British GP – Important works at Silverstone to welcome MotoGP until 2021 –

Major works at Silverstone to welcome MotoGP until 2021

British GP - Major works at Silverstone to welcome MotoGP until 2021 -

The next three editions of the British Grand Prix will continue to be contested on the circuit of Silvertone which undertakes a deep resurfacing to resolve its concerns of drainage, causing the memorable cancellation of the Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP races of the year. past.

"The extension of the Silverstone contract is a testament to our confidence in the circuit in its ability to host MotoGP for the next three years," said the manager of the Grand Prix promoter. "We are following them closely and we are delighted to continue working with them to make this race a must-see in Great Britain", explains Carmelo Ezpeletta.

The fact that the Spaniard speaks of "confidence" in the owners of Silverstone is far from trivial: Ezpeletta has certainly not forgotten the image of amateurism returned by the cancellation of the previous British GP due to the inability of the circuit to properly evacuate rainwater, which fell en masse during this weekend of August 2018.

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Funny irony that an event is disturbed by the rain in a country in the service of its "Majesty precipitation"! Especially since cancellations due to the weather are extremely rare in the history of the Grands Prix: the last dates back to 2008 and the Indianapolis 250 cc GP, canceled under the threat of a hurricane. Before that, the snow (!) Also prevented the Austrian GP from being held … in 1980 !

"The staff at Silverstone have worked hard and throughout this process we have tried to make the right decisions to ensure that our most important events take place, namely: MotoGP and Formula 1", guarantees the director of Silverstone to reassure skeptics.

British GP - Important works at Silverstone to welcome MotoGP until 2021 -

According to Stuart Pringle: A "world famous" company will be resurfacing the UK track from June "under the direction of Jarno Zaffelli, one of the most respected designers". Heavy work is planned to correct the shortcomings of the previous resurfacing carried out in February 2018, and a priori sloppy in view of concerns of embossing and drainage encountered.

"We have assembled a team of highly qualified professionals from across the country who will work with the latest in automated construction technology, with the goal of delivering the best possible project," said Paul Fleetham, director of the company in question … which is called "Tarmac", quite simply ! 

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This renewal of Silverstone in the motorcycle Grand Prix calendar until the 2021 season also confirms the very likely abandonment of the smoky project of the, expensive motorsport complex supposed to succeed Silverstone to host the British GP ! 

As a reminder, the 2019 MotoGP British Grand Prix is ​​scheduled for August 23 to 25, at the Silverstone circuit. !

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