Cheapest motorcycle clothing in the test

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Cheapest motorcycle clothing in the test


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Cheapest motorcycle clothing in the test

Cheapest motorcycle clothing in the test

Discounters like Aldi or Lidl want to attract a new clientele to the branches with cheap motorcycle clothing. Other providers hold against it with competitive prices. MOTORRAD tested whether the customer was not saving at the wrong end with these bargains.

Thorsten Dentges


ECE … what? ”The branch manager of a supermarket in Stuttgart has no clue, instead a telephone on his belt. Leaning casually on the grave table, he reaches for it. Conspiratorial facial expression, a gesture pleading for patience, a long conversation with the central warehouse, he hangs up. “Hah, the helmet is the current EC-or-whatever-standard. Everything’s fine, the latest what’s available! ”When asked whether the helmet fits properly at the test buyer, the man shrugs his shoulders. “How should I know? After all, I’m not a motorcyclist. “
The sales talks at other discounters recently went similarly
advertised motorcycle equipment in all households by means of colorful brochures. In some cases, the staff could not even provide information on the guarantee and repair options. The test buyer only received the succinct advice that the goods would be exchanged in the event of defects. When asked only two weeks after the end of the campaign, however, Aldi, for example, was already unable to find a helmet. Exchange impossible, then hold your money back. Basta and bye.
Larger supermarket chains such as Aldi, Lidl, Penny and Plus began targeting motorized two-wheelers with sales campaigns last year. The idea that motorcyclists choose their protective clothing in the midst of banana boxes, tomato soup pallets or stacks of toilet paper instead of deciding to buy it after a test ride with the clothing or at least after an extensive test ride on the motorcycle seems a little strange. Just as is customary in good specialist shops.
»Motorcyclists go to specialist dealers when they need them, but in the supermarket the need is only awakened. The things are so cheap that many motorcyclists decide to buy it spontaneously. A potential that should not be underestimated, ”explains clothing importer Voss Bike-Line in Binau, phone 06263/42020. The price hits are attractive, for example, as pillion equipment or for younger beginners with a small budget, as well as for scooter riders. In addition to a large number of specialist dealers, Voss also supplies car markets or the discounter Ratio on the cheap rail, but does not want to be lumped together with the current smash offers from Aldi, Lidl and the like. »We have already received inquiries from various grocery chains about articles from our eta-
edged brand Levior Give them a fancy name just to make them even cheaper in
to bring the trade. We don’t go along with this fraudulent labeling. In addition, we guarantee a repair service and spare parts supply even for very inexpensive goods, ”says Voss.
Despite the lowest prices, the providers earn one or two euros from the cheap clothes, but primarily the special price campaigns are about something else: customer catching. The lure offers specifically target motorized two-wheelers – around five million in Germany, after all – and lure them into the sales rooms. If the biker leaves the store without a newly acquired helmet or jacket and pants, but with a pack of frozen pizza or another product as a future regular customer, the strategy has worked.
The motorcycle clothing giant Louis, phone 040 /
73419360, tried a similar method and even undercut the offers from Aldi and Lidl in order to arouse the interest of price-conscious motorcyclists at the start of the season. For 99.95 euros there was temporarily complete equipment from head to toe. When checking in a Louis branch, however, the surprise: the seller moved in response to a request from a supposedly interested party (specified-
Lich returnees with middle-class machines) his face as if he had bitten into a lemon. “Please take a look at the things first,” he said and then advised very competently and honestly what to look for in terms of safety equipment. The conclusion from the sales pitch agrees with the research carried out by MOTORRAD: You should estimate at least 400 euros for a reasonable complete set of equipment. The very fair advice from the Louis seller to consider paying in installments if there is insufficient money or to postpone the purchase for the time being than to ride a motorcycle with inferior equipment was made abundantly clear during the conversation.
Coffee roaster Tchibo, who recently sold motorcycle clothing ( for the first time, also explains that professional advice should be an important part of selling motorcycle clothing and that cheap should not be at the expense of quality (see interview). In any case, Tchibo clothing is not really cheap: a waterproof textile suit costs 250 euros and is therefore just below the very good price that was chosen as the test winner in MOTORRAD 9/2005
Bering suit, phone 069/285494, for 290 euros.
In general: be careful with spontaneous purchases! A comparison with other, perhaps even discounted and therefore also very cheap goods from specialist retailers is always worthwhile. Because it has gone stupid when it turns out on tour or in everyday life that greed is anything but cool in some cases.

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Cheapest motorcycle clothing in the test

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Test: Aldi

Rain suit (16.99 euros)
Two-part, no connection option, width adjustment at the waist,
Sleeves and leg ends, clearly noticeable tendency to flutter, reflectors, two outside and one inside pocket with zips and Velcro fasteners.
Failed in the wetness test. Not very suitable as motorcycle clothing.
Gloves (16.99 euros)
Leather quality is okay. Hipora membrane withstood the wetness test. The Velcro straps on the wrist and cuff are good, as are the ones
Fit, size information realistic. Somewhat cheaper than
comparable regular offers from specialist retailers.
Boots (29.99 euros)
The size is realistic, but the shaft is far too wide and, with its poor fit, only poorly encloses the calf. Moderate workmanship, thin rubber sole with little grip. Shin and ankle protection available, large reflectors on the back of the boot.
Conclusion: At Aldi, the biscuits and the Spanish red wine are very good ?? But it’s better to buy motorcycle clothing elsewhere.

