Clothing – Dainese, the elite protection of the biker –

Dainese, the elite protection of the biker

Clothing - Dainese, the elite protection of the biker -

The Dainese brand is no longer to present to motorcycle enthusiasts who love protections that do not sacrifice style. Whether you practice recreational motorcycling or competition, the Dainese brand offers all the accessories and approved outfits to ride safely, while remaining stylish.. Moreover, the Italian brand is diversifying and also offers clothing for other sports such as skiing and cycling. What made the reputation of the brand, what are its flagship products and its novelties? Zoom on Dainese !

A brief history of the Dainese brand

The Dainese brand was born in 1972 in Italy, created by Lino dainese following a trip to London during which he discovered the leather motorcycle suits worn by the pilots of maximotos. The young designer, then in his twenties at the time, founded his company in in Molvena in Veneto and launches its first product: leather motocross pants before branching out into leather pants for general motorcycling. It was in 1974 that the brand sponsored a pilot (Dieter Braun) during the Motorcycle World Championship, which enabled it to offer its first leather equipment with elastic inserts. It will also stand out for its colorful product range, an innovation in a time when bikers were mostly dressed in black.

In 1979, Dainese created the first back protector in history. You should know that the brand will be at the origin of many innovations over the years, which will help establish its reputation around the world with not only competition riders, but also amateur bikers. She also offers a range of quality equipment at competitive prices for example Air Frame D1 Tex, equipped with removable composite protectors certified according to standard EN 1621 1.

Clothing - Dainese, the elite protection of the biker -

Dainese motorcycle jackets

The Dainese brand offers a multitude of products for safe and comfortable motorcycle riding, such as many cowhide leather jackets with approved protections, semi-sporty or sporty models to suit all practices, such as of Dainese Avro 4 leather jacket. Whether you are looking for a motorcycle jacket for summer, winter or a slightly vintage style, many models exist in these styles to ride approved on the roads of France.

The mesh textile jackets with removable protectors are also available on the site and in particular the jacket Dainese Urban D-Dry waterproof, which has elbow and shoulder protectors. Dainese jackets can be fitted with a back plate.

Motorcycle jackets

The jackets designed by Dainese are quality clothing approved for motorcycle riding, made from quality and resistant textiles. Moreover, thanks to the use of a high resistance textile and removable protections, the jackets ensure the safety of those who wear them..

You will also find Gore-tex jackets ideal for mid-season wear with a waterproof membrane and a warm lining to drive comfortably despite the wind and rain.


Dainese wetsuits can be grouped into 3 categories: 1-piece, 2-piece suits and airbags.

The brand indeed offers 1 piece cowhide motorcycle suits, ideal for riding on track or road. The 2 pieces are also available in a ventilated version and in full leather with composite protections, suitable for riding on the circuit and on the road..

Finally, for an exclusive practice on the circuit, you can opt for the Dainese airbag suits with D-Air technology which has already proven itself in competition. Range D-Air Misano for example, has a back protector, soft Pro-Shape protectors, composite protectors and aluminum inserts as well as titanium inserts.

The advantages of Dainese

All kinds of protections are also offered by the brand, and in particular protective shorts, knee protection, back protector, elbow kit, vests, chest protectors, etc..

Accessories around the motorcycle

They are designed for passionate bikers who need accessories adapted to the practice of motorcycling: backpacks, key rings, lumbar extension for men and women, collapsible water bottle… Dainese thinks of everything and everyone !

Motorcycle boots

Dainese makes boots designed for practice. You will find in its range of products shoes with a very urban style such as the Persepolis Air suitable for city driving and for short trips.

Dainese boots are available in many models which are suitable for both road trips and competitions. The Dainese D-Axial offer a optimal ankle protection and a reinforced heel for optimal security.

Motorcycle gloves

Gloves are protective accessories in their own right, mandatory and essential for a perfectly safe practice. The gloves manufactured by Dainese are approved and designed in quality materials such as Gore-Tex for example. Sports gloves, on the other hand, provide optimal protection of the driver’s hands during competitions thanks to Kevlar seams and carbon protections.

The Dainese Full Metal 6 gloves for example, are made from leather and havecarbon and titanium inserts in order to protect joints. Thanks to their carbon shells and stiff aramid palm reinforcements, they offer optimal protection for circuit trips. They also have a CE and PPE approval, which makes them perfectly suited to sports.


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