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Clothing from the motorcycle manufacturer


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Clothing from the motorcycle manufacturer

Clothing from the motorcycle manufacturer
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The textile suit from Kawasaki, the racing suit from Suzuki: Is it just show or real protective clothing? MOTORRAD has taken a close look at the motorcycle manufacturers’ rider equipment.

Jorg Lohse


All inclusive ?? The trend towards complete solutions from a single source is also spreading more and more among motorcyclists. The best-known representatives of the “I buy everything in one go” category in Germany are still BMW customers. Anyone who visits a branch or an authorized dealer to take out a 1200 GS or F 650 usually leaves the shop with a helmet and driving suit on which the brand-typical propeller is emblazoned in white-blue. But there has also been a lot of movement among the competition. The so-called “aftermarket” has become a permanent fixture in the portfolio of motorcycle manufacturers. This is called customer loyalty. The buyer also benefits from it. Because with a clever negotiation strategy, one or the other item of clothing is available as a free bonus when buying a motorcycle. Occasionally there are even special promotions on the part of the manufacturers where a clothing package is included with the new machine.
The times when retailers could only find a dusty cap or a grayed-out polo shirt with the desired logo from under the counter after matching clothing for the bike are long gone. Motorcyclists can now choose from a wide range of options for everything to do with “their” brand (see box on page 76). Some manufacturers, such as Triumph, have now gone so far that they want to open up completely new groups of buyers away from the motorcycle with their lettering. The chic retro jacket as a cool skater outfit for Saturday night in the club, why not?
MOTORRAD has rummaged through the range of »branded clothing« and is taking a closer look at a driving suit from the range of eleven motorcycle manufacturers on each of the following pages. The palette ranges from inexpensive all-weather suits for around 300 euros to luxury suits that are well beyond the 1000 euros limit. See for yourself what your brand can offer you. Or swivel around: simply buy the right saucer for the suit you like.

Factory sales: who has what?

APRILIA: In addition to a few functional items of clothing, especially for the brand’s scooter riders, the Italians have a wide selection of leisure clothing and accessories for Mille and Co..
Benelli: The driver’s equipment is limited to a few leather and textile jackets, the majority of the clothing range is laid out with sweatshirts, caps and screwdriver overalls very leisure-oriented.
BMW: A nifty screwdriver overall, that’s what the Munich-based company is still missing in the range. Otherwise, due to the subtle placement of the brand name, even non-BMW drivers can completely dress themselves from head to toe.
Buell: Something of everything, that’s the motto in the Buell accessories range. In addition to solid combinations in leather and textile, made by Vanson Leathers, there are also helmets and boots.
Ducati: When it comes to rider equipment, they rely on the well-known Dainese quality. A suitable regalia including helmet and boots can be found for every model type from Bologna. The proportion of leisurewear is huge.
Harley-Davidson: With the clothing program, you are fully equipped, similar to BMW, but with Harley the design is
extremely matched to the model range from Milwaukee.
Honda: The program at the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer is straightforward, but with functional textile and leather suits it includes exactly what you need to ride a motorcycle. No treasure trove for brand fans.
Kawasaki: No chance for ninja pilots? Team Green is very weak in the leather area. The selection of textile clothing is greater, where it relies on tried-and-tested goods from Dainese
is resorted to. The cross sector is well sorted, including suitable protective equipment for children.
KTM: One of the main areas of focus when it comes to driver equipment is of course the cross section. But also enduro hikers or supermoto freaks can dress up in orange from head to toe at the specialist retailer.
Moto Guzzi: A driver collection that is very stylishly coordinated with the traditional house in Mandello del Lario. The vintage clothing in particular should also appeal to non-brand oldie fans. Gloves, boots and helmets complete the program.
Moto Morini: The exclusive Arai helmets in Morini look are definitely an eye-catcher. Otherwise, the range of clothing is limited to a few jackets and gloves.
MV Agusta: The Italo premium brand is brutally sporty with leather suits, helmets and gloves. With a view of the all-weather textile you have
Model range, however, waived.
MZ: Twin Skin is the name of the clothing line of the Saxon motorcycle manufacturer and includes besides
a leather suit also a textile suit. The fan shop for the »Emme« is somewhat more extensive.
Suzuki: one piece for the GSX-
R pilots, functional textile clothing for V-Strom drivers. The brand logo also adorns helmets, gloves and boots. When putting together the collection, Suzuki draws on the know-how of Buse.
Triumph: In its home country Great Britain, the manufacturer has long enjoyed a status similar to that of BMW in this country. It goes without saying that Triumph drivers wear Triumph clothing. Except for helmets, the English have everything in their program.
Yamaha: one-piece, two-piece, textiles and leather, plus extensive cross equipment. The range is very extensive. The basis for
the driver’s equipment with the Japanese tuning fork comes from Dainese, among others, from Italy.

