retrofitted.

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