BMW, Ducati, KTM: The Five Best Motorcycle News 2017

Five fun motorcycles

BMW, Ducati, KTM: The Five Best Motorcycle News 2017

BMW, Ducati, KTM: The Five Best Motorcycle News 2017-Ducati Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled5

BMW Five fun motorcycles for 2017: I get gas, I want fun!

On these five new motorcycles, we are particularly pleased in 2017 because driving will be highly enjoyable under warranty.

It was not least a change in official regulations that motorcyclists for 2017 has brought the highest number of new models for years: the introduction of the euro-4 standards has taken care of in development departments for ferivocates.

And often, optical modifications and equipment improvements went along with the technically conditioned revisions. From the wealth of new products and model revisions, here is a subjective selection of five motorcycles that we are really looking forward to because they are highly emotional and driving pleasure is very important to them.


BMW R nineT Urban G/S: The visual borrowings from the R 80 G/S, the forefather of the Reisenduro genre, are unmistakable: These include the high-placed white front mudguard, the round headlight with the narrow lamp mask, the bright red seat and the tank decor in two shades of blue as well as the black painted steel frame. Technically, the Urban G/S, which belongs to BMW's Heritage series and is based on the Scrambler model, is not at all from yesterday: its air-cooled two-cylinder boxer engine mobilizes a powerful 110 hp from 1.170 cubic centimetres, the three-disc brake system has a modern ABS and, based on our knowledge of BMW development quality, we rate the handling as impeccable. However, the greatest gain in fun will not occur in more demanding terrain, but on winding country and mountain roads as well as country lanes and secondary roads with poor road surface quality. for 13.000 euros, the R nineT Urban G/S will be available with cast aluminum wheels from summer 2017; the even more coherent spoked wheels cost extra.

BMW, Ducati, KTM: The Five Best Motorcycle News 2017-news

Ducati The Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled looks "retro" but is also technically modern


Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled: This Scrambler version also looks "retro", but is also technically up-to-date: Nothing is missing that is required for modern, fun motorcycling, but everything that is not absolutely necessary has not been added. The air-cooled V2 mobilizes a powerful 75 hp from a displacement of almost 800 cubic centimetres, the spoked wheels and the coarse tire profile of the M+S tires signal the willingness of the Ducati not to be stopped so quickly. The "macho look" is underpinned by the 86 centimeter seat height, the 20 centimeter suspension travel and the raised front fender as well as the headlight grille. In red paint, the Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled 10 costs.990 euros, in white it is from spring for 11.To have 140 euros. Notwithstanding the capabilities of this motorcycle, most drivers will make your personal desert trip in the concrete deserts of this world.

BMW, Ducati, KTM: The Five Best Motorcycle News 2017-2017

KTM KTM 1290 Super Duke R




KTM 1290 Super Duke R: Full-bodied ranked as "the Beast," showed in the first years of the existence of this hypernaked that she leaves very cultivated. This is at the now presented second generation of the world's strongest Nakedbikes (177 hp or. 141 Nm at 1.301 CCM displacement of the V2) did not become different. Force in absolute abundance is available, but at the same time the immense performance is available in any dosage. Technically, the 2017 Super Duke R is equipped with the best: Anti-hopping clutch, several driving modes, radial brakes of the highest quality, a top ABS and high-quality chassis components ensure that the grenade, which weighs only 203 kilograms, is a perfectly controllable cruise missile, provided its driver in each Tenth of a second knows what he does or doesn't do.

BMW, Ducati, KTM: The Five Best Motorcycle News 2017-news

triumph The Triumph Bonneville Bobber is available from February 2017 for 12.500 euros available




Triumph Bonneville Bobbers: It is the first model of this type of motorcycle, which is visually recognizable by thick front tires and extremely reduced equipment, that the Englishmen put on the wheels. Anyone who took a look at the single-seater Bonneville Bobber was impressed by the harmonious design of this model. The drive is provided by the still very young 1st gear, which is geared towards ample torque.The 200-cc parallel twin, the 80 hp and over 100 Nm of torque are more than enough for relaxed “bobbing around”. In addition to the funky look with the successful silhouette, the adjustable seating position is particularly worth mentioning. More than 150 accessories specially developed for this model should fulfill just about any wish for individual customizing. The soloist-only Triumph Bonneville Bobber is available from February 2017 for 12.500 euros available.

BMW, Ducati, KTM: The Five Best Motorcycle News 2017-2017

Yamaha The Yamaha MT-09 is very reasonably configured and therefore out of place in this list


Yamaha MT-09: It is actually configured very sensibly and therefore out of place in this list. Because for 8.For 995 euros, the customer receives a motorbike with 115 hp from the three cylinders of the 850 series engine, but it weighs only 193 kilograms. Like the KTM, this Yamaha also belongs to the hyper-naked category, special is its polarizing transformer design. The perfect balance of all components and the associated easy accessibility make driving with it particularly enjoyable. It is agile without being nervous, is "basic" in the sense of reducing it to what is necessary and at the same time very modern and complex. The equipment with LED headlights proves that high-quality technology is also possible in the price-sensitive middle-class segment. Of course, the new MT-09 is also technically up-to-date in other respects; From ABS to traction control, anti-hopping clutch and various driving modes as well as very decent suspension elements, everything that ensures motorcycling is fun. As a bonus, you get the best price/performance ratio in the middle class of motorcycles. The 8th.The Yamaha MT-09, which costs 995 euros, will be available from the turn of the year.


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  1. Design versus conviviality for two
    Unfortunately, all the new motorcycles presented have only one full seat. for one … Pillion or pillion only remains, if at all, a mini seat that is not suitable for long journeys. It’s a pity that the manufacturers seem to think only of the individual riders. Most motorcycle models that were built up to the mid-1990s were much more advantageous for two-up trips and for carrying luggage. Pity. Then I’d rather buy a used machine from the 1990s.

  2. With the years you get more secure
    You should not be confused by any horror stories. If you pay attention to the right equipment, and that you do not drive with worn motorcycle tires or so, that’s my view to Oke. Clear. The risk is already a bit higher than usual, but you know what risk you go. As I said, you just buy a few reasonable tires, you can also be online and everything is good. At Oponeo there are cheap motorcycle tires that are high quality. My girlfriend always had fear around me, now she is a bit reassured. You can also learn with the years, will always be safer, so that this concern may not be inappropriate, but it is allowed to put something in the background.

  3. When I was young, I’m for cost reasons
    rode a lot of motorbikes and thank God didn’t have an accident! When I see motorcycles these days, I always think they’re guns for potential suicides. They’re just too dangerous toys, but they offer the thrill of speed. However, the consequences can be devastating!

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