BMW R 1150 R motorcycle test


Biker test: David B.

BMW R1150RAt
first look the BMW R1150R serves a design combining class and sobriety.
The lines are more worked than on the old R1100R
and the whole seems more homogeneous. BMW has worked a lot
on the integration of the elements that were on the
until then the aesthetics of the motorcycle.

The oil radiators are now in the extension
of the tank and no longer make "mickey ears"
above the cylinders, the two molded aluminum handlebars are
replaced by a traditional tube without history. Of the same
way the rims lose their massive appearance for five doubles
branches of the most beautiful effect which owe a lot to the look of cars
of the brand.

Telelift is also lighter,
its section is weaker and its openwork design contributes to
lighten the whole. The only really questionable appendix
remains the front fender and its shovel shape turned upside down a lot
more mastoc than those of the competition (as everything else will say
bad tongues). However, it has the advantage of prolonging
the tank lines and break the endless length a bit
fork tubes which, by the way, only have one function
guidance. The front damping is in fact provided by
a mono shock absorber placed between the backbone of the
subframe and telescopic arm.

This motorbike is not made just to be seen
then in the saddle !

In the saddle

BMW R1150RThis one
is comfortable and has a non-slip coating
well adapted. The handlebars are not too far even though
small sizes may have their arms a little stretched but
their feet should rest well on the ground because the saddle height is
in the standards.

It is clear that we are on a roadster, the legs are enough
relaxed to be comfortable and alone the weight
proves inconvenient. This motorcycle weighs very
(too) heavy and stationary maneuvers must
be done with caution especially if your feet are not well
flat. The 250 kilos in running order are then felt better and better
avoid backing up when turning on gravel !

Fortunately the machine is equipped with an engine
so let’s take advantage.


The start-up procedure requires waiting for the shutdown
the first ABS warning light before operating the starter,
then letting you enjoy the whistle of the brake assist
with the sidelong glances of dubious passers-by.
Starter, a push on the button and the twin snorts with
the characteristic rocking of BMW boxers in a muffled noise
not to say electric. The choke can be pushed back
almost immediately as soon as the engine is running, the injection
would certainly have been able to do this automatically. While
the boiler heats up without waking up your neighbors, you can adjust
the preload of the rear shock absorber without descending
of the saddle by a click wheel that reveals itself
very practical in use. The trigger is adjusted
conventionally with a flat screwdriver as for the front.

There are no operating noises except the rocker arms
that click in front of your knees waiting to reach
their ideal temperature. The box is a bit firm but
saves you the traditional "klong" when passing through
the first one. The first few meters make the bike lighter
and you quickly taste the remarkable balance of this
machine. The reversal torque also disappears and
it is serene that you integrate into city traffic,
beyond ten km / h you drive a real bike.

In the city

It is on the first braking that you realize that no
motorcycle is not thought of as a BMW. The lever stroke is
short even when set to the largest (4 positions) and
you just brake too hard thanks to the assistance
and the front / rear coupling (at the lever only, the pedal
operates only the rear). Telelift it
wonderfully fulfills its anti-dive function and ABS
complements the system perfectly by allowing the common
deadly using one hundred percent braking power
and this in all situations: loaded, in the rain, in an emergency.
A real plus in terms of safety
however requires a minimum of learning as it is
violent, especially at low speed. It is an option to
1070 euros refunded from the first avoided fall

On the road

once out of town the engine torque only asks
express yourself and the red zone at 7500 rpm which surprised you
at first glance turns out to be more than sufficient. This twin resumes
easily from 2000 laps and past 3000 you have enough
of m / kg to offer you enjoyable accelerations without
be violent, however. The 85 horses present pass
driving pleasure before performance. It suits
to shift gears to 4500 revs in smooth driving and to break down
movements under penalty of reminders to order from the gimbal.
At this speed you drive at 130 km / h, speed beyond
of which you will be in violation on the highway, nothing serious
because this bike is not made for that.

