Clothing buying for beginners: tips

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Clothing buying for beginners: tips

Clothing buying for beginners: tips
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Holger Hertneck


It should be clear to everyone that there is suitable equipment for every hobby. Who goes to the swimming pool in ski boots, riding a bike in a wetsuit or golfing in swimming trunks?? And clothing is particularly important when riding a motorcycle? not only because of the accident prevention. Passive safety also plays a crucial role. Because only those who feel comfortable on the bike can ride well and concentrate. But what does suitable clothing actually look like? The following MOTORCYCLE guide is intended to show what to look for when making a purchase, how high the costs are for usable rider equipment, and it names a few particularly recommendable products by name.
Helmet (100 to 500 euros) When choosing by far the most important item of clothing for motorcycling, buyers should take a lot of time and, above all, make sure that the helmet fits as tightly as possible, but is still comfortable and does not cause any pressure points. Tips: only buy ECE 22.05 approved helmets (ask seller); make sure that the visor is fog-free; if possible take a test drive; Check suitability for glasses. MOTORCYCLE recommendation: For relatively little money (from 169.50 euros), Nolan, phone 07159/93160, offers the new N 61 Style, which shines in particular with its good fit and workmanship.
Leather suit (300 to 1300 euros) It holds out its abrasion-resistant (leather) skin when it comes to flying over the asphalt in a low-altitude accident. Leather suits should fit snugly without restricting or pinching freedom of movement while driving. To protect the back, it is advisable to buy a separate protector that is simply put on under the suit. Attention: it is essential to wear this when trying on the suit. Tips: Pay attention to CE protectors on elbows, shoulders, hips and knees as well as double leather and covered seams in places at risk of falling; Two-piece suits must have a connection zip between the jacket and pants; in driving position
try on. MOTORRAD recommendation: The best impression in the last test (MOTORRAD 10/2003) was the sporty cut FLM Race two-piece from Polo, phone 0211/9796699, for 499.90 euros. If you want something very exclusive, you can have a tailor-made suit made for around 1200 euros from Schwabenleder, phone 07181/967010.
Textile suit (200 to 1100 euros) Tex drivers’ suits-
til materials are much more comfortable than leather suits, but still despite advancing textile research
not so abrasion resistant. Tips: wind and waterproof functional-
membrane; non-slip CE protectors on elbows, shoulders, knees and possibly hips and back; removable thermal lining; Width adjustments on the sleeves to prevent fluttering; stable connection zipper between jacket and pants; at least one waterproof outer pocket. MOTORCYCLE recommendation: The Devon suit from Hein Gericke, phone 0211/98989, is cheap and good for 239.95 euros. Who one
financially strong financiers is with the Hayaku / Hasaki-
Combination of Kushitani, phone 04451/915200, best served for 1050 euros.
Gloves (30 to 150 euros) Tips: Velcro straps on the cuff and wrist; Ankle protectors; padded edge of the hand, if possible with double leather. MOTORCYCLE recommendation: for touring riders the Dane-Tornby for 74.95 euros, phone 04451 /
915200, and for sports drivers the 135 euro Akira von Held, phone 08321/66460.
Boots (70 to 250 euros) Tips: The boots should reach well above the ankles and have sturdy ankle, heel and shin guards; as well as a petrol and oil-resistant, non-slip sole; Gear lever reinforcement against chafing. MOTORCYCLE recommendation: They are absolutely top-class
waterproof Evo Sports GTX from Daytona, phone 08721/96440, for an admittedly quite hefty 406.95 euros. MOTORRAD reveals which cheap waterproof boots are good in a large comparison test in issue 14, published on
June 20th will be released.
Rainwear (20 to 100 euros) Tip: long front or diagonal zip with continuous Velcro strip;
adjustable collar; Width adjustment at the cuffs and leg ends, best with Velcro; make sure that your legs are long enough (try on while sitting).
MOTORCYCLE recommendation: The Louis II station wagon from Louis, phone 040/73419360, costs between 24.95 and 29.95 euros, depending on the size, and is superbly equipped for a model in this price range, it held up in the motorcycle test (issue 18 / 2002) completely tight and thus secured first place.

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