Driving report Ducati Multistrada 1000 DS

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Driving report Ducati Multistrada 1000 DS

Driving report Ducati Multistrada 1000 DS

The idea for Ducati’s latest coup, the Multistrada, arose on the Passo della Futa in Emilia Romagna. For the first practical test it went to Sardinia.

Jorn Thomas


The Passo della Futa between Bologna and Florence, weekend mecca for corner freaks. Ultra-fast bends with non-slip, level gourmet asphalt wind in wide arches towards the narrower passages. There lurking, tightening, opening or just evenly crisp 180-degree radii lurk. Until the surface and often the weather quality in the mountainous section decreases dramatically. Uneven, wavy ground with loosely poured wet passages can sometimes get stuck even for the brave. In short, the Futa represents full life over 50 demanding kilometers. And that is exactly what the Multistrada should be best equipped for, according to its concept Ducati but exactly the requirements of this passport.
Whether this is true, however, has to be shown another time, in April the Futa shows itself indiscriminately whether it is snowing. Regardless, Sardinia’s south coast as a presentation location is also okay. Sun, heat, shimmering asphalt, these are the expectations. It would be nice, first of all, an evenly pattering rain has its appearance. After all, the temperatures are pleasant, and anyway, the Multistrada is supposed to be one for everything. Besides, it’s getting light over there over the sea.
Then off to the coastal road. Soaking wet slope, fresh tires, the oil temperature display flashes »LO«. Okay, easy going. With the Multistrada a light one, if only because of the interactive seating position: incredibly slim around the hips with knee closure a là 999. Among other things, thanks to the unconventional, 20 liter plastic tank, which extends like a monocoque into the rear. Here and elsewhere, designer Pierre Terblanche has set clear brands. And expressly emphasizes that the thousands around the hips are gracefully styled to accommodate smaller pilots in particular. The arrangement of plastic parts, footrests and handlebars puts people under 1.85 meters into a great starting point for all walks of life ?? There are certainly cheaper options for XXL boys.
Not necessarily for exploring unknown terrain. Although or precisely because comfort lovers may curse the thin, noticeably contoured Multistrada seat cushion as an unreasonable thunder beam, they too benefit from its direct transfer of relevant information about the road conditions. Especially since the spring elements on 165 millimeters at the front and 141 at the rear skilfully filter out superfluous hardness and serve with sinewy tautness. Without the 220 kilogram Multistrada stalking through the salad like a stork in tricky terrain. On the contrary, even on a wet floor it creates a heartwarming swing.
Warming up, right. In the meantime, the two spark plugs per cylinder have fired the mixture prepared by injection long enough: oil temperature 70 degrees. Desmo, give flame. Nothing better than that, it trumpets at full throttle from the airbox and the two dominantly styled tailpipes at the same time. The latter, like the sharp rear side paneling, are quotations of the MH 900e, also designed by Pierre Terblanche, and cleverly distract from the bread box-shaped rear silencer, which, together with the front silencer, ensures correct noise levels. A U-Kat is responsible for acceptable pollutant values, the V2 clearly undercuts the Euro-2 limit values. Which makes your conscience easier when you accelerate, as does the asphalt, which has meanwhile dried up from the sun and a mild sea breeze. The two-valve engine can be lured out of reserve from as little as 2500 rpm, but it would like to be 4000 tours in order to show culture and speed at the same time. In the middle speed range, the air-cooled 992 cm3 twin finally sends perfectly controllable, powerful power to the 180 cm rear wheel. Six sporty, closely spaced gears portion the maximum 84 hp, which are available at 8000 rpm. The 1000 feels more comfortable underneath it, even if the limiter suddenly intervenes at 9500 rpm during wild sharpening.
Wild sharpening, yes, that’s what the Multistrada seduces its driver. Steers in on a slight impulse, glides in a controlled manner in an inclined position, rushes through quickly and no less quickly out. Line choice? Shut up, the Duc will get them all. Whether it’s slow braking, sudden lean changes or breathtaking deep diving in curves: The low pitching angle, the impeccable grip and the wide limit range of the Pirelli Scorpion Sync developed together with Ducati make you brave. The tubular space frame, together with the supporting motor, guarantees the necessary rigidity. Both share the mounting of the single-sided swing arm, while a 43 mm upside-down fork maintains ground contact at the front. Playful children can trim the fully adjustable Showa spring elements and the length of the rear push rod as required, and the rear spring base can be conveniently adjusted using the handwheel and hydraulics. The lighting range can be regulated even more ingeniously, namely electrically, controlled from the blue-illuminated multifunction cockpit, which also provides practically everything you need to know, including the remaining range, etc..
In general, Ducati wants to combine sport and comfort with the Multistrada. Which manifests itself in the extensive range of accessories. Case system, comfort seats, main stand, heated grips and navigation system or Termignoni-carbon horns, magnesium-carbon wheels and a race-proven anti-hopping clutch. Everything is possible. So that the longest-legged of all Ducati’s really cut a fine figure on any terrain. And if somebody should mock the unusual, swiveling upper part of the fairing, just call out to him: “Come along to the Futa … ??

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