BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test


BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

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BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

City and much more: The BMW C 600 Sport demonstrated the universality of large scooters not only on the traditional autumn drive.

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

The second damage (at 12,500 km) was caused by a defective sealing ring on the transmission input shaft. The centrifugal clutch and the vario belt, which were contaminated by the oil, had to be replaced.

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

If you don’t want to rely on the digital display for the oil level, you have to unscrew a cover to check the oil.

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

Due to the shape of the filler neck, gasoline easily splashed when refueling.

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

…accommodate two full-face helmets.

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

In the foldable storage compartment you can be in the parking position…

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

BMW C 600 Sport.

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

BMW C 600 Sport.

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

Lifestyle: It’s not only in the south that scooters are cool. Cappuccino break in Italy.

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

Shared joy: the BMW C 600 Sport also offers passengers spacious and comfortable space.

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

Slanted second: scooter feeling, motorcycle driving characteristics – a good combination.

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test
Photos: Froberg / mps photo studio

The BMW C 600 Sport had to go to the workshop twice because of clutch defects. The first damage (at 4200 km) concerned the sliding rollers, which were partially ground flat.

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

Demolition after 30,000 kilometers

No dismantling, no assessment of the wear and tear – the endurance test of the BMW C 600 Sport had to be stopped after 30,000 of the planned 50,000 kilometers. The reason: For “internal reasons”, BMW demanded the large scooter C 600 Sport prematurely. Nevertheless, MOTORRAD takes stock.

Ha, some MOTORRAD readers will now pat their thighs in amusement and conclude: Revenge is sweet. It was not until the middle of 2014 that a gearbox bearing damage spectacularly interrupted the endurance test of the BMW R 1200 GS after 43,000 kilometers. And now, one might assume, the Munich-based company is announcing the endurance test of the second BMW vehicle in the MOTORRAD fleet, the BMW C 600 Sport. But even if it’s difficult to understand: The premature end – see interview – has other reasons.

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BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test

BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test
Demolition after 30,000 kilometers

“Never been so fast on a scooter”

The C 600 allows a brisk pace.

In the first comparison test (MOTORRAD 18/2012), the newcomer beat the renowned Yamaha TMax and the Honda Integra, which was also newly presented that year. And as in this comparison, the BMW C 600 Sport convinced the entire editorial team from May 2013. “Never before have I been on the move so quickly with a scooter,” noted database specialist Christian Vetter enthusiastically in the logbook after his first tour.

In fact, the BMW C 600 Sport does not stop at the strengths typical of scooters in an urban environment. With 60 hp, the BMW scooter marks the top figure in the scooter sector – and has also implemented it in practice. At a measured 181 km / h, the blue speedster swept across the autobahn at record speed. How fast you actually drove with the BMW was often only made clear by the rev limiter, which was set hard at this speed.

The first inspection after 10,000 kilometers

Photos: Froberg / mps photo studio

The BMW C 600 Sport had to go to the workshop twice because of clutch defects. The first damage (at 4,200 km) concerned the sliding rollers, which were partially ground flat.

However, it wasn’t long before the speed fever came to an end. After just a few weeks, the BMW C 600 began to jerk when accelerating, especially in city traffic. Flat polished plastic rollers prevented a smooth change in the ratio of the variator. The rollers and the pressure plate were exchanged at 4146 km. Without goodwill, the price for the repair would have been 239 euros. Speaking of price: the first inspection after 10,000 kilometers (inspection, oil and brake fluid change) was moderate at 181 euros. The right rearview mirror, which could no longer be fixed in its swivel mount, was replaced free of charge with this service.

There was never any question that the BMW C 600 Sport accompanied the endurance test fleet’s autumn drive. On the contrary. On the tour through the northern Italian Alps, the speeding scooter easily kept up, impressed despite 15-inch wheels with motorcycle-like steering precision and good road holding. In addition, the wide seat cushions for the driver and passenger as well as the good wind protection made it desirable on motorway stretches. But only on the way. Because the clutch had reported back before the trip home. Because of a defective sealing ring on the transmission input shaft, engine oil had penetrated the encapsulated clutch housing. The result was a significantly delayed frictional connection. Since the jaws of the centrifugal clutch were soaked with oil and looked pretty battered anyway, the entire clutch package including the vario belt was replaced when the odometer reading was 12,514.

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BMW C 600 Sport in the long-term test


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11,200 euros base price plus 900 euros for the Highline package

The C 600 is not cheap.

Against this background, the short flying visit to the dealer two months later because of a possibly defective sidestand switch (recall) was of little consequence. Speaking of stands. With practical details such as the parking brake activated via the unfolded side stand, the spacious luggage compartment or the rear-view mirrors that can be easily folded forwards for snaking through city traffic, the BMW C 600 Sport was popular. Even if some people found it difficult to unlock the seat, which can only be done with both hands, the petrol often spurting out of the filler neck when refueling, or the non-lockable storage compartments in the front of the body.

