Cake Osa: Modular electric bike

Cake Osa

Modular electric bike

EICMA 2019

The Swedish electric two-wheeler specialist Cake is presenting the Osa model at EICMA in Milan, which is characterized by its modular structure.

VS.ake has already earned its first spurs with the Kalk model. At EICMA, the Swedes want to go even further and introduce a second model. The special feature of the new Osa model is its modular structure. The customer can put together his dream electric two-wheeler from different modules.

The Osa competes as a two-wheeler at light motorcycle level (L1e-b), which can be driven with a class AM or B driving license. The drive is taken over by a peak 10 kW (4 kW continuous power) electric motor with a maximum torque of 42 Nm, which drives the rear wheel via a toothed belt. With the battery module, there is a choice between a version with 1.5 kWh and one with 2.5 kWh. Both also have USB sockets and other connections for external consumers. Cake states that the charging time is around 3 hours at a conventional socket. The maximum speed is given as 45 km / h, the range with around 100 kilometers.

Equipment according to usage needs

The aluminum frame of the Osa is based on a square top tube and a forked beam that holds the battery. The electric motor sits directly on the swing arm axle. At the rear there is a central spring strut with 260 mm travel, while a USD fork with 100 mm travel is installed at the front. The tires on the 14-inch wire-spoke wheels are roughly profiled. Disc brakes on both wheels are used to decelerate.

The customization concept is smart. The front lamp is docked to the on-board electrical system with a spiral cable and can be positioned in different ways. If two seats are required, a second seat cushion is simply adapted. Must have goods with you – there are baskets and brackets for the front, back and sides. So the Osa can be personalized in many ways.

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