Concept comparison: motorcycles for 9,000 marks


Concept comparison: motorcycles for 9,000 marks

We don’t need millions

“Fortunately, we don’t lack a penny …” Honda Vigor 650, Kawasaki ER-5 Twister, Suzuki LS 650 Savage and Yamaha XT 600 E ?? the whole world for little money.

There are people for whom money doesn’t play the slightest role. They meet in the evening at a trendy Italian restaurant, eat something – the main thing is rocket, take their white wine in homeopathic sips, talk about stocks, wellness trips and “recently in business class”. In these circles, saving is at best a hobby. Shopping at Aldi is said to be “cool”.
We tapped just such a gang of deadlocks in this test. And it went something like this: “They’re super cute. Hans-Dieter, look, the little silver one with the crooked handlebar, that would be something for me. Is that a harley? Hans-Diiieeeter … “The good guy didn’t care a lot about the needs of his wives. He was already expertly fiddling with Vigor’s indicator switch, then the inevitable question came: “What’s the point?”
Everything, Hans-Dieter. Everything. If you want. And not just a complete greenhorn like you, but also die-hard red wine drinkers who already knew Vigor when it was still called the SLR 650. Because we’re nice, Didi got a serious answer: “Real 163 km / h.” Of course, he found that far too lame. Vigor had died for him. The other day he heard about a Hayadingsda…
What a pity. If the Hans-Dieters of this world only knew what fun they are missing out on. If only they had the slightest idea how easy and fun riding a motorcycle can be. But that will probably remain the eternal secret of those who knowingly buy from Aldi – for very vulgar economic reasons.
By the way, Vigor is not a penny more expensive than the Honda SLR 650. On top of that, it offers more: a tachometer, for example. And a tiny cockpit fairing, which in addition to the high psychological effect even protects a little bit from the wind. The bench has become more comfortable and stylish – two-tone contrast, you can now wear it. The sleeker, styled silencers come out really well.
So Vigor. To German life force. That’s nice. And it fits. Because the Honda is so agile, so handy and compact that you look forward to snaking through in rush hour traffic. Everything is short, tightly compressed – the front is the back, is everywhere. The motorcycle is always exactly below you. And the 650 single-cylinder engine works, Lottchen pointed out. With every more committed traffic light duel, for example against a bloated, 1500 watt Pioneer, you ?? rrratsch ?? the front wheel up and ?? zack ?? you put the next twelve hooks. If you have to, all at once. Is that what Honda means by city bike?
Probably. But Vigor is allowed to venture out of town without hesitation. Measured 43 horsepower, which gallops so easily, call for higher tasks. As far as the chassis is concerned, nothing speaks against it. Stable lateral position, anytime. Flawless straight-line stability, right up to the top speed, which incidentally is 13 km / h higher than the SLR last tested by MOTORRAD (issue 10/1997). Even more blatant differences can be seen in the acceleration and pulling power values. But Honda insists that nothing has changed technically. And we assure you that our current test driver is not a pygmy.
On the contrary, Gerry Wagner is actually quite tall. To be precise: 1.90 meters. And the man claims he feels good on this Honda. Sit like a normal person. Yours truly (two heads shorter) claim the same. A successful ergonomic compromise. Which comes to an abrupt end in two-person operation, however, as the bench is so short that the passenger is always on a collision course with the porter. Pretty uncomfortable thing. In addition, there is the bottoming out of the rear wheel suspension: bumps taken in duplicate completely crush the reserves of the Showa element despite tight coordination.
You just thrash around corners by yourself. It’s more fun anyway. If, however, it is definitely a relationship box, the Kawasaki ER-5 Twister is recommended in this price range. 500 cubic centimeters, two cylinders, nominally 50 hp and space for two adults. Something is going on. Of course, it feels very different, like a motorcycle. Much more serious. Down to earth. Something like a tax officer, the ER-5. But that doesn’t have to be bad.
Main stand, fuel gauge, adjustable brake and clutch levers – yes, such luxury comes as standard here. On another page are things like the poor seat bench cover, the mirror extensions that are too short and 17 other questionable details. The mirrors themselves undoubtedly look a lot better than the haggard plastic parts of the Honda, but what’s the use if they don’t show enough consideration.
The engine is mostly fine. It doesn’t seem quite as lively as Vigors single-cylinder downstairs, but it doesn’t seem like it’s upside down. Runs more sophisticated, the Twin. Although there is nothing wrong with Vigor’s manners. For a single, the 650 is extremely well-groomed: it suppresses unsettled jerking in the lower speed range as well as disgusting vibrations at a higher level.
Nevertheless, the Kawasaki conveys more serenity. Which is not least due to the less energetic sitting position. The motorcycle is in front of you and behind you and around you. Everything so three-dimensional, here, compared to the Honda. Also the driving experience. Not nearly as rebellious, but still very, very active. The handiness of the Twister comes close to Vigor’s talent for movement. And when running in pairs, none of this ease is lost.
So everything is brought up: sweetheart or mouse on the back and in a casual twist … goiiing! But it was too rough, this hole. That will not do. The shock absorbers of the Kawasaki can take a lot, but not everything. So: turn off the gas on lousy roads. Then the handlebars stop twitching. Thanks for the fork and brake, too, as they seem a little stressed in two-person operation.
A Suzuki LS 650 comes under a lot of stress trying to keep up with the Vigor and ER-5. On the one hand, of course, this has to do with a considerable power deficit; of the 31 HP advertised, just 28 attack the clutch. On the other hand, it depends on the chassis: The LS has none – practically seen. Theoretically, of course, there are two wheels, shock absorbers and brakes, a fork, a frame and so on. But the stuff is of little use at higher speeds.
Even when driving straight ahead, the LS gets out of lane. When cornering, it appears as if it had charged three or four too many. Commutes a lot. Stir and wobble and play around, but it’s kind of funny too, because the situation never gets dangerous. There is already the lousy tired engine, which you have to kick in the butt from 90 km / h. But it doesn’t matter. Because on this motorcycle you experience more at 90 than others at – let’s say 160 on a GSX-R 750.
The LS is a very special case. A chopper with just one cylinder. The often cited cruiser feeling, »thrust from below, sovereignty and such«, does not want to arise there. Although the very handsome stew goes really well at low speeds, it just feels more lively than mellow. So you start to scare him away, mark the savage. Until the sparks fly. Which, by the way, happens late for a chopper. Compared to Vigor and the like, however, the lean angle is poor.
One must be born for the Savage. That means: You shouldn’t measure more than 1.70 meters, ride a motorcycle for the sheer pleasure of enjoying yourself, be deaf to clattering engine noises and enjoy polishing beautiful details. Because the LS has enough of that.
The requirement profile for XT aspirants looks a little different. Firstly, long legs are required because the Yamaha is quite tall with a seat height of 880 millimeters. Second, you should be keen on suckling, otherwise the Yamaha is hardly worth buying. Because their advantages are clearly in the long suspension travel and the associated ground clearance. Of course, this chassis design also ensures high-flying feelings on asphalt roads. Sitting on the wide handlebars and throwing the load rack-zag around the corners, that’s something.
This engine has nothing at all. Looks completely tied up. Tough, tough, tough. In every speed range. That’s bad. Even the LS drive is more fun. Of the measured xx horsepower that should be at work, probably half get lost in some dark channels. You have to twirl it vigorously, this single cylinder. Shift eagerly, turn eagerly.
On the autobahn, there’s something on your hat again. We might let a Savage get away with such pendulum phenomena because it doesn‘t run faster than 130 km / h anyway. A motorcycle like the XT should, however, be more capable of straight-line stability. Fender mounted high above the front wheel or not.
The Yamaha hour strikes only away from the tar world. Even if die-hard off-roaders repeatedly complain about the far too tight chassis set-up, the chrome-plated steel rims, the paper air filter, the rubber footrests and and and: Here, in this small round, the enduro qualities of the XT come out big. She effortlessly dusts the rest of the field. Freedom, adventure, yes! Long travel is great. Vigor isn’t exactly stupid either, but he gets stuck earlier.
Und Hans-Dieter ?? where is he hanging around? Maybe with his banker. Such a fast hayawasee also costs a few stones. A poor man, on the other hand, who believes that this automatically increases the fun factor. It’s best to try it out yourself.