Test: Levior

(from 49 euros)
From Tempo 150 the pushes
Levior Concord 2 uncomfortable
on the nose and chin. The visor detent is spongy.
The ones from MOTORRAD over-
Tested shock absorption values ​​according to the specified ECE standard are OK.
Textile suit (from 128 euros)
Moderate fit with a slight tendency to flutter, removable inner lining, no connection tear-
Closure, pockets for protectors on elbows, back, hips and knees available, only shoulders equipped with CE protectors. The thin upper on the waist and
The jacket with adjustable sleeves (Levior Taifun) is reinforced at the shoulders and elbows with more abrasion-resistant material, while the trousers (Levior Monsun) that are adjustable at the ankles and waistband are made of thicker material.
(from 14.95 euros)
Easier, but not special
Safe textile glove, trimmed with leather on the inside of the hand, cuff with Velcro strap.
Conclusion: the Levior articles
at the specified promotional prices are available at Ratio and in Hela car markets, but are primarily for 50cc scooters-
driver interesting.

Test: Lidl

Helmet (39.99 euros)
Closure extremely hooked, ventilation barely noticeable. For a MOTORCYCLE measurement of the shock absorption values ​​according to the
specified ECE standard, the helmet fell through smoothly. Dangerous!
Jacket (99.99 euros)
Cordura upper with doubled material on shoulders and elbows, removable inner lining, CE protectors on shoulders and elbows, width adjustment on waist, sleeves and waistband; Mediocre fit, little tendency to flutter above 150 km / h. As it is not equipped with a climate membrane, the jacket is not a particular price hit.
Gloves (16.99 euros)
Very thin, inferior leather as the upper material,
poor fit and workmanship. In a direct comparison with the equally expensive Aldi gloves, it is disappointing.
Boots (39.99 euros)
Bad workmanship, shaft too short, shin protection only
Dummy, unfriendly zippers.
Conclusion: You can use these meager offers
Confidently push the shopping trolley past!

Test: Louis

(from 24.99 euros)
Like the Lidl helmet, the Probiker fell off Louis at MOTORRAD-
Measurement of the shock absorption values ​​according to the specified ECE standard. Also bad: very hooked closure, and from a speed of 130
the helmet slips backwards.
Textile suit
(from 54.98 euros)
Hard-wearing upper material with ventilation openings, hardly any insulation, no protectors, only possible to retrofit-
ability available, reflectors, width adjustments at waist, arm and leg ends, short connection zipper; strong tendency to flutter from 100 km / h.
(4.99 euros)
Thin leather without lining, cut that is far too short, seams push through extremely uncomfortably. Completely unsuitable for motorcycling.
Boots (14.99 euros)
Textile lace-up boots with plastic applications and small reflectors. Cheap,
comfortable leisure boots ?? but definitely
no motorcycle boots.
Conclusion: You can do it with cheap too
exaggerate. This complete set is completely bad.

Test: Tchibo

Textile suit
(248 euros)
Exemplary equipment. Upper material is proven Cordura, width adjustments on the waist, sleeves, jacket and trouser band as well as on the arm and leg ends, suspenders, removable inner lining, short connection zipper; the climate membrane withstands the MOTORRAD wetness test; CE protectors on shoulders, elbows, back and knees with good shock absorption values, but poor fit
Moderate fit with a clearly noticeable tendency to flutter when driving and a poor collar finish make the textile suit a mediocre motorcycle clothing.
(29.90 euros)
Cordura goatskin combination,
good fit and more comfortable
Comfortable to wear, Velcro straps on the wrist and cuff.
Conclusion: good equipment and workmanship, but there is
Specialist trade better alternatives for almost the same money.

Interview with Stefanie von Carlsburg, spokeswoman for Tchibo

Stefanie von Carlsburg,
Spokeswoman for Tchibo, zur
Sales philosophy of
Hamburg company.

How did a coffee roaster come to offer motorcycle clothing?
Tchibo got through the coffee-
Business made a good name and has been successfully opening up new business areas for a long time. We identify important trends through expert discussions and market research, implement them at an early stage and design ours accordingly
Range of products and services. A few years ago, for example, we offered inexpensive clothing as well as courses and trips for golfers, thus making what was once a very exclusive sport accessible to a wider audience. Right now we can see a trend that motorcycling is becoming more and more popular. Similar to
Golf or sailing, however, is a very expensive hobby and almost everyone would like to save money. However, we don’t want to be the cheapest, we want to offer quality at a reasonable price.
Why did you only have incomplete driver equipment on offer? The indispensable helmet was not found on yours.
Selling helmets requires intensive advice and expertise, especially when it comes to fit and size. We understand the weekly campaign “Fascination Freedom”, which is tailored to motorcyclists, as the first step in this market. Our clothing has already been well received; we have combined this offer with motorcycle insurance, which is also available from us. If the customer feedback is good, we can imagine expanding the range in the future. We don’t see the whole thing as a marketing gimmick or a mere bait and therefore check carefully,
which items can reasonably be sold to motorcyclists.

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