Cyclist as a traffic-rowdy? Video exposes red light violations

Auto Club moves to traffic lights

Thousands of red light violations every day: Video exposes wheel rambos

Cyclist as a traffic-rowdy? Video exposes red light violations-traffic-rowdy

Red light? does not matter! Video shows wheel rambos in action

The number of traffic totes is on a historic low. But the number of wheel accidents rises. For the bicycle lobby lies at too little bike paths. But it could not hurt if cyclists also hold on traffic rules, creates a video near.

The video has the Auto Club "Mobile in Germany" presented on Wednesday. It shows dozens of red light violations – sometimes three or four within a few seconds, all committed by different persons – at different traffic lights. The cyclists whose faces were mischievous in the video flit in part with an affinity of red traffic lights and do not even seem to pay attention to traffic. The events were documented on two days in the city center of Munich.

25.000 red light violations of cyclists – per day and only in Munich

"If you highly craft the violations of the whole city documented by us and 24 hours, Let’s go from around 25.000 red light offenses per day by cyclists out of. A crazy number that is very questionable in terms of traffic safety. It also shows that traffic rules must apply for all road users and not only for motorists, often as the only traffic lighter in the city, "says "Mobile in Germany"-Club President Michael Haberland.

Video can save lives: dead angle when truck – explained for children

Cyclist as a traffic-rowdy? Video exposes red light violations-traffic-rowdy

Site / Wochit Video can save lives: dead angle when truck – explained for children

Cyclists threatened by trucks and "Dooring accidents" – but also by careless

The focus is on wheel accidents mostly motorists who have a proportion of such accidents – for example "Dooring accidents", When cyclists over suddenly open car doors, or when a turning truck overlooks a cyclist. Especially with the latter, it often comes to momentous accidents, which is why turn-by-depth assistants are mandatory at trucks. But the cyclists could do more for their safety, says Michael Haberland: "A small rear-end collision, which is often glimated for motorists, can also have fatal consequences for them or pedestrians for cyclists. But there are not always the motorists who have not taken care of. Increasingly, you get the impression that traffic rules of cyclists are not kept or even disregarded", So Haberland. Even if the video of the Auto Club is only a snapshot of two days and not necessarily representative of other cities, it seems significant catch-up for some cyclists in terms of traffic safety.

That threatens red light sinners

The Auto Club points out that red light violations are not a cavalier dulking even with wheels:

  • For red light mistakes under a second, a punishment of 90 euros and 1 point is already valid for motorists, in case of violations of more than one second even 2 points, a fine of at least 200 EUR and 1 month driving ban.
  • If a cyclist is over a red traffic light, a violation under a second 60 Euro fine and 1 point are due, with over a second there are 100 euros and 1 point.

Angler is looking forward to a big catch until the shark shoots out of the water

Cyclist as a traffic-rowdy? Video exposes red light violations-violations

Angler is looking forward to a big catch until the shark shoots out of the water


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11 thoughts on “Cyclist as a traffic-rowdy? Video exposes red light violations

  1. Cyclist ….
    I think I can say something here. Drive road bike and car and can say from me, hold … I do not always exactly to the StVO . Do not always drive exactly the prestressing speed and I’m already driven by red as a motorist and cyclist over the traffic light. Whoever has never done that can report here. Think Tolerance is announced as a motorist and cyclist.Everybody makes mistakes! Of course, the people who always want to teach the traffic education to the other. So every time you should ask yourself, do I make mistakes or the others!? Think, we all do together in road traffic, there are hardly any exceptions!

  2. Without words
    If you sit in the car, you scold over the cyclists, you drive with the bike, you scold on the motorists. Of the "Enemy" is always the other. Only if the cycling motorist thinks he is allowed to lay out the applicable traffic rules somewhat LAX, he will not take them as seriously with the car as required. By the way, mutual consideration is in the StVO fully in front and applies to all road users! Exactly that we have to work all.

  3. Most dangerous
    …live here the road bike. Despite the best bike paths next door, drive on the road, where the motorists from 100 km / h have to make a full braking, not to run over. Often they are also on the way to each other, which increases the risk of many times. By the way, racing cyclists are also obliged to use the bike path.

  4. Road bike driver
    Have you ever driven the road bike on our roads!? I say no in advance! For the other road users today make very dangerous overtaking maneuvers against the road bike driver no longer to drive next to each other for 50 to 100 meters later at the traffic light or in their own entrance. Dangerous maneuvers for the cat.Tolerance would be attached to the weaker ones

  5. It is not dangerous …
    ..for cyclists to drive red after making sure that it can not happen. Dangerous is it for cyclists to drive green and rely on it, then the danger is great to be approached by a turnaround. If motorists are so concerned about the well-being of pedestrians (as long as it goes against cyclists), why they are not for a general pace 30 in city traffic? This could actually be saved the life of hundred pedestrians and not by still so restrictive measures against cyclists. There would lead to even more dead, because then more would be driven by car.

  6. Come all down
    Almost every adult is car and cyclist. I have always think for about 45 years for the others.Works outstanding. To the rules have both sides to hold.Stay healthy. 09: 43

  7. At 25000
    Light mistakes in one day happen but very few resulting accidents. Nevertheless, in the text is mentioned that many do not even pay attention to traffic. How does DSS go?? Probably it is not so dangerous to drive in red.

  8. Now the bicycle haters are writing again
    But one would have to investigate whether it gives it caused by red light violations actually caused by cyclists accidents. The number was allowed to be disappearing. It’s just a difference whether a car or truck drives over a red traffic light or a bicycle. There is still room for a bike, just not for a car. A bike is only 2 m long and not 5. A cyclist does not drive a motorist dead, but exclusively vice versa. You could think about adapted regulations for cyclists. There are countless traffic lights, there is no sense to stop with the bike.

  9. True cyclists are the better people
    Therefore, you also have the right traffic rule to interpret as it just like it. It should be more likely to investigate how many accidents were prevented because motorists fully rose into the iron or jumped pedestrians at the last moment.

  10. Would not the motorists be so careful,
    If the number of dead cyclists were significantly higher. I had 2 times accidents with cycling, in both cases at a red traffic light. Both times you have driven into my standing car. Probably the thought of keeping a red traffic light to keep completely alien. Some cyclists are likely to be immortal.

  11. Militant cyclist
    are really nothing new. Pedestrian zones have become a popular place for young and older cyclists. Consideration on pedestrians? No thanks. Traffic light on red? No problem for cyclists The red signal applies only to pedestrians and motorists. Etc and so on.

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