Sport – The Knight persists and signs –

The Knight persists and signs

Sport - The Knight persists and signs -

From Supersport to Senior, the chivalrous adventures of Serge Nuques follow their bumpy course. Between two races and many zigzags between pub and paddock, the Chevalier tells us about the rest of his adventures.

For the first time in his astonishing career, The Chevalier Serge Nuques has decided to tackle the most perilous race ever: the Tourist Trophy. Exclusively for Moto-Net, here is the story of his second week as he lived it…

The day after my fall, flowers were placed at the crash site of Swedish Joakim Karlsson, who unfortunately went off the track in front of me during the first official test (read).

Monday June 6

This first 600 Supersport race on Monday June 6th left me hungry for more. On the first lap, in a row approaching at nearly 220 km / h, a driver spilled over violently. His motorcycle literally exploded on the track, hitting low walls. There is oil everywhere and the marshals who warned us of the accident are near the pilot lying on the ground. It starts strong…

I made my first two laps taking benchmarks on the 600. Above all, you have to think about downshifting your gears, staying in the right gear and entering the curves harder..

At the pitstop I saw Marc Dufour, who gave me valuable advice for the TT, set off a few seconds in front of me. I take the track again and start to have fun.

But everything changes in my head when I see a commissioner rushing towards his yellow flag. The pilot in front of me has just lost control of his machine, he finds himself in the side. Damn, it’s Marc Dufour! I slow down, I have time to see that he’s up and that he’s fine … But the fall was really fast !

I have trouble concentrating … I finish my fourth lap with my head in the stars, I surrender and cut the throttle. I’ve seen too much in too little time …

I return to the paddock, not really happy, and I just think of ending my experience there for this year !!!

A little later in the day, I learn that Marc is doing well and that the other driver only has his arm broken. Marco, who flopped at more than 200 km / h, went to the medical check which allowed him to participate this morning in the Seniors TT race of 362 km in total. Like what, this hyper strict organization knows how to be very understanding…

In the evening, at the TT Superbike awards ceremony, there is a projection of images taken during the race days. These too beautiful and really strong images make me reconsider my decision. Friday I run in 1000 cc !

Wednesday June 8

I therefore skipped the second 600 race on Wednesday, which I observed from the edge of the track, to watch the other drivers pass and analyze certain elements (trajectories, suspensions, etc.). It is also an opportunity to survey the runners park. It almost feels like a GP with more folklore. A lot of seriousness on the part of the participants, the view of the sea, contribute to the magical aspect of this race.

And we meet beautiful people there: David Knight (David Chevalier in English …), seen in the middle of an enduro ride at Ramsey with friends of his during free practice for the Formula1 Superbike. Despite his return from Garnica (Enduro World Championship in the Spanish Basque Country) where he won a World Cup round, this local rider never tires of riding with his friends. Cool !

The guy on the # 1 Kawa is Ryan Farquhar, here in Ramsey, at TT Superbike practice. He won the 600 Supersport race on Wednesday.

Being at rest, I attended in particular a beautiful sidecar race. Pimpon (Paris firefighter who helps me with refueling), went off the track just in front of me! Bad luck for this Franco-English team because they were full !

Here they are in a neighboring garden. One of the few places where an exit from the track is possible, although a good meter below the road! Brian Alfatt (25th TT) and Christophe Darras (NewComer) put on a great show on and off the track. Well done to both of them for their last minute collaboration !!!

Friday June 10

Today I take part in the last race in 1000, the "Senior TT". I especially want to not be hungry and make the most of the 60 km of road that will have to be covered six times in a row !

Before the start of the first race on the 1000, I exchange a few words with local star John McGuinness (above) who confirms my first impressions: you have to take your time and play wisely on this tricky track. As they like to say: "Take it easy !!!"

Despite everything, the pressure is gradually mounting. I look great on my beautiful steed, however I have to take off my shoulder pads. Pilots strongly advised me to see them move when I was driving. Anyway, it’s still more comfortable and I have optimal aerodynamics for my last race…

I finished 32nd, Bruno Bonhuil was 20th, Marc Granie 46th and Marc Dufour 49th. For the British, the classification is as follows:

1. John McGuiness
2. Ian Lougher
3. Guy Martin
4. Martin Finnegan
5. Richard Britton
6. Jun Maeda
7. Jason Griffiths
8. Ian Hutchinson
9. Nigel Beattie
10. Chris Palmer

The Chevalier SERGEI – Photos Alexandre VALERIO

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