Bridgestone R11 tire test


Autopsy of a pure pistard

Lined and approved road tire, behind this misleading name, hides an authentic competition tire. Understand by this that it is strongly recommended not to use the Bridgestone R11 on the road, because it is absolutely not made for that. No question of mounting it on your motorcycle to go do battle by road on a day of driving. With it, you need a trailer and electric blankets. Indeed, its operating temperature 70 ° in front and 85 ° for the rear is not compatible with road use and not with rain either..

The introductions are made, you know who we’re dealing with. We go into details ?

Bridgestone R11 tire test in Monteblanco


Ah the technical abbreviations, it slams. So let’s see what’s behind it. V. MSB is the abbreviation for Variable Mono Spiral Belt. It is a belt made from a single steel bead that runs around the entire periphery of the tire. A technology already used by Bridgestone. The novelty is that here the distance between two windings varies depending on the angle of inclination where you are on the tire. The idea is to vary the rigidity of the carcass according to the roll of the motorcycle, to always have an optimal contact surface on the ground..

Bridgestone R11 tire test

At the rear, the engineers added an additional layer of aramid, called the GP Belt, to homogenize the distribution of the contact pressure on the ground, a technology derived from the GP. The manufacturer’s objective was to provide the pilot with excellent feedback, a guarantee of optimal confidence, which makes him want to let go..

The R11 is a monogome

Let’s finish this little technical overview by specifying that the R11 is a single component and that, on the other hand, there are soft and medium compounds for the dimensions 120, 190 and 200, while the 140, 150, 160 and 180 are not available only in medium. Note occasionally that Bridge has thought of the 300 cc and small twins (Z650, SV 650, MT-07, etc.) which are often used on the track..

Last detail which is important, the cover outlet pressures and therefore on the runway are 2.2 bars at the front and 1.75 at the rear in 190, or 1.6 bar in 200. Well, really, that give what? Bridgestone announces a gain of 1.5 seconds / lap over a 2 minute lap, compared to the R10 it replaces. A second and a half saved, it gets you back damn on the starting grid !!!

At the front, the recommended pressure is 2.2 bars at the cover outlet

Que bello Monteblanco

Intended for testing and fine-tuning, the layout of the circuit offers many variations. It has an extremely abrasive bitumen but paradoxically not very adherent. On our configuration, we had slow turns, a big compression with a "blind" climb and a long straight line with a very big braking at the end. What to get a good idea of ​​the potential of this future champion.

Test of the Bridgestone R11 on the Yamaha R6

To gauge it, Bridgestone provided us with the gratin of modern sports cars. As an aperitif, I jump on a magnificent Yamaha R6, ideal for discovering the track and the tire. A real motorcycle school! Easy and manoeuvrable, the little Yamaha highlights the qualities of the R11 which effectively immediately puts its rider in confidence. The rounded front profile is not brutal in the changes of angles and at all times, you know where you put your wheels. Feedback is excellent.

The change of angle is never sudden

Comfortable !

This is the impression that emerges on all the machines tested. Despite the weak grip of the circuit, evasions are rare. As the hours go by, the air and track temperatures rise. At the start of the afternoon, the mercury is 32 ° in the air, while the bitumen exceeds 50 °. Consequently, the more rigid chassis of the MV 800 F3 associated with the heat, makes the rubber and the carcass work a little more, which makes the bike more restless. However, on the handlebars, confidence is always in order and under the helmet, we keep the banana.

Test of the Bridgestone R11 on the MV Agusta F3

It will take the ardor of an R1 prepared to make it throat when accelerating, but without any brutality. A more seasoned rider will undoubtedly find the limit more easily, but thanks to a good adjustment of the electronic aids, he will manage to get the best out of his mount, always with a very good level of serenity on the handlebars..

Feedback is very good

Under braking, the stability is remarkable. The speedometer of the R1 indicated 286 km / h at the end of the straight line and the bike did not flinch, even on hard braking. When entering a curve on the following brakes, we sometimes notice a slightly sloping front … If we do not enter quickly enough! Remember that this is a competitor’s tire that far exceeds the potential of a seasoned biker like me..

Good game !

At the end of this sunny day of driving, we were also able to test the R 11 on the new 1000 GSX-R, always with great joy. What is striking is the ease and how accessible this tire is, to high-level pilots present on the circuit that day, as well as to amateurs who will make the track as a hobby, with a dedicated motorcycle..

Test of the Bridgestone R11 on the Suzuki GSX-R 1000

The longevity of the tire remains to be verified, bearing in mind that the wear observed at Monteblanco is reported to be three times faster than the average for the circuits. Is it better and more enduring than its competitors? The 2018 season should partly answer this question.

Let’s end with some good news: the price which remains almost similar to the R10, already well placed, namely around € 320 per game in 120/190.

Strong points

  • Feedback
  • Feeling of confidence
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Choice of erasers
  • Price placed

Weak points

  • No rain
  • Endurance to be checked during use

Test conditions

  • 5 sessions of 20 minutes on the Monteblanco circuit
  • Yamaha R1 / R6, MV 800 F3, Suzuki GSX-R 1000
  • Maximum temperature 32 ° in the air 50 ° on the ground

Competitors at the Bridgestone R11

  • Continental Raceattack comp in S and M rubber. The E rubber corresponds to the RS10, which is a street racing
  • Dunlop Sportmax D 212 GP Racer.
  • Metzeler Racetec RR rubbers K1 / K2
  • Michelin Power cup Ultimate
  • Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SCV2 (SC 2,1,0 rubbers)

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