BMW R1150Rthe
lack of protection and the design of the tank which prevents
tightening it correctly makes the highway very tiring
passed 140 even with the small screen available as an option
(130 euros). Fans will have to look at the catalogs of props
to find a more protective model.

BMW R1150RThis
roadster is therefore very comfortable on the network
secondary and only very rarely breaks up when the
coating is severely degraded and driving more
muscular. It is not a sportswoman but the angle taking
is limited only by the cylinders and the stand
plant who compete for the first to scrape the asphalt. The cycle part
will not do you a dirty trick, well relayed by the Michelin macadam
and pilot road perfectly suited to its character.

This bike lends itself readily to the duo as indeed any
the BMW range, its passenger seat is comfortable and large enough.
However, you must choose the suitcase holder option (110 euros) for
have passenger handles. You can add the luggage rack
(95 euros) ultimately more practical to stand and if you really like
your other half, choose the comfort saddle (135 euros) and it will
will be eternally grateful! Given the space available your
passenger will take her ease and let the wind rush
between you, tarnishing the picture a little. In addition, be careful not to
not brake too hard because the violence of the deceleration
may well leave traces on the back of your
helmet …

BMW R1150RYou
will understand after all these details the BMW R1150R
is not free from faults, but none are truly
crippling except perhaps the price (11,350 euros without options)
which will make think the less fortunate. Just know
that if you add the price of a single arm, a gimbal ‘
such an efficient fork and a good finish to
competition of the same displacement, you will see that you are
no loser.

To be honest, this bike is mine and I’ve been riding it ever since
now more than 2 years. It totals 32,000 km and has suffered
no particular problems, I just contented myself
to make the manufacturer’s revisions (1000, 10000, 20,000, 30,000
for 0, 130, 230, and 152 euros respectively). My first set of tires
held 14,000 km for the rear and 21,000 km for the front.
It was Dunlop D207 which completely
satisfied even in terms of longevity well
that typed hypersport. I changed them for a macadam
100 at the rear and a pilot road at the front.
Macadam for its endurance and well-adapted character
to this big roadster and the pilot road for its correct grip even
on the wet and its round profile avoiding wear
in "staircase" noted on the D207. Platelets
front are original while the rears have been
changed to the revision of 30,000.


only use this motorbike for my hobbies and it ages well.
A good wash and it might look like new !

Its homogeneity makes it good for everything
do that will take you far with weapons and luggage but also take
angle on the secondary network, a real
Swiss knife !

Consumption is more than correct since it revolves around
5.5 liters per 100 km in normal driving but does not go up very much
if you force the pace. Maintenance is especially limited
thanks to the gimbal and ultimately the most common operation
with tire pressure will be checking the oil level.
The high displacement flat tends to consume
a little oil which is normal, for my part I add about
50 cl between 2 oil changes depending on the routes taken.

Strong points Weak points
  • good at everything
  • couple
  • braking especially with full sport ABS option
  • handling
  • price, especially with options
  • lack of protection
  • weight a little too high
  • too little storage space under the saddle for a motorcycle
    of that type



Two fellow bikers tried it out, here’s what they

Pierre, 30 years old Ducati Monster 1000 DS:

"This bike does not suit me because it does not suit my
template, too tall, too heavy, not nervous enough. She favors
too much driving comfort to the detriment of the sensations that I
primarily looking on a motorcycle. In addition the options have the merit
to exist but does not fit at all with my expectations and the pieces
specials are not numerous. Cherry on the cake,
the price definitely puts it out of the way in my eyes. His
design also leaves me perplexed because it is too offbeat
usual guns of the genre. In the end this machine is not
bad but way too bland for me. "

Etienne, 34, Triumph sprint ST:

“For me it’s a very good bike, very
endearing. Its look is pleasant and rewarding without making it
too much. Special mention for the braking which although confusing
is really efficient and reassuring. The cycle part is
very well balanced and the weight is forgotten
as soon as we roll except in the fast sequences
with strong changes of angles. The only complaint would be for
the driving position which lacks a bit of generative sportiness
feeling but after all it’s not the real
niche of this machine. "

An essay by David B.

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