All Tests – Test Benelli Tre 899 K: the Tre Karacteristique trail! – Tre K-rismatique!

Benelli Tre 899 K test: the Tre Karacteristique trail !

All Tests - Test Benelli Tre 899 K: the Tre Karacteristique trail! - Tre K-rismatique!

The fruit of guilty love between a roadster and a trail, the Benelli Tre 899 K hides the temperament of the first under lines inspired by the second … A cocktail with typically Italian flavors, served well struck by the manufacturer of Pesaro ! Test.

Tre K-rismatic !

Seconded by a devilish sound – the closer the tachometer needle approaches the red zone, the more intense the awesome rumble becomes! -, this strong motor temperament naturally encourages debauchery: even in sixth at 90 km / h (3500 rpm), the Tre 899 K resumes with enough vigor to transform each Sunday walk into a rally special !

Therefore, the rigor of the cycle part is an ally of choice to tease the virolos. Especially since if the suspensions appear too reactive on bumps due to openly sporty settings, their beautiful cohesion and the precision of the information transmitted to the wide handlebars quickly build confidence and allow speeds of passage in curves … astounding !

However, the Benelli does not surrender to the first comer like a vulgar kind of motorcycle school! In good Italian style, the Tre 899 K, on ​​the contrary, asks its pilot to get involved and become one with it: bring it with your fingertips, buttocks tight, to the edge of a vicious turn, and the rigidity of its chassis as well as its delicate re-acceleration due to the annoying injection spurts will soon put the crew in difficulty !

But if you dare to whip it without counting, force its neutral front end and use its good traction, the Benelli then reveals a completely different face, resolutely sporty! The pleasure felt in asserting its authority to place it at the point of rope where it remains taped until further notice is matched only by that experienced when the go-around tries to lengthen the joints of the arms by a good six inches. !

An image to (re) build…

Indocile mount, the Tre 899 K will appeal to bikers seeking the pleasure of driving far from the sanitized sensations and the assistantship increasingly present on modern production .

In this sense, the Benelli is reminiscent of the philosophy of the older generations of its neighbors in Bologna: lively and endearing motorcycles, whose many faults have long confined them to a public of informed amateurs..

K-aracterial and addictive, the Italian suffers from a chaotic injection and a gluttony little in tune with the inevitable ecological awareness: of course, the overflow of energy from the engine encourages you to put on big gas constantly, but even without abusing its "K-atapultsque" reminders, the consumption of the three-legged never fell below 8 liters per 100 km during our test !

Its perfectible protection at shoulder level also causes turbulence in the high position, while its neglected practical aspects and other annoying "details" (no lug on the stand or adjustment of the distance of the clutch, fuel gauge imprecise or even tedious scrolling of information from the instrument panel via the starter) also tarnishes the panel.

In addition, despite the financial contribution of the Chinese group Qianjiang since 2005, the Italian manufacturer has not yet fully resolved its finishing problems: the huge inverted fork, the Brembo brakes and the frame with slick welds throw a lot of it, but the crude integration of the electrical harness, the absence of a cover on the alternator and the "gas plant" aspect of the three-cylinder in-line may upset aesthetes…

Finally, with only 35 points of sale in France and an offer limited by a deliberately exclusive positioning, Benelli no longer inspires the confidence or the interest of the past: too bad, because at 10,590 €, the Tre 899 K is an interesting alternative. which has the immense merit of standing out from the competition…

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