Business – Full box for JPMS 2010 –

Full box for JPMS 2010

Business - Full box for JPMS 2010 -

With more than 9,000 visitors and 220 exhibitors, the organizers of the Professional Motorcycle and Scooter Days close this 8th edition with a smile while Shark wins the Product of the Year Award with his S900 Fost Lumi. Balance sheet.

Who remembers that eight years ago, less than thirty of us believed in this concept of a salon exclusively for pros? ?", Asks Stephane Clair with satisfaction, at the origin of the Professional Motorcycle and Scooter Days (JPMS) at the end of this 2010 edition..

Because if the bet could seem risky at the time (except of course for Site, read in particular), the JPMS have now acquired an importance and an inescapable respectability in the (small) medium of the motorized two-wheeler.

For two days, this eighth edition brought together more than 200 exhibitors (including the now traditional "truck stand" Site /) who promoted some 750 brands to 9,072 "professional visitors" (+ 12.5% ​​attendance compared to 2009 according to the organizer).

This success opens up ambitious prospects: "thanks to this great achievement, the JPMS has established itself as the largest trade fair for the sector in Europe !", underlines the organizer who thus suggests that a"future at European level"is considered…

Like every year, the JPMS was the occasion to salute and reward market players who have demonstrated innovation in the development of products or equipment intended for bikers: during the "preview" evening , the jury unveiled the eight winners elected from a pre-selection of more than 140 proposals (read).

Invited to participate in the "Product of the year" election, visitors praised Shark’s original and "luminous" initiative: thanks to the application of a luminescent photo ink called big bang lite, which absorbs light before returning it, the famous French manufacturer provides an interesting solution to the problem of the perception of two-wheeled users when visibility is reduced (night, rain, fog, etc.).

Available on the S900 Fost Lumi, Evoline Series 2 and another model to be defined, this ink which "recharges" in the light in about 30 minutes has the advantage of restoring a very strong luminosity for two hours in night conditions..

The advantage of this economical process (Shark announces an additional cost of "10 to 15 euros on the sale price") is twofold: by day, the S900 Fost Lumi is distinguished only by an original but discreet decoration (unlike some helmets covered with reflective paints), and at night it offers a strong light which reinforces the visibility of the rider.

Elegant and sporty, the Shark S900 also offers a sun visor, a 2.2 mm visor and a removable and washable interior: a quality of workmanship and equipment that places it at the benchmark of full-face helmets with a thermoplastic shell. of the French brand.

This Fost Lumi version is already available in Shark points of sale at the recommended retail price of 249 euros..

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