Comparison test sports enduro bikes


Comparison test sports enduro bikes

Comparison test sports enduro, Aprilia RXV 450, KTM 450 EXC Racing

The higher, the top

…the deeper the drop. Who rises high can fall low? thinks the Englishman. Aprilia wants to revolutionize the down-to-earth sport enduro scene with a two-cylinder concept. An idea with opportunities? and risks.

January 2005: the first counted laps on the Supermoto factory machines from Max Manzo and Welt-
master Jerôme Giraudo. December 2005: a flying visit to the pre-series version of the Enduro RXV 450. February 2006: half a day on a kart track with the 450 and 550 SXV Drifters that are now ready for series production. There is doubt, Aprilia is self-confident, lays it down
Bait in bite-sized pieces. Because you know that this technical delicacy will attract the scene as if by magic.
After all, the ultra-compact two-cylinder V-engine with a 77 degree bank angle, Unicam valve control, petrol injection and the composite frame knows its way around
a tubular structure and cast aluminum-
partly no parallels in the offroad or supermoto area. At some point, however, the attraction of the unusual disappears, giving way to the mundane question: is different just different or better?
A former coal mine dump. The mood is reminiscent of the scene in the classic film High Noon. One of the first production Aprilia RXV 450s is expected from the KTM 450 EXC Racing. Both are closed
ready for anything, face each other with unthrottled performance. Because the winner of countless comparative tests, best in class of the internationally renowned Master Enduro and the undisputed market leader, does not want to let the Italian glamor bike steal the show.
But she knows about her weaknesses.
With a conventional tubular frame, ingeniously simple single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a camshaft and unadorned peripherals, embodies the KTM down to earth
Off-road technology. Highly efficient, excellent workmanship, but not very spectacular.
Even the starting shot remains subtle. Choke pulled, a quick press of the electric starter button, and the single chugged away obediently. The Kickstarter? experience shows that much ?? the EXC pilot will probably never need it. Neither does the Aprilia driver. Because the Italian technicians did without that completely. But the RXV unit needs a few tries before it runs smoothly. Only when the throttle grip is turned a little further than the choke button allows, does the two-cylinder start to babble? and noticeably louder than said pre-production version six months ago.
The first few meters on a smooth
pushed way. Insiders have long known the feeling on the KTM. The gas, the hydraulically operated clutch, the gearbox, everything can be operated effortlessly and still feels tight and defined. The seating position is compact, almost squat, only the relatively high handlebars create space. The Aprilia, on the other hand, is a little more spacious, with the steering head moved further forward. The five-speed gear-
transmission turns on a bit more difficult, the clutch? Is it still cable operated on this high-tech enduro? feels a bit doughy.
The area expands and we are
obviously not the only ones who know it. Residents and tracks combine seemingly endlessly to form one of these typically narrow special stages. A terrain for which the KTM was tailor-made. The Austrian crashes through the hairpin bends like clockwork, hits every lane with centimeter precision, and can be bent playfully. Looks after a short time
the Aprilia trainer only the dark plume of dust from the KTM.
The RXV is in fact in the narrow passageway, wants to be directed very concentrated in the residents, tends to ?? similar to a rally motorcycle ?? to understeer with the front wheel, to push outwards. This disposition is supported by the unusually high idle speed, which also pushes the front towards the exit of a curve. Later, when we correct the idle speed downwards, we will find that the high idle level has its reason. This is intended to reduce the high drag torque, i.e. the strong engine brake of the V2. Because then the RXV swaps the understeer at the corner entrance for a noticeable tilting to the inside. Especially since corrections to the line require enormous sensitivity. The extremely spontaneous RXV unit, which responds almost without the slightest delay, requires an extremely sensitive throttle to correct course.
And while the KTM ?? despite their
more aggressive characteristics for sports enduro bikes ?? even on low traction
The Aprilia driver has to use all his senses at the exit of the curve, casually accelerating out of the terrain. Because the EXC has plenty of torque between 5500 / min and 7800 / min ?? the range of their maximum output of 48 hp ?? remains calm and controllable, the Aprilia, however, her salvation
searches at high speeds. But after a quiet start, the two-cylinder suddenly grabs at mid-speed, accompanied by noticeable vibrations, and lets the rear wheel through violently-
rotate. The only solution to traction
to find, namely to upshift early, then ultimately forgives the advantage of the huge, up to 12000 rpm reaching torque and the four HP higher peak power.
Finally the RXV signals: enough crossed, I’m an enduro. We turn into a forest. Here, too, we are not the discoverers. Traces everywhere, rutted gullies, roots shoveled free, enduro land. And now smells
Aprilia finally morning air. While the tightly sprung KTM scrambles over obstacles in a sporty and energetic manner, the Aprilia is gentle. Supported by the soft, sensitive suspension, the V2 goes on a cuddle course and purrs like a kitten over roots and rocks? as long as the pilot remembers what he has just learned and remains at the speed below the brute power input from around 7000 rpm. But if you don’t have the throttle and clutch under control, you will
in the undergrowth also punished subito with spinning rear wheel.
On the other hand, the Aprilia chugs comfortably to itself even at the lowest speeds, and also jumps afterwards when it is warm
vehement falls. And the more open the site, the more the Italian wants to rehabilitate and can ??
as long as the throttle hand is always nice and sensitive? on meadow paths or scree-
paths fallen. Where the majority of potential lovers will surely prefer to use them. For enduristic hardcore performances or the fight for tenths-
seconds on the cross test, after all, there’s the KTM.

