Driving report Buell Lightning XB12Scg


Driving report Buell Lightning XB12Scg


Buell has been represented on the German market for ten years, and the Americans never tire of creating new versions of their individual V2 machines. Like the Lightning XB12Scg. The abbreviation »cg« stands for »Center of Gravity«. And not only that is low. The seat height measured by MOTORRAD is just 77.5 centimeters.

This is made possible by a few changes compared to the standard version. Because the low loader has a seat that is 22 millimeters lower, a shortened new strut at the rear and a shorter fork from Showa with 41 instead of 43 millimeter thick stanchions. That’s it. Nevertheless, short-legged people sit compactly and safely in the squat low bike. People with long shanks, on the other hand, harvest a rather acute knee angle, especially since the footrests are far back.

The spring travel of the Scg fell more dramatically: at the front from 120 to only 74 millimeters, at the rear from 129 to 90 millimeters. No wonder it is therefore not a comfort carriage. The taut shock absorber in particular lets short, hard bumps through to the driver almost unfiltered. On mogul slopes, only meticulous fine-tuning of the spring elements alleviates unsettled pounding a little. On the other hand, the undiluted feedback is pleasing on good asphalt. However, be careful when climbing curbs: there are just eight centimeters of clearance under the low-lying exhaust. All Buell models from 2007 roll on Pirelli tires in a more neutral manner than in previous series, in this case Diablo with the special code »T«. Handy, but not nervous, the 210 kilogram light falls XB12Scg in an inclined position, hearty cranks on the throttle reward with brisk locomotion. Pretty bold, the torque shaft of the 1200 twin-cylinder, which now, as in all Buell models, has additional openings in the inner air filter cover to provide more air to breathe.

In fact, the bumper oldie is hanging on the gas, turning freely. Even if the test copy showed dropouts when idling or it got stuck between 1500 and 2000 tours. A performance-enhanced oil pump now works in all Buell machines. The Americans only keep us waiting for a catalytic converter, even the latest Lightning just fulfills the outdated Euro 2 emissions standard, which means that a major wave of cleaning will soon be necessary.

The seat got lower, but not the price. The Lightning XB12Scg costs 11,109 euros including ancillary costs and 16 percent VAT. tsr

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