Driving report Beta RR Enduro 450 4T


Driving report Beta RR Enduro 450 4T

Out of Austria

Actio equals reaction, every force creates a counterforce, as the physicist Isaac Newton recognized. Enduro sport seems to be ignoring this natural law at the moment. The dominant force in the world of studded bikes is KTM, and multitudes of orange-colored motorcycles flood the starting fields.
Here sees enduro newcomers B.eta its chance. Would like to
convince those who do not want to break through the undergrowth in a uniform orange. What in the gallery thing
the men in Tuscany have long known. With 3000 trial machines that they produce every year, the Italians are among the market leaders in the balance industry.
Nevertheless: Calculated one million euros in development costs to invest in an own four-stroke engine
you didn’t dare to do it after all? and hit
the somersault backwards. The Enduro debutants from Beta are powered by KTM engines of all things. Which really diminishes the demand for individuality of the targeted clientele.
So be it. Beta doesn’t leave much of a target. If the off-road scene on the Austrian original at all
finds something to complain about, then only in details. The tending to be nervous driving behavior with very light forehand
and low-traction rear, for example. And right there
put the Italians. On the engine side, through a tamer performance characteristic with modified carburetor nozzles, ignition curve, air filter and other tuning of the exhaust system supplied by Arrow. On the chassis side by a weight distribution shifted in favor of the front and ?? now comes ?? s ?? a lever on the rear swing arm, which, by the way, is amazingly similar to those of the Husaberg and KTM LC4 models.
The area around Il Ciocco, a private, 2000 hectare off-road playground, inspires. Steep slopes littered with debris, rock slabs, single trails ?? a perfect enduro area. We choose the popular 450 from Beta’s complete range of capacities from 250 cm3 to 400 and 450 up to 525.
Cold start. The choke under the tank can hardly be reached.
The fingers in cross gloves have to feel their way to the button. Ultimately, it works. At least the e-starter reconciles. A curved dirt road leads to the first ascent. The engine seems noticeably tamed, is more restrained, less spontaneous than in the original version. The first surprise in the bends. The front finds noticeably more traction than on the 450cc KTM. Already good. Braking before entering the trail. The combination of Nissin brake caliper and floating braking disc works perfectly and is in the first league in terms of controllability and effectiveness.
Boulders make the way difficult. Again the front inspires. The Marzocchi fork is extremely sensitive. The stern follows at a distance? in every relationship. Despite the lever action, the search for traction remains difficult. It’s not because of the Sachs shock absorber. Rather, the engine spoils the game, which, despite calming measures, tears through the rear wheel in a flash with little flywheel. The area is becoming more open. The fork is still shining, but the hindquarters calls for reconciliation. Because the coordination fits. No kicking when braking, no bottoming out when jumping. Only the engine lacks the original punch.
Is it still enough for enduro riders? What characterizes the beta is a tamer character and a quieter front. Which is certainly easier for some in the undergrowth. Whoever chases the best times on the special stages is still happy about the power from Austria? in the usual packaging. pm

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