Honda Vigor 650

+ fun, cultivated, powerful engine handy, handy and handy brakes that brake properly – only partially suitable for a passenger, relatively short range, handlebar grips rub off, yuck You can’t buy more good humor for around 9,000 marks.

Kawasaki ER-5 Twister

+ Extremely easy handling, sophisticated engine, high passenger comfort, fork springs that are too soft, tend to shimmy and handlebar knocking, front wheel brakes are good Conclusion Exactly the right one for the big tour. Also as a couple. The ER-5 may not be one of the most exciting motorcycles, but it is solid and easy to drive on top of that.

Suzuki LS 650 Savage

+ looks pretty good looks not bad at all extremely low seated low-maintenance toothed belt drive is a lot of fun from 60 km / h – we don’t even want to start with that Conclusion Even if it has so little motor and so little chassis: the Savage is funny. Makes you feel good. Especially in the city. Overland you have to know how to take it properly, then the best entertainment is provided there too.

Yamaha XT 600 E.

+ so you can look everywhere for freedom and adventure, also suitable for giants – engine through and through tough Chassis swings pretty toothless brakes from 120 km / h ConclusionThe XT has a difficult position among real off-roaders. But this is where it comes off as an adventure bike. Robust and reliable. If your engine didn‘t work so hard, the Yamaha might even really please.

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