Bol d’Or – Bol d’Or 2009: declarations of the winners –

Bol d’Or 2009: declarations of the winners

Bol d'Or - Bol d'Or 2009: declarations of the winners -

The winners of the Bol d’Or 2009, which took place this weekend at Magny-Cours and live on Site, explain themselves !

The winners of the Bol d’Or 2009, which took place this weekend at Magny-Cours and live on Site, explain themselves !

Vincent Philippe (FRA / Suzuki n ° 1, winner) : "We have been working on this bike since May. The victory was played on the track but especially in the pits. We did not have a machine at the peak of performance but fast enough to annoy everyone. Personally, I am very moved. This is my fifth Bol d’Or ".

Olivier Four (FRA / Suzuki n ° 1, winner) : “We fought for two-thirds of the race until there was one who wanted to give up. Strategically, Dominique Meliand proved that he was unbeatable. Even by tinkering, we managed to win a race like that. "

Dominique Meliand (FRA / SERT team manager) : "I want to thank the pilots because it took courage to sometimes embark on a risky motorcycle during practice. In the race, we did 26 refueling but it was still too much. For us, it was a question of refueling better and less often than our adversaries. It has to be of use to something 30 years of experience! "

Matthieu Lagrive (FRA / Honda n ° 63,) : "I am very satisfied because the objective, to finish the race, has been reached. The team is young. We have gained a lot of experience".

William Costes (FRA / Honda n ° 63,) : "I’m starting to take second place at the Bol d’Or. Victory was not a priority objective because we are all the same there to test tires. However, we will apply to Qatar to be on the first step ".

Kenny Noyes (USA / Kawasaki n ° 11, 3rd) : "It was difficult to keep up the pace at night!"

Xavi Fores (ESP / Kawasaki n ° 11, 3rd) : "It was my first experience in the World Championship. I suffered a lot".

Kenny Foray (FRA / Kawasaki n ° 11, 3rd) : "At the start I had the slowest fall of my life (during the, Editor’s note). We are very satisfied with this third place!"

Gilles Stafler (FRA / Team manager of Kawasaki n ° 11) : "We are very satisfied because if we had not obtained a podium, given the economic situation, it might have been difficult to start again in 2010"

Mandi Kainz (AUT / Team manager of Yamaha n ° 7, 35th and world champion 2009) : "We won three out of four European races. Unfortunately, we can’t win them all! We were lucky this year on some occasions, unfortunately this was not the case today but we had a good season and we are very happy ".

Anthony Delhalle (FRA / Suzuki n ° 95, 10th scratch and 3rd Superstock, winner of the World Cup) : "It was the first time that I participated in a Bol d’Or without rain and it is even more difficult! I want to thank my team and the President of the Federation of Qatar for giving me the opportunity to have a perfect season ".

Christophe Guyot (FRA / Team manager of Yamaha n ° 94,) : "14 hours of intense racing! We took the lead for the first time at 6.30 pm. Slowly we broke away with the number 1. Refueling, duration of the stints, lap times on the track, everything worked without a hitch. David Checa, Sebastien Gimbert and Erwan Nigon were exemplary. At 5 am, after many changes of leaders to which we never gave more than 50 seconds, the Yamaha 94 Ipone Pirelli had 10 seconds ahead and we were preparing our offensive. the head gasket forced us to give up. We hoped for a more benign problem like a radiator cap, or the radiator itself, but no, we had to accept the obvious. Difficult time for a whole team that has enormously given. Hard for the drivers who believed in their chance to win. And what a disappointment for all those who follow us, partners, GMT club, friends and relatives. But we are already looking towards the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2010. We will win well to no uveau. This race has shown that it is possible ".


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