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SWM Superdual T in the driving report

Lightweight among the travel enduros

The revived Italian brand SWM scores with an interesting concept: a light, agile single-cylinder 600 that is suitable as a sporty travel enduro. The first test drive with the SWM Superdual T.

A strong origin cannot be denied. In the saddle of the brand new S.WM Superdual T quickly realizes where their genes come from: namely from the enduro corner. The 600 is almost as light as a feather with its 169 kilograms empty weight, even with a full 18 liter tank it only weighs a good 180 kilograms – a pleasant change in times of the many lead-heavy travel enduros. The active seating position fits in, it feels almost like being on a supermoto and promises a lot of control, but thanks to the upright position on the wide handlebars it remains comfortable. In addition, there is the sonorous roaring single-cylinder engine, which develops 54 hp from 600 cm3 and, thanks to its good coordination, struggles through the speed range.

SWM Superdual T in the driving report

Lightweight among the travel enduros

Like a phoenix from the ashes

The enduro genes are no coincidence, after all, manufacturer SWM is trying to rise like a phoenix from the ashes from the remains of the former Husqvarna plant in Varese. At the beginning of 2013, the then owner BMW had annoyedly sold it to KTM. A few engine models that emerged under the BMW aegis remained in the deal, and SWM took them on. With success, as the SWM Superdual T shows, because its single-cylinder modified for the Euro 4 standard is convincing. In general, the motorcycle scores with very careful workmanship, which includes a lot of high-quality aluminum parts, from the tank applications to the handlebars to the swingarm and luggage rack.

Enormous handiness the greatest strength

The first test ride is a lively experience, because the light-footed SWM Superdual T can literally be thrown into the corners, but it is always easy to control. Its great strength is its enormous handiness, but it is still stable when cornering. The adjustable chassis with upside-down fork and mono-spring strut iron out most of the bumps in the asphalt, and because of the long suspension travel, it hardly hits through even with deep potholes. The geometry is also right, the motorcycle is perfectly balanced, which is shown by traffic lights, among other things: the Superdual can be balanced with your feet on the pegs for so long that it turns green again before you have to put your foot on the ground. Nowadays that only works with a few motorcycles, and certainly not with big travel enduros.

Comparatively light and narrow

But the SWM Superdual T is not a fat travel enduro either, but a pleasingly slim representative of this type. Its seat height of 89 centimeters, which is on par with the BMW GS, appears at first glance rather high for an entry-level motorcycle – which it is with its 54 hp, especially since it is also available as a throttle version with 48 hp . But precisely because the travel enduro is comparatively light and narrow, smaller drivers can also cope with the seat height, and the good balance also helps. The Superdual is well equipped for the journey with a large windshield, hand protectors, crash bars, main stand, luggage rack and even two fog lights. You can also order the “GT Pack”: For a surcharge of EUR 900, SWM will deliver it with pannier racks and two 33-liter cases from Givi.

Not a bargain, but adequate

Whether the 54 HP of the SWM Superdual T is sufficient for the big tour depends on personal requirements. In any case, the lively single-cylinder engine demonstrates great forward thrust. However, given the narrow passenger bench, the motorcycle is more suitable for a solo trip. SWM brings the sporty travel enduro in two versions: The version presented here is called Superdual T and comes with 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels, with Metzeler Tourance tires. The Superdual X, on the other hand, has a 21-inch front and an 18-inch rear and rolls on Metzeler Enduro Sahara 3 tires. Deliveries will start in July, the price for both versions is 7,490 euros, with GT-Pack 8,390 euros. Not a bargain, but in view of the many fine parts and the good workmanship, it is quite appropriate.

Offers for the SWM Superdual T

Used SWM Superdual T in Germany

For fans of enduro single cylinders, it is worth taking a look at the used motorcycle exchange. The SWM Superdual T is available there in good condition and at a low price: Used SWM Superdual T in Germany

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