Aprilia: Techno Tourer

Chassis: two-part textile combination
Made of Cordura with Kevlar trim, waterproof inner jacket and removable quilted lining, detachable leg and back pockets,
CE protectors in shoulders, elbows and
Kneeling, can be retrofitted for the back
Dimensions and weights: Cordura fabric in 500D strength; Unisex sizes from S to XXL; Total weight 3.6 kilograms (size L)
Prices: jacket 219.95 euros;
Pants 113.95 euros
Contact: Aprilia, phone 00800/15565500,
Conclusion The typical Aprilia driver drives … a scooter. And does not attach importance to image-promoting clothing. The techno tourer can neither be a fan of the brand nor a pragmatic one
Convince motorcyclists. At first glance, the suit is hardly different
from a boring standard combination from the assortment of the big shop chains, and the Aprilia logo can hardly be found even on closer inspection. A very wide cut textile suit is offered, the maximum
urban scooter pilots should please. Looking at the Italian competition here is still
there is considerable potential for expansion.

BMW: Atlantis 3 Pro

Chassis: two-part combination of water-repellent-
Pointing nubuck cowhide, Gore-Tex inner suit can also be retrofitted, CE protectors in the back, shoulders, elbows and knees, can be retrofitted for the hips
Dimensions and weights: leather thickness
1.2 to 1.4 millimeters; Women sizes
36 to 46; Men’s sizes 46 to 66 plus intermediate sizes; Total weight 5.3 kilograms (size 52)
Prices (with Gore-Tex insert): Jacket 685 (874) euros;
Pants 530 (689) euros
Contact: BMW Motorrad, phone 0180/5001972,
FaziT zip-zipper in the shape of the
BMW tank cap, a white-blue propeller that hangs the size of a thumbnail on the cuff of your jacket? for real fans of Bayern who want to openly show their love for the brand
the Atlantis 3 Pro does not. The suit can do that
principally motorcyclists of all brands-
speak, who are looking for a first-class, waterproof finish-
equipped leather suit with a casual fit, but a successful fit. The overall package is typically BMW expensive, but high quality down to the last detail. The range of sizes is immense.

Buell: Sport Rider

Chassis: two-part combination of cowhide, CE protectors in the back, shoulders, elbows and knees, padded hips
Dimensions and weights: leather thickness 1.5
up to 1.7 millimeters; Women sizes XS to XXL; Men’s sizes XS to 3XL, also available as made-to-measure items on request; Total weight 5.3 kilograms (size L)
Prices: jacket and trousers each 649 euros
Contact: Buell, phone 0180/3001203,
Conclusion Who has been missing a reason so far, Buell to drive: here it is! Absolutely
The regalia for the Buell driver is authentic, like the corresponding pedestal. The goods are heavy duty and, how could it be otherwise, of course “Made in USA”. Manufactured
is the supple leather combination from Vanson Leathers, a brand that is as exclusive as Buell in Germany. The suit is not cheap, but it can shine with first-class workmanship and high-quality details such as solid brass zippers and neatly sewn logos in platinum look. The only drawback: this suit definitely only fits a Buell.

