Business – 3rd Professional Motorcycle Show –

3rd Professional Motorcycle Show

Business - 3rd Professional Motorcycle Show -

The 3rd Professional Motorcycle and Scooter Days (JPMS) will take place on February 6 and 7 in Lyon. Exclusively reserved for professionals, this show already brings together 211 registered brands … including Moto-Net, the net motorcycle newspaper !

"The largest showroom in France today takes on an exceptional dimension !"welcomes Jean-Pierre Bonato, organizer for three years of the Professional Motorcycle and Scooter Days (JPMS), the only French show exclusively reserved for professionals.

After Avignon in 2003 and Montpellier in 2004 (read), the JPMS are now based in Lyon. The 2005 edition will take place on Sunday 6 and Monday 7 February 2005 at the Eurexpo show in Lyon in collaboration with Moto-Net, the partner of motorcycle professionals in the second-hand sector thanks to its .

"Until the creation of the JPMS, there was no possibility, apart from the private conventions of the manufacturers, to bring together all the motorcycle and scooter professionals during a Business to Business fair.", explains the organizer:"today, with 211 brands registered to present their new products, the whole world of motorized 2-wheelers and quad bikes can be found there. All market sectors will be represented, from motorcycle equipment to rider equipment to store equipment".

Conferences are also planned to take stock of a topical issue: after the approval of the jars last year (read), the JPMS 2005 will make it possible to address "relocation problems and their effects on motorcycle clothing".

A round table entitled "unlocking and tuning: what legal dangers ?"will also bring together experts, lawyers and dealers convicted of having sold" illicit "parts without knowing it.

A professional meeting not to be missed, especially as the organizer offers a return trip by TGV to all French dealers and resellers! To book your train ticket now, call 01 46 25 11 83 or send an email to .


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