Comparative test Powercruiser


Comparison test Powercruiser, Harley-Davidson V-Rod, Honda F6C

night owls

What makes a motorcycle a power cruiser? Matthias Schroter and Waldemar Schwarz drove it out and cooled their subsequent heated debate with fresh beers until late at night.

Colleague Waldemar Schwarz is a sober technocrat who is committed to the highest level of accuracy at MOTORRAD. But at times he shows completely unexpected emotions. Then the person in the engineer shimmers through, then Waldemar raves about six cylinders in their most exciting form and says ?? a cruiser, Honda’s F6C.
“Plagiarism,” waves his colleague Schroter with a tired smile. The fan of the American way of life just thinks of the recently completed ride with the Harley-Davidson V-Rod in a new frenzy. The attempt that now follows to proselytize Black demands appropriate beer seriousness.
Schroter (opening two bottles): Not only I, but also my colleagues finally know that there is a real alternative to the Honda F6C. It was about time. Couldn’t stand your sarcastic remarks about V-Twins from America any longer. Because of little performance for a lot of money. Black (turns up spontaneously): Performance. What a silly phrase. What matters is how it reveals itself. In the case of a cruiser, unobtrusive, please, but emphatically. Cultivated and accompanied by incomparable sound. Soft and powerful like a twelve-cylinder Mercedes, acoustically like a 911 from the very beginning. F6C, I’m just saying. F6C.Schroter: If you want to talk about cars, you are on the wrong boat here. Six cylinders, that’s exactly four too many. Regardless of whether you are a racer or cruiser. Two cylinders, reduced to the bare essentials, packed in exciting aluminum, that is V-Rod. Point. Your Honda, on the other hand, looks pompous, decadent and overdressed.
Schwarz (down a gear): Well, admittedly, it doesn’t look bad, this V-Rod. So on the side stand in front of the in-cafe. That’s exactly where it belongs. But the inner values ​​are decisive. You should have realized that during our test drive. (Schwarz smiles smugly): What are your intervertebral discs actually doing? I’ve never seen you moved as you were on this lousy country road.
Schroter: Better dry and direct than spongy and around four corners. The V-Rod gets down to business. Natural hardness, age. Not for gray panthers. An elastic body easily compensates for the stubborn Harley set-up. Your fat can be quite passable, but your under-muffled swing is embarrassing, isn’t it? Somehow Opel Rekord…
Schwarz: Wait a minute, just because the Honda offers a comfortable seat that really fits everything doesn’t mean I am a scrap heap. With all due respect, you sit on the V-Rod like the famous monkey on the grindstone. The legs spread unnaturally, the knees cramped, the tailbone maltreated from the hard bench. And the upper body hangs helplessly on this unnaturally cranked handlebar like a flag in a hurricane. Great guy, really great. (Black stretches all fours away, balancing on his rump, and shakes with laughter).
Schroter: Be careful not to fall off your chair, old man. The V-Rod just demands, that excites me. It requires a conscious and active driving style. Not as soft and casual as your Honda fabric softener. A decent cruiser, okay, but a boring one.
Black: Boring? I found it very entertaining how you tried desperately to keep up with your sport cruiser on the winding stretch. In every bend you suddenly tip over the wide rear tire into the corner. And drives a strange line. (Black almost tumbles off the bench while imitating it. Then he makes a rasping noise). Why do you actually cut your sinfully expensive metal at a slight incline? Take a look at the footrests and the radiator trim.
Schroter (also in a lopsided position): Logically, with the thick tires and the low center of gravity, all corners are exciting again. That calls for ambitious slopes, where you circle around the corner in a casual and neutral way. Gentleman rider! (Schwarz chokes, gesturing and protesting.) But when I brake, I save you kilometers before every bend. And the next one as you accelerate out. As powerful as the twin pushes from top to bottom. As if stretched on a rubber band. And this soft response. Zero load change reactions. A dream. The Honda, on the other hand, seems downright lethargic, to put it mildly.
Schwarz (suddenly appears sober, almost diplomatic): Good, convinced, already impressive when the two-cylinder pushes off. But is that cruising? Or pubertal potency? Your acceleration values ​​are sound and smoke, I like to leave the air sovereignty over the biker regulars table to others. Just like that twin sound. Usually. There’s on every corner. Nice to be around his peers, probably because Porsche helped develop it. Without the Swabian six-cylinder specialists, Harley would still be looking for power today. Schroter: Now you’re going to be silly. Better get another layer of beer. By the way: Your power cruiser is pretty thirsty. Well, six cylinders need to be fed. Besides, you don’t treat yourself to anything else? you say anyway. Admittedly, the Harley is not a food lover either, but your six-pack is insatiable.
Schwarz (rolls his eyes): You don’t get it. This sound experience is incomparable (for the umpteenth time he enthusiastically intones the “wwwhhh” of the six). And for that reason alone worth a liter or two of fuel (raises his beer). You can never get enough of that. I swear to you, at 70, I’m ready. I buy an F6C, remove all the bells and whistles and reduce them to the essentials ?? the six-cylinder. By then, my greatest wish has long been a reality: 1,800 cubic centimeters, more power, even more torque. cheers
Schroter: It’s nice when you still have dreams at your age. But think about it, that your XXL-F6C will be even more difficult to maneuver. Order a reversing aid right away, otherwise you will bite the third party on your dream-run. That’s enough. And now, young man, let us turn to the elementary things. Do we take another one ?? and who pays the taxi afterwards?

2nd place – Harley-Davidson V-Rod

“Granted, the design of the V-Rod turns on. But the ergonomics are completely wrong, nothing fits. And then this strange driving behavior in curves. The successful V2 is therefore only good for the hot sprint on the show mile, ”says colleague Schwarz. “Can’t help it that my colleague‘s legs are too short. Everything about the V-Rod fits for me, especially the seating position. It’s just not for older men. The engine is simply a poem, its appearance anyway, only the exorbitant price forbids me to buy it, «says colleague Schroter.

1st place – Honda F6C

“Oh God, what a pompous chunk. What a waste of precious resources. Okay, the six-cylinder has a certain charm, but this design? Tick ​​it off, dear colleague Schwarz. “” Dear colleague Schroter: Sit on it and feel good, have you ever experienced it? Drive on the Honda? I totally relaxed through to Sicily. Cruising is as soft, gentle and emphatic as this six-cylinder engine is. Finally, as always in life, the sound makes the music. And the Honda hits that like no other. Wwwwhhhh! ??

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