Ducati: Corporate

Chassis: two-part combination of cowhide, CE protectors in shoulders,
Elbows and knees, padded hips, for
Back cannot be retrofitted
Dimensions and weights: leather thickness
1.2 to 1.4 millimeters; Women sizes
42 to 48 (Italian information, corresponds to 36 to 42); Men sizes 48 to 60; Total weight 4.8 kilograms (size 52)
Price: 725 euros (combination)
Contact: Ducati, phone 02236/39120,
Conclusion Ducati uses a
Pole combination by Dainese, but in a few simple steps it becomes the right clothing for proud Testastretta pilots or cool monster drivers. The timelessly elegant
The design is typically Italian spiced with the tricolor on the trouser legs, and as the icing on the cake, Ducati’s coffee bean logo is also emblazoned on the knee sliders. Qualitatively there is
the Dainese station wagon nothing to complain about. The two-piece suit is neatly made and offers exactly the features you would expect from a solid leather suit. Compared to the usual prices that are asked in the Dainese shops, the price goes up
from 725 euros okay.

Harley Davidson: Raceway / FXRG

Chassis: Jacket made of sun-reflecting cowhide, leather pants with waterproof inner lining, CE protectors in shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, cannot be retrofitted for the back
Dimensions and weights: leather thickness 1.2 to 1.4 millimeters; Women’s sizes from XS to XL (in three widths); Men’s sizes from S to 3XL; Total weight 5.9 kilograms (size XL)
Prices: women’s jacket 593 euros; Men’s jacket 667 euros;
Pants from 563 euros
Contact: Harley-Davidson,
Telephone 0180/3001340,
Conclusion The proud steel horses come from Milwaukee, in the leather for the driver there is an embarrassed “Made in China”.
Optically elaborately tailored to sporty V-Rod or Sportster drivers, the jacket’s cut and equipment flaws such as a missing connection zipper limit the suitability of the jacket as effective protective clothing. The pants can be washed with water-
dense inlay and wide opening
Score better when entering the legs. When it comes to prices you rank ?? just like
with the bikes ?? in the upper league.

Honda: GP

Chassis: two-part combination of cowhide
with textile stretch inserts, reflective piping,
CE protectors in shoulders, elbows and knees,
can be retrofitted for the back and hips
Dimensions and weights: leather thickness 1.2
up to 1.4 millimeters; Ladies sizes from
36 to 44; Men’s sizes from 46 to 60; Total weight 4.6 kilograms (size 52)
Price: 699.99 euros (combination)
Contact: Honda Fashion, phone 02166/1446176,
Conclusion A station wagon made for Honda-
Motorcycles ?? Solid equipment, the design as neutral and functional as the machines for which it is offered. Pilots of a Fireblade should like the GP two-piece suit as well as the driver of a CBF 600. The Honda-Schiftzug with the typical wing on the sleeves is
unobtrusive but concise and takes place even as a print on the thin reflective piping. Fit, workmanship and price ?? nothing to complain about. But Honda’s slogan “The
Power of Dreams «, as a banderole in the
Mesh lining incorporated, doesn’t want to be like that
skip right. A little more pep
should be.

Kawasaki: San Marco

Chassis: two-part combination of textile frame-
woven fabric, removable thermal lining, Teflon coating, waterproof climate membrane, CE protectors in shoulders, elbows and knees, can be retrofitted for the back
Dimensions and weights: Cordura fabric in 500D strength; Ladies sizes from 44 to 50 (Italian data, corresponds to 38 to 44); Men’s sizes from 46 to 58; total weight
3.3 kilograms (size 52)
Price: jacket 269.70 euros,
Pants 146.43 euros
Contact: Kawasaki, phone 06172/7340,
Conclusion Small Kawa lettering on the front and
Back, the typical brand green as a splash of color on the sleeve ?? The San Marco station wagon does not convey the team green idea particularly convincingly. It is different, however, when it is purely functional
considered. Because then, for example, drivers could
consider buying an ER-6f. Finally there is
for 400 euros a rock-solid textile combination in a weatherproof design including a removable thermal lining for the cold days. And all together in proven Dainese quality. Then there is still a candy Kawasaki on the front and back, and the sleeves are as green as the heart of the
Driver. Not everyone has that.

