Cult bike Honda NTV 650


Cult bike Honda NTV 650

Cult bike Honda NTV 650

Enthusiasm for the pragmatic

It took a while to overcome the ingratitude of the world, but the Honda NTV 650 is gradually gaining the motorcycle historical esteem it deserves. Quite high namely.

Single-sided swing arm, bridge frame, V2 engine, dual ignition – everything pricks up your ears. Honda NTV 650 – most of them are waving their hand. And have understood nothing of the technical straightness of the Honda touring athlete or of the deeper meaning of the motorcycle as such. What is driving, and what should be boring about it when it just keeps driving, the motorcycle? On a sports outing, on eternal journeys, every day to work. Contemporary 750 SS Ducatis, provided they have survived the past two decades, are guaranteed to have longer downtimes, press no more than 3 hp more than the open NTV, all have to go to the workshop for a long time to adjust the valve clearance and walk around the corner in a more awkward manner. Oh yes, even a Bayern boxer usually looks more worn out than Honda’s all-rounder after such a long time: valve seats, gearbox, crankshaft sealing ring – we know that.

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Cult bike Honda NTV 650

Cult bike Honda NTV 650
Enthusiasm for the pragmatic

Normal is the most beautiful

The 52-degree V2 of the Honda NTV 650 originally comes from the VT 500, landed with 600 cm³ in the Transalp and then at the same time in the big enduro Africa Twin and the NTV. The three-valve engine doesn’t snap like a liter twin, but pushes ambitiously from 3000 tours and compensates for missing bangs with brave revving. In contrast to some European designs, switching is a real pleasure, the collector hidden under the engine and a short rear silencer emit a pleasant sound at every speed, the large tank allows extensive sound samples. Depending on the year of manufacture, Honda colored the legendary reliable Vauzwo gray or black, and the durability of this color alone reveals a lot about the quality of workmanship of the entire Honda NTV 650.

Unmatched in the middle class. The kilometer performance offered is also pretty lonely, as can be read in various forums. Yes, forums, that speaks for cult, and indeed the concept of the Honda NTV 650 arouses certain passions. The clear solutions, the enthusiasm for the pragmatic in the interest of undisturbed driving pleasure – all that turns on. How the no-frills add to the fun! The Italians once paid a lot of money to the straight forward Uwe Seeler. But he stayed in Hamburg and continued to pay homage to his motto: Normal is the most beautiful. Anyone who drives NTV knows what Uwe meant.

Cult bike Honda NTV 650

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Used advice Honda NTV 650

Injury test

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After its engine had been operating in Transalp and Deauville for many years, the Honda NTV 650 doesn’t need a specialist. Every good Honda dealer knows them by heart.


Of course, the Honda NTV 650 fascinates people who want a good and durable all-rounder. Get it with every year of manufacture between 1988 and 1998. If you want it in top shape, take one from 1989 to 1992, then it has 60 or 57 hp, a split aluminum handlebar and a strikingly short exhaust. The former was discontinued in 1993, the latter two years later, which cost 4 hp. Anything that has 50 or less horsepower is generally only throttled via the intake manifold. The NTV is becoming more and more popular with customizers: from 1000 euros; airy rear thanks to the central spring strut, clear lines. Something can be made of it.

More info: German NTV fans are linked by the website

Technical specifications


NTV 650 – most of them are waving their hand. But the NTV is gradually gaining the respect it deserves in terms of motorcycle history.

Water-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke 52 ° V engine, 642 cm³, 44 kW (60 PS) at 7500 / min, 59 Nm at 6500 / min, five-speed gearbox, bridge frame made of steel profiles, weight with a full tank of 208 kg, front tires 110/80 x 17, rear 150/70 x 17, tank capacity 19 liters, top speed lying down 180 km / h, 0-100 km / h in 6.0 seconds.

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