Brief review of the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Big Bore


Brief review of the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Big Bore

Whipped up

Athletes do it. And now Harley-Davidson does too. With the Big Bore Kit, fans of the American dream have a very special doping agent at their disposal. Even with almost no side effects.

Confidence is for sale. do not you believe? A Harley is confident. Don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Doesn’t imitate anything, doesn’t dazzle. No chrome-plated plastic. Weight saving? Laughable. Power? Legends are more powerful than horsepower. Basta.
There is something. For those for whom that’s not enough, Harley will soon be offering a big-bore kit for the twin-cam engines. It consists of cylinders with around three millimeters larger bore, which increase the inherently generous displacement by 100 to 1550 cm3. The associated pistons raise the compression from 8.8 to 1 to 10.3 to 1. A modified ignition system increases the maximum speed from 5600 to 6200 rpm. In addition, a constant pressure carburetor with a diameter of 44 millimeters in conjunction with a larger K.&N air filter for better filling and thus more horsepower. A sample report is in preparation and will shortly receive the blessing of the TÜV. But with the exhaust system of the US series models included in the kit, homologation should not be a real pleasure: it is simply two decibels too loud.
Harley-Davidson MOTORRAD provided a test machine with the strengthened engine in advance. The result is impressive. The test bench certifies the converted Fat Boy a respectable 94 HP and a full torque of 144 Nm. Supersport representatives may smile. And honestly: If you expect acceleration like four-cylinder big bikes, you will be disappointed with the Big-Bore-Fat Boy. No matter. Is it a matter of gliding or, in new German: cruising.
The fat boy pounds forward in first gear. The change to all other gears is always accompanied by a confirming Schraaak. The 320 kilogram legend can be swung relatively easily through curves. Inclined position? Estimated 20 degrees. Then the footboard plays the limiter. It does not matter anyway. Because as I said: It’s about cruising. And its sense lies in the casualness. The big bore kit contributes to this. Powers out of every curve with no effort, the Fat Boy, if need be, easily drives over the 200 mark on the highway. At least on the speedometer. But be careful: the Harley already loves ruts from 100 km / h, from 130 km / h a slight agitation of the undercarriage sets in, which increases into a gentle oscillation. Safe, but formidable.
Trotzdem: The doping cure is not only good for the 45-degree Vau. Because the price of around 4,000 marks still includes the Badlander seat and a CPO old style handlebar. After all, it is not only important to accelerate appropriately, but also to sit relaxed.

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