Catalog: New Items 2006

Catalog: New Items 2006

Innovations 2006

With the exception of a few models that are still shrouded in mystery, the new additions for the coming season are known. An impressive variety is presented on the following pages. A whole catalog of motorcycles but also technical innovations, especially in the field of electronics.

Every novelty is doubly important in times of great whining: as a sign of confidence and as a concrete temptation. You could treat yourself to a piece of all the sophisticated technology and spectacular design.
Yamaha relies heavily on seduction. R6, R1, FZ1, MT-03 and FJR, integral brakes, ABS, semi-automatic gearshifts, racing engines in production bikes – these keywords describe great efforts to offer customers a lot for their money. Otherwise only BMW is pursuing a similarly broad strategy,
where, in addition to the K series, a two-cylinder mid-range model family with new in-line engines is launched. And at the same time the boxers get another growth: the one opposite
R 1200 GS Adventure, whose photos in the last second in the
Editorial staff came, or the sporty R 1200 S.
As a relatively small manufacturer, Kawasaki can do that
Do not expand the model range on such a broad front as Yamaha. It is important to set few, but strong accents. The reflection on what the brand stands for has led back to the wrong track to motorcycles like a ZX-10R or ZZR 1400;
the ER-6 models have what it takes to build on previous sales successes
to tie in with the middle class.
In general, the correspondence between product and
Brand image more important than ever. Ducati would have done well to react more energetically to the design and quality problem of the early 999 instead of expanding the ST range. Would be triumph
Concentrating on the classic line and the three-cylinder also spared a lot of turbulence. After all, signs and messages to strengthen your own strengths first, as can also be seen at KTM and Aprilia, give hope. In this respect, it is fitting that Suzuki is not doing any experiments with the new Bandit 1200, despite the 600 and 750 GSX-R
of all innovations signals evolution instead of revolution. Only the GSR 600 is completely new, although it comes a little late.
Honda is promoting safety technology with the first motorcycle airbag and is trying to open up new groups of buyers with inexpensive motorcycles. What is successful with the CBR 125 R and the CBF 600 and the new one VS.BF 1000 has good prognosis
exhibits. But the time would also be ripe for a trip beyond reason, for a fascinating technical delicacy from the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer.

YAMAHA Chip Controlled Shift

Who a motorcycle ?? no scooter ?? with automatic transmission or shift assistance will find little. The "real" automatic transmissions with hydraulic torque converters, such as those offered in the Honda CB 400 A and the Moto Guzzi I-Convert in the 1970s, could not establish themselves because of the indirect driving experience. Automated shifting of conventional gearboxes promises better market opportunities. So-called automatic gearshifts have been used in racing for around 15 years. Triggered by contacts on the gear lever, below-
briefly interrupt the ignition current and possibly the fuel supply when shifting up. The gear wheels are not braced against each other by the torque of the pulling motor; the next gear slips into it without actuating the clutch. This system does not support downshifting.
Alpha Technik developed pneumatic gearshifts years ago: A compressed air cylinder acts on the gearshift lever shaft of a normal gearbox and moves it in the appropriate direction like the driver’s foot to upshift and downshift-
tion. The new YCC-S (Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift) in the FJR 1300 AS basically does that-
same, but it works electro-hydraulically. In addition to the Alpha-Technik system, it also includes electro-hydraulic actuation of the clutch when engaging or disengaging and engages
into engine management. All of this with only four kilograms more weight, but for an additional 2000 euros compared to the normal FJR.
The FJR AS can be switched by rocker-
switch on the left end of the handlebar or via a foot switch, which, however, has no direct Ver-
connection with the transmission, but how the handlebar switch activates the electronics. It then ensures that the clutch and transmission are operated optimally, and also prevents the engine from over-revving if the driver happens to be too often
downshifts. As in the SM gearbox in BMW cars or in the gears of Formula 1 racers, the electronics control the engine speed when downshifting. For all types of switching-
the system requires a period of time
from 0.1 to 0.2 seconds, depending on the complexity
the task. It’s pretty quick; Nevertheless
the gear changes should take place smoothly.


