Driving report Honda Crosser 2005


Driving report
Honda Crosser 2005


For the time being, two and four-stroke engines still enjoy an equal existence
in the Honda model range. However, as the Japanese indicated, the main focus in the future will be on the four-stroke engine, the two-stroke engine received perhaps the last major update.
And that has been the case in the C.R 125 was worth it, as MOTORRAD tester Didi Lacher discovered at the presentation of the 2005 Hondas in Mantova, Italy. The small two-stroke engine, a problem child for many years in terms of performance,
finally has the power to compete in the ranks of the competition. The strengths of the renovated two-stroke engine lie
while in the middle
and upper speed range, the small
CR wants to be moved more aggressively. The Kayaba chassis is balanced and comfortable, the eight-liter CR impresses with its usual stability and neutrality.
In complete contrast to the larger two-stroke engine. In the case of the 250, the obviously not optimally adjusted and weak-looking motor of the
Test machine for annoyance, surprisingly, the chassis did not show the balance known from Honda. With the hard, poorly responding fork and unsuccessful balance, there was little joy on the technically demanding route.
The tester preferred to use the 250cc four-stroke engine, on which the Japanese made some changes to the cylinder head. The CRF 250 now pulls out better from below, even if it is still not the most powerful machine in its category. Because of the even power development and the wider band, however, it can be easily onioned around the course. A machine that everyone, whether amateur or professional, can get along with.
That cannot be said of the CRF 450. It has endless power, now even more steam from below, you need plenty of strength and stamina. Nevertheless, this violence can be controlled quite well because the torque curve is completely linear and therefore there are no surprises when accelerating. But, as mentioned, you have to hold on tight. In contrast to
With a rather softly tuned 250cc at the rear, the 450cc is sporty and taut, so it fits right away with a brisk driving style
everything. What bothers is the roaring loud sound, all manufacturers should work on that with the large four-stroke engines. The new aluminum frame of the fourth generation makes the CRF narrower and still
handier. The big four-stroke Hondas was and is definitely the cream of the crop.
All red machines are now rolling
standard on Pirelli MT 32. A very
Good all-round tire that goes well with the four-stroke engines. The two-stroke engines sometimes push a little over the front wheel. The equipment of the Hondas with Renthal handlebars including upholstery and quick clutch adjustment is great. The same applies to ergonomics, brakes and clutch / gearshift. gt

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