Little things, the BMW C 600 Sport would not make a premium claim in terms of price. With a base price of 11,200 euros plus 900 euros for the Highline package (air pressure control, heated grips, heated seats, LED daytime running lights), the BMW sets a new high financially in the already marginally expensive large scooter segment.

After 20,000 kilometers: 714 euro inspection

The sound of the BMW C 600 does not match the noble claim either. Sarcastic comparisons with cement mixers or a cookie jar filled with screws run like a red thread through the logbook. In times when the BMW sound engineers wrap the boxer models or the S 1000 R in a very specifically defined soundscape, the tinny blaring of the expensive scooter seems careless and cheap. The 20,000 inspection also hit the books at 714 euros. MOTORRAD could have saved 330 euros of this. Because the vario belt, which had only run 8000 kilometers after the coupling defect, and the castors were replaced during this inspection. Regulation is regulation. The replacement of the drive chain running in the oil bath, which is required for this service, also seems strange. Even completely unprotected chains usually run at least 25,000 kilometers, even on much more powerful motorcycles. In addition, the two-cylinder BMW C 600 Sport received the new timing chain tensioner that was prescribed as part of a recall. The rail, which quickly wore out due to a manufacturing defect, was replaced free of charge.

Apart from that, the two-cylinder built by Kymco in Taiwan initially proved to be uncritical after the clutch problems had been overcome. The parallel twin, which incidentally is also used as a range extender in the BMW i3 hybrid car, started reliably, remained within acceptable limits in view of the frequent high-speed use on the autobahn with a test consumption of 5.2 liters / 100 km, needed no oil and kept a distance a new set of tires from 8000 kilometers. Only when the scooter threatened to return to Munich prematurely did he remember it again. As shortly after the start of the test, the BMW C 600 began to jerk in stop-and-go operation shortly before the end of the test. The 30,000 inspection could show whether – as suspected – the rollers of the centrifugal clutch sanded flat again are to blame for the slow strolling pace. But that takes place in the BMW headquarters – without MOTORRAD.


Performance measurement.

Due to the variator of the BMW C 600 Sport, it is not possible to map the increase in power in relation to the engine speed. The diagram above therefore shows the speed-related performance on the rear wheel. The values ​​at the start and end of the test differ – who’s no surprise – after 30,000 kilometers only within the scope of the measurement tolerance. The nominal power specified by BMW on the crankshaft of the twin is 60 hp.

Measurement according to    2989 km     29,500 km
0-100 km / h sec 6.8 6.5
0-140 km / h sec 12.8 12.8
60-100 km / h sec 3.3 3.2
100-140 km / h sec 6.0 5.9
Average consumption over 30,000 km     
Fuel (super l / 100 km 5.2
Engine oil l / 1000 km

Power on the crankshaft; Measurements on the Dynojet roller test stand 250, corrected according to 95/1 / EG, maximum possible deviation ± 5%

Costs and maintenance


The second damage (at 12,500 km) was caused by a defective sealing ring on the transmission input shaft.


Operating costs over 30,000 kilometers
12.4 liters of oil at 11.55 euros 143.22 euros
3 oil filters at 14.08 euros 42.24 euros
1 air filter at 19.59 euros 19.59 euros
3 sets of brake pads (2 front, 1 rear) at 47.14 euros     141.42 euros
1 set of roll weights 101.59 euros
1 chain 64.20 euros
1 CVT belt 170.53 euros
Gear oil 10.25 euros
brake fluid 5.93 euros
Small parts, lubricants    50.95 euros
Seals 45.80 euros
Inspections and repairs 678.28 euros
Tires (including assembly, balancing and disposal) 546.00 euros
fuel 2,434.65 euros
total cost 4,454.65 euros
acquisition cost 11,200.00 euros
Depreciation 5350.00 euros
Estimated Price (Dealer Selling Price) 5850.00 euros
Cost per kilometer (without / with loss of value) 14.8 / 32.7 euros

Maintenance and repairs

Roll weights and guide plate Centrifugal clutch
renewed (guarantee)
tires Renewed front and rear, Dunlop Scoot Smart 8271
Shaft seals gearbox as well as clutch linings and
CVT belt renewed (guarantee)
Sidestand switch renewed (recall) 14,330
tires renewed front and rear, Bridgestone Battlax SC F Ecopia 15,550
Brake pads renewed rear and CVT belt with rollers 20,049
Brake pads renewed in front 26,072
tires renewed front and rear, Bridgestone Battlax SC F Ecopia    26,072

Interview with Rudolf-Andreas Probst


Rudolf-Andreas Probst, BMW press officer.

“The holding time of the endurance tester was reached”

The endurance test of a vehicle without having to abort specific technical reasons has not yet occurred at MOTORRAD. BMW press spokesman Rudolf-Andreas Probst explains the background from BMW’s point of view.