FZ6 Fazer A
Together with its sister model, the undisguised FZ6, the 600 series Fazer is Yamaha’s best-selling motorcycle in Germany this year. She will almost certainly be hers in the coming season
Be able to expand success, because it gets an ABS as standard. This makes it 645 euros more expensive. The system works analogously to that
the TDM 900 A, the scheme will probably have been specially tailored to the FZ6. Indeed ?? and that is now incomprehensible again? receives
only the half-disguised Fazer, but not the naked FZ6 the anti-lock-
system. Otherwise nothing has technically changed on either FZ6.
n in-line four-cylinder n 600 cc n 98 hp n 7,995 euros


FZ1 / Fazer
Compared to the FZ6, the previous FZS 1000 Fazer was a little younger-
great motorcycle. Despite the enormously powerful, of the 1998 R1
derived motor. The completely new FZ1, on the other hand, presents itself like a naked super sports car with a cast aluminum bridge frame,
a mighty swing arm with upper parts and an upside-down-
Fork. Your four-cylinder comes from the current R1, should be tight
Make 150 hp and a lush one for the swift scraps of country roads
Draw the torque curve in the diagram. The fat, short one
The right silencer is hotly debated, as is the one
The fact that ABS will not be offered until further notice.
n in-line four-cylinder n 998 cm3
n 150 hp n 9995/10595 euros


The premium super sports car of the coming year will not be 1000, but the R6. This is
for sure. With a completely new engine, larger bore and shorter stroke, titanium valves,
Titanium exhaust with Exup and a standard anti-hopping clutch and at the same time a new chassis, Yamaha has all available
Pulled out the register. Not to forget the electronic control of the throttle-
Valves. Speed ​​reserves of up to 17500 rpm in the series engine give you
Another idea of ​​what hot iron this beautiful 600 series is
becomes. The price of 11,195 euros is high in relation to the competition
but not set too high.
n in-line four-cylinder n 600 cm3
n 127 hp n 11,195 euros


Photos are a good thing, but sometimes a must
to see and touch a motorcycle in person,
to understand what no picture can convey. The city car MT-03, for example, looks really smart, everyone can see that immediately. But all its charm
It only unfolds when you put your fingers over
can paint the double-stitched seat cover or look into the inviting cockpit from the driver’s perspective. Carefully and lovingly made
with all austerity constraints and also in the 50 hp-
Middle class ?? that doesn’t happen that often at the moment
in front. And still only costs 200 euros more than
the Supermoto-XT 660 X, namely 6695 euros.
n single cylinder n 660 cm3
n 45 hp n 6 695 euros


The R1 offers more new features than at first
Look to see and to suspect on the second. A revised frame, for example, with a longer swing arm and a modified raise system
to bring the supposedly slightly increased performance better onto the road. Changes to the channel design and shortened valve guides are said to have brought three horsepower ?? at the first measurement (see page 30) neither was true
see. The SP version, which costs just under 18,000 euros, does not have a reputation for its Ohlins spring elements and light forged wheels,
but can increase your racetrack performance considerably. That is with
Immediately felt driving.
n inline four-cylinder
n 998 cm3 n 183 hp
not 13495/ 17,995 euros


FJR 1300 A / AS
The rim width is not yet adjustable. But otherwise there is the new one
FJR 1300 A not much that the driver could not adapt to his needs. Handlebar position, seat height,
tea disc, which can be moved by an electric motor, has an even larger one
Adjustment range, yes even
the fairing flanks.
Year integral braking system,
which brakes slightly at the front when the rear wheel brake is used is just as new as the longer, speed-lowering secondary transmission. The AS model even boasts an electro-hydraulically operated gearshift and clutch,
which changes gears at the push of a button
and automatically double-declutch when downshifting.
n in-line four-cylinder n 1298 cm3
n 144 hp n 15495/17495 euros


In addition to the Yamaha R1, the second super sporty 1000 series, the designers of which have given the chassis numerous refinements. Swing arm, swing arm pivot point, lever system, geometry and center of gravity, even the rigidity of the frame have been modified. A very fine Ohlins steering damper complements this
Job. The engine did not remain unchanged either; it should be in the lower speed range
have increased, at the same time react more finely to throttle commands. In contrast to
R1 has changed the look of the ZX-10R, and this is where opinions differ. Quite a few Kawa fans regret the move away from the side-mounted silencer.
n in-line four-cylinder n 998 cm3
n performance k. A. n price k. AT..


