Langen Motorcycles: Cafe Racer with a 250cc two-stroke engine

Langen Motorcycles "The 2 Stroke"

Cafe Racer with a 250cc two-stroke

The British motorcycle manufacturer Langen Motorcycles puts the "The 2 stroke" a cafe racer with a 250cc two-stroke two-cylinder engine.

D.he two-stroke engine in series motorcycle production has actually already been buried. He became a victim of the increasingly strict emission regulations. The British two-wheeler manufacturer Langen Motorcycles from near Manchester is now working on a small comeback for the two-stroke engine.

76 hp meet 114 kg

Simple "The 2 stroke" Langen calls his motorcycle concept a puristic cafe racer. The 90-degree V2 with counter-rotating crankshafts should bring it to 76 PS and 45 Nm torque at 11,700 turns. It is of course fed by an injection system. The manufacturer promises usable performance from 9,500 rpm. However, the engine is not developed in-house by Langen Motorcycles, but comes from the Italian two-wheeler manufacturer

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The tubular space frame and the identically designed swing arm rely on aluminum tubes. A conventional, but fully adjustable 43 mm Ohlins fork guides and springs at the front. At the rear, the British rely on two diagonally attached, directly hinged, fully adjustable K-Tech struts. A 120/70 tire at the front and a 150/60 tire at the rear rotate on the wire spoke rims.

The allegedly only 114 kilogram heavy machine is delayed at the front by a 320 double disc brake system with radially attached calipers. The rear is supported by a 265 disc. The minimalist bodywork (front spoiler, lamp mask and hump seat bench) is shaped like the tank from carbon fiber laminate with a visual look. Real gold applications provide further highlights.

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Pre-order against a deposit of around 1,100 euros

The Langen is available at prices from the equivalent of 30,600 euros plus tax. Pre-orders can now be made for a deposit of around 1,100 euros. A first 100 units will be built from summer 2021. In 2022, another 150 machines will be added. The manufacturer emphasizes that the bike is eligible for registration in Great Britain. It is not known whether this also applies to the EU.


They’re crazy, the British – said Asterix. But if such a delicious cafe racer comes out of it, they should go crazy.

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