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Comparison test sports enduro bikes

Comparison test sports enduro bikes
The higher, the top

Nobody is perfect

With the RXV / SXV models, Aprilia has already set a record-breaking mark: there are only 30 months between all of them-
first racing use of the prototype in October 2003 and the start of the
Serial production. Not much to implement such an unconventional concept, from which there is no significant experience.
In this respect, the Italians can certainly refer to a certain grace period in their debut works. Nevertheless: For 8700 euros, after all the top price in the sport enduro segment, the off-road crack can expect a motorcycle that works without any problems. This only applies to a limited extent to the RXV 450. While the unfamiliar paper air filter will soon be replaced in a racing kit with the usual foam version, when the horizontally installed filter is changed, dirt falls into the air filter box or the intake funnel with the kit.
The first traces of melting showed during the test the water pump hose, along which the bend of the front cylinder runs only millimeters away. The one without a heat shield melted on the outside-
Krummer also equipped the plastic parts of the cross boots.
Why is the engine oil flowing through the engine housing ventilation despite the correct oil level? the dry sump engine still has three liters of oil? looking for the way to the outside world could not be resolved in the end. Drooling is unpleasant in any case.


It is only logical that the RXV does not succeed in knocking established competitors such as the KTM EXC model off the track. Whether in tough racing, however, ever the potential advantages of this courageous one
Two-cylinder concept comes into play remains to be seen. Whose
regardless could the Aprilia ?? appropriate detailed work required ?? become a tip for off-road tours or technology freaks.

Performance chart

Two worlds collide: KTM delivers
Power and torque in a user-friendly way, the Aprilia shines with higher peaks-
performance and exorbitant revving? even if
the power is not easy to use.

Technical data: Aprilia RXV 450

Water-cooled two-cylinder ohc four-stroke engine
with four valves
per cylinder
449 cm3
76 x 49.5 mm
12.5: 1
38.5 kW (52.3 PS)
10800 rpm
Injection, 38 mm

Composite frame made of steel and aluminum with screwed-on rear made of aluminum tube
45 mm
121 kg
8698 euros

Technical data: KTM 450 EXC Racing

Water-cooled single cylinder ohc four-stroke engine
with four valves

448 cm3
89 x 72 mm
11.0: 1
35 kW (47.6 PS)
7800 rpm
Keihin, 39 mm

Loop-in pipe-
frame made of tubular steel with screwed-on rear made of aluminum tube
White power
48 mm
White power
117 kg
8141 euros

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