ZZR 1400
Kawasaki’s new flagship can’t look like everybody’s darling. It has to be from every angle
show a distinctive profile. Fall from the side
stretched lines, emphasized by the ribbed side panels and long mufflers. In the front a huge air intake hood and a battery of six light cannons flaunt. On the other hand, Kawasaki attaches great importance to having given the 192 hp 1400 series manageable engine characteristics and safe driving characteristics. That’s why the ZX-12R
Introduced monocoque frame drastically revised, geometry and aerodynamics even more high-
speed stability trimmed.
n in-line four-cylinder n 1352 cm3
n 192 hp n price k. AT..


ER-6n / f
They show how seriously Kawasaki takes the middle class
two ER-6 models. They are completely new and please with their temperament, economy and easy handling. The success: the large mid-range comparison test
In MOTORRAD 21/2005, the 650 won easily. While the undisguised ER-6n looks like a cheeky fun bike, the f version with full fairing looks good on everyone
Modernity looks more solid. A successful attempt,
to serve as many demands as possible. Since December
if the ER-6 series is completed, then not only should
the ER-6f hit the market, but both
Models will be available with ABS.
n inline twin cylinders n 649 cc
n 72 hp n around 6000 euros / k. AT..

KAWASAKI VN 900 Classic

VN 900 Classic
Together with the 1800s Suzuki (see page 20) it brings back
Movement into the cruiser segment. With a synthesis of classic style elements ?? curved lines, lots of chrome parts, the look of a rigid frame ?? and modernized technology. The 800 V2 not only got more displacement, but also redesigned intake and exhaust ports and a modified combustion chamber shape. He already creates the Euro 3 limit values. The injection system is supposed to be particularly sensitive
have been optimized for throttle commands, a toothed belt drive reduces both that in relation to chain or cardan drive
Noise as well as weight and maintenance effort.
n V-twin cylinder n 903 cm3 n 56 hp n Price k. AT..

BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

R 1200 GS Adventure
The R 1200 GS embarks on an adventure. And equips itself for it in a similar way as the R 1150 GS. It has a spring that has been extended by 20 millimeters-
ways and behind a strut with wegabh-
Great cushioning, protects the engine and tank with crash bars and offers a huge tank volume of 33 liters. The bench is height adjustable,
with the higher position changing between
Sitting and standing on difficult off-road slopes
facilitated. Brings in on fast stages
enlarged windshield more comfort.
About special equipment such as heated grips,
To be able to reliably supply ABS and auxiliary headlights is coming
720 watt alternator used.
n two-cylinder boxer engine
n 1170 cm3 n 98 hp n price n / a A..

BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

R 1200 S
It’s all we can show of her. A hip shot. With
a tall guy who also covers part of the motorcycle. But the new sports boxer, the R 1200 S, is sure to come. In contrast to the R 1100 S, which has an aluminum bridge-
frame to stiffen the chassis, the engine of the new one is integrated into a tubular mesh. The front part of the chassis is the motor housing itself.
The boxer should produce around 120 hp in the S, which is transmitted via a six-speed gearbox and a cardan drive of the latest BMW design. We can look forward to the final design of the underseat silencer.
n two-cylinder boxer engine n 1170 cm3 n approx. 120 hp n price k. AT..

BMW F 800 S.

F 800 S
There are two photos and some dry information;
BMW will not reveal more about the F 800 S until November 15th. But the middle class machine shows
already unveiled with its in-line two-cylinder, which is said to produce over 80 hp. When weighing less than
A full 200 kilograms promised the proper
Performance. In the meantime it has been leaked that the twin was designed as a counter-runner and thanks to one
mysterious balancing act should run very cultivated. The single-sided swing arm and the toothed belt drive are unique in the middle class. The first BMW with this drive, the F 650 CS, is no longer built.
n inline twin cylinders n 799 cc
n approx. 80 hp n price k. AT..


CBF 1000 / ABS
An inexpensive 1000 with steam, easy handling, comfort, wind protection and optionally with ABS ?? that should be the new CBF 1000. Numerous adjustment options for the sitting position help with the
Adaptation to different statures, including the windshield
adjustable. Unlike the 600, which is powered by a four-cylinder from the 1990s, the large CBF is powered by the current Fireblade. A new injection ensures lower peak performance with more torque in the middle range
with 36 throttle valves and only one nozzle per cylinder. The ABS is combined with the single CBS composite brake system.
n in-line four-cylinder n 998 cm3 n 102 hp
n 7990/8690 euros plus Nk.