The endurance test scooter was reclaimed from BMW, so it was said, for internal reasons. What do you have to imagine by that?
In consultation with MOTORRAD, we have extended the period for the long-term test twice. Our vehicle fleet, to which the long-term tester is also assigned, is subject to clear internal rules. The holding time of a vehicle in the fleet is limited to a certain period for accounting reasons. This holding time of the endurance test vehicle for MOTORRAD was reached.
Does this mean that, in the future, endurance tests with a length of over 18 months with BMW vehicles will no longer be possible?
We ask for your understanding that we have to adhere to internal rules.
The scooter had to go to the workshop twice during the test distance with defects in the power transmission. Towards the end of the test, the clutch began to rub again. There is a constructive problem?
In the course of series inspections, a few CVT transmissions (Conti-nuously Variable Transmission, Red.) Became conspicuous, which were not manufactured according to BMW specifications. The gearboxes were replaced in the event of a complaint. Apart from that, the CVT transmission and the clutch behave inconspicuously.

The high starting speed is annoying. With the large displacement, a quick start should not also be feasible at a lower speed?
In principle, a lower starting speed would be possible in conjunction with somewhat reduced driving performance. But we have chosen a more sporty design.
The tinny sound is also displeasing. Recently, BMW has placed great importance on pleasing sound. Why not with the scooter?
The chosen concept has been optimized for low exhaust emissions, while the rear silencer has an independent, sporty look.
Two clutch defects, two recalls (sidestand switch, timing chain tensioner) – such an accumulation of necessary workshop appointments should not happen with a high-priced vehicle.
The BMW C 600 Sport maxi scooter has been extensively tested. We regret that there were still inconveniences in individual cases. As part of the warranty, we regulate the few issues in the interests of our customers.
With the C Evolution electric scooter, BMW recently increased its presence in the scooter segment to three models. Focus more on scooters in the future?
In any case. In addition to the three maxi scooters, we are also planning to start with the mid-size scooters.

Reader experience

Shared joy: the BMW C 600 Sport also offers passengers spacious and comfortable space.

I assume that, that BMW did not want to show any further weakness with the premature end of the endurance test after the BMW R 1200 GS. A new clutch had to be installed on my scooter after just a few months. After the swap there was less jerking, but a yelp when starting up. And it smelled like overloading a car clutch. I wanted to walk (verbal suggestion from my dealer). At the meeting with the BMW branch manager, the freshly serviced BMW C 600 Sport ran properly. So no change. A few days later I went on a tour – and everything was as before. I then wrote an email that 99.9 percent of the time I will no longer involve dealers and BMW in purchasing decisions. No Answer. What a cinnabar with a brand new one that costs 12,000 euros
Jorg Held, 55278 Hahnheim

The BMW C 600 Sport is an underrated outsider on our roads, probably because of the high price. Once you have overcome this hurdle and have got used to the bright, somewhat annoying background noise, the scooter is great fun. After about 3000 kilometers, the gasoline consumption was 5.4 l / 100 km, until then no measurable oil consumption and no repairs. In the meantime I have sold the scooter and turned to a less practical second motorcycle (see photo). Only a motorcycle can provide full driving pleasure.
Carsten Roetz, Basel, Switzerland

I bought that BMW C 600 Sport for 7,490 euros as a one-year demonstrator. First unscheduled visit to the workshop after 300 kilometers. After the first ride in the rain: helmet compartment leaking. Second workshop visit at 2300 kilometers. The turn signal switch stuck. Positive: chassis, seating position, wind protection. Average: brakes, storage space, driving performance. Negative: Sound, consumption (5 liters / 100 km), weight (252 kilos), no oil sight glass, clutch plucks, cockpit with little information, workmanship, price. Other two-wheelers that I operate are: Suzuki GSX R 1000, Aprilia Tuono V4 APRC.
Jurgen Rojahn, 38527 Meine-Gravenhorst

I own such a vehicle myself and am actually quite satisfied. Of course you have to ask yourself why a scooter with an Asian Kymco engine and no technical gimmicks should cost so much money. Regarding the driving performance: The long dragging path and the strong jerking of the clutch prevent any sporty starting. I’ve looked at easy roles from Dr. Pulley and a hit clutch retooled – and the problem is over. Many details raise questions. Why do I have to turn the key to open the seat and then squeeze my other hand under the seat to lift it up? Why are the glove compartments not lockable? Why is the windshield of the BMW C 600 Sport so soft that it bends far back when driving fast? But now for the better: I’ve never had a scooter with such a good chassis. The brakes are also great. The performance is impressive after the start phase. I hope BMW doesn’t mess up the second attempt in the scooter business after the C1. I had that one too: Philipp Dempewolf, 30559 Hanover

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