KTM: Hunter

Chassis: two-part combination made of cattle-
leather, removable mesh lining, ventilation inserts, knee sliders can be retrofitted, CE protectors in shoulders, elbows and knees for the back
and hips can be retrofitted
Dimensions and weights: leather thickness
1.2 millimeters; Range of sizes
still open; Total weight 4.4 kilograms (size 52)
Price: 675 euros (combination)
Contact: KTM, phone 09628/92110,
Conclusion Fight the fat. Even with the driver’s equipment remains KTM with a weight of
4.4 kilos for the two-piece suit, true to his often cited principle. The sporty designed orange peel should especially be used by LC4 drivers
or 950 Supermoto liked. The station wagon designed by KTM impresses with an independent one
Appearance and a coherent detail work. The mesh lining, which can be detached with a zipper, is washable, the connecting zippers
are firmly sewn into the leather. Particularly smart: the soft neoprene collar. The grippy leather is comfortable to wear, the proportions are very well done. The pricing has been calculated fairly. At the equivalent value, 675 euros is not an exaggerated expense.

Suzuki: Racing

Chassis: one-piece combination of cowhide, removable mesh lining,
CE protectors in the back, shoulders, elbows and knees, padded hips
Dimensions and weights: leather thickness 1.2 to
1.4 millimeters; Men’s sizes from 48 to 58;
as a two-piece also in women’s sizes from
36 to 40 available; total weight
5.2 kilograms (size 50)
Price: expected to be 800 euros
Contact: Suzuki, phone 06251/57000,
Conclusion brand-conscious GSX-R-
Pilots can breathe a sigh of relief. Because with the brand new one-piece you can show where the hammer hangs far away from your pedestal. Together
with Buse, Suzuki has the driver equipment
revised for 2007 and sends this racing suit out onto the slopes. When designing on the war paint of the GSX-R series
designed, the one-piece can also be customized with processing and equipment details such as the
solid metal zippers, a good one
The protector package and the soft neoprene cuffs on the sleeves are convincing. There are also high quality,
elastic textile inserts from Schoeller, a back hump
and doubled leather at the crucial points.

Triumph: Romero / Western

Chassis: jacket and pants made of cowhide,
CE protectors in shoulders, elbows and knees,
retrofittable for back
Dimensions and weights: leather thickness 1.0 to 1.2 millimeters; Jacket in men’s sizes from 48 to 62; Trousers in women’s sizes from XS to 3XL and men’s sizes from 30 to 42; Total weight 4.2 kilograms (size 52/34)
Price: jacket 339 euros;
Pants 279 euros
Contact: Triumph,
Telephone 06251/57000,
Conclusion The real highlight of the stylish
designed leather jacket is the story behind it. It is intended to remind them of Gene Romero, a US dirt track driver who left the
Sixties with a beige leather suit on a Triumph was successful. In terms of price, the neatly processed jacket is very attractive, especially when you consider the numerous details such as embossing in the leather and elaborate
stitched logos considered. The leather pants,
The bar stock model, on the other hand, looks very expensive. The fit and cut are intended for leisurely tours on Bonnevilles or Rocket III.

Yamaha: Mako

Chassis: two-part combination
Made of cowhide, antibacterial mesh lining,
CE protectors in shoulders, elbows
and knees, padded hips
Dimensions and weights: leather thickness
1.2 to 1.4 millimeters; Men’s sizes
from 48 to 58; Total weight 4.9 kilograms (size 52)
Price: 895 euros (combination)
Contact: Yamaha, phone 02131/20130,
Conclusion Conventional solution at Yamaha. Take a Dainese station wagon and
garnish them with Yamaha lettering and
-Tuning forks. This has the advantage that you rely on the proven quality of a well-known clothing manufacturer, but the independent appearance remains
however on the track. The price is, measured against the original, lavish: At just under 900 euros, it ranks well above the Dainese basic combination. The cut and fit are more touring
Nature and therefore more suitable for FJR or Fazer pilots. But brand-conscious sports drivers also have their say. Holds for R1 or R6 drivers Yamaha a visually similar divider, also from the Dainese range, is ready.

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