Once again, the most changes where there is the least-
ten sees. The V-Tec system of the VFR, which uses the unique V4
operates as a two or four valve valve depending on the speed, the
additional valves earlier and later off again. As a result, the
Transitions that have so far been very striking are smoothed out.
There is more displacement that many VFR fans would like
Not. The rest is optical in nature; Clear glass indicators, painted differently
Front fairing and modified exhaust covers matter
however, the VFR is not a new motorcycle. It doesn’t have to be, she
remains one of the best sports tourers.
n V four-cylinder n 782 cc n 109 hp
n 11690/12640 euros more Nk.


Higher speeds ?? they are the strongest indication that the Fireblade engine has actually gained more power than the catalog data admit. For this, Honda has the channel design in the cylinder head perfectly-
tioned and the compression increased. A new
Crankshaft and modified valve springs should
ensure the reliability of the engine. The developers have also changed a lot on the chassis, shifting the geometry in the direction of handiness and ?? as far as photos too
detect ?? modified the frame. After
Thanks to a massive increase in weight on the last model, the Blade became more meticulous
Detail work three kilograms lighter again.
n in-line four-cylinder n 998 cm3
n 171 hp n 13,190 euros plus Nk.


Gold wing
The Gold Wing gets the first motorcycle airbag that goes into series production. Honda has developed it for ten years, and for the most powerful tourer in the motorcycle world it is available on request. In the event of a frontal collision at up to 50 km / h, it manages to protect the driver from hitting an obstacle.
In view of the spectacular safety technology, the modifications of the whispering six-cylinder engine fell behind somewhat; he got one
improved emission control. The alternator has been made stronger so that optional comfort equipment such as handle and seat heating or the sound system do not force the power supply to its knees.
n six-cylinder boxer engine
n 1832 cm3 n 118 hp
n 24,990 euros plus Nk.


Deauville / ABS
Honda is working on the merger of Roller-
and motorcycle elements. A study for Tokyo
Motor Show shows it, and also the revised
Deauville is going in that direction. It became more expansive, got more storage space and built like that
their suitability for everyday use and touring. Driving dynamics fans can look forward to the heavily modified engine, which not only got more displacement, but also newly designed four-valve cylinder heads. They’re lighter than that
old three-valve engine and help to increase tea power to 65 hp. ABS and simple composite braking system
(Single CBS), which brakes at the front when the foot brake lever is pressed, complete the equipment.
n V-twin cylinder n 680 cm3 n 65 hp
n 8240/8840 euros plus Nk.


950 Super Enduro
KTM cannot allow BMW to build the more radical, sportier large enduro. The Austrian off-road specialists had to react to the HP2 with an even sharper device. And created
The 950 Adventure with carburettor engine is based on a minimalist sports enduro. Prototypes have already contested a few races in the German Cross Country Championship ?? and were regularly behind the HP2. That’s why the Superenduro is currently getting theirs
Fine tuning. For example, tests with parts of the 950 Supermoto have shown that the tank must be even narrower; it only becomes
hold around 14 liters.
n V-twin cylinder n 942 cm3 n 98 hp n Price k. AT..


990 Adventure
The 990 Adventure tries to expand its group of buyers. About the fascinating, but demanding, not very comfortable
Rally motorcycle away to the convenience of a touring enduro. The chances that this will work are good – in the three years since it’s on the market, the compact, lightweight V-twin has grown in
Things run smoothly increased,
Injection and displacement increase to 990 cm3 with the same performance as before, the characteristics should also be somewhat
make it explosive laundry. also
the seating comfort should be improved. And the new Adventure is available with an anti-lock braking system at the customer’s request
available from Brembo.
n V-twin cylinder n 999 cm3
n 98 hp n price k. AT..


990 Adventure
The 990 Adventure tries to expand its group of buyers. About the fascinating, but demanding, not very comfortable
Rally motorcycle away to the convenience of a touring enduro. The chances that this will work are good ?? In the three years since it was on the market, the compact, lightweight V-cylinder has grown in
Things run smoothly increased,
Injection and displacement increase to 990 cm3 with the same performance as before, the characteristics should also be somewhat
make it explosive laundry. also
the seating comfort should be improved. And the new Adventure is available with an anti-lock braking system at the customer’s request
available from Brembo.
n V-twin cylinder n 999 cm3
n 98 hp n price k. AT..

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