BMW electric motorcycle: New patent specification emerged


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BMW electric motorcycle: New patent specification emerged

BMW electric motorcycle

New patent appeared

BMW is also concerned with the topic of electric motorcycles. A new electric motorcycle patent shows where the Bavarians‘ thoughts could go.

A.There will be no way around the electric motorcycle even for the major manufacturers in the near future. A recently published patent shows how BMW could approach a motorcycle with battery-electric drive.

Battery module replaces frame

In contrast to many other designs from various manufacturers that have been seen so far, BMW completely dispenses with a main frame in the current patent specification. With this, BMW would follow the conception of the C Evolution electric scooter. A large, multi-part housing accommodates the battery cells and all of the control electronics. The electric motor is flanged to it at the bottom. The complete module spans between the steering head and the swing arm bearing, replacing a conventional frame. The steering shaft of the front suspension is passed directly through the battery module, the single-arm rear swing arm docks to the housing of the electric motor and the rear central spring strut is directly hinged between the swing arm and the battery module. A steel subframe was used at the front of the Roller C Evolution.


The Bavarians showed what an electric BMW could look like in the summer of 2019 with the BMW Vision DC Roadster Concept study.

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