Sport – Marvin Musquin world champion Honda or KTM? –

Marvin Musquin Honda or KTM world champion ?

Sport - Marvin Musquin world champion Honda or KTM? -

Young Marvin Musquin has just been titled MX2 motocross world champion in Brazil. Sportingly speaking, there is no picture: his season has been exemplary. But commercially, was it titled for Honda or for KTM ? Take out your exercise books…

Not quite 20 years old, young rider Marvin Musquin from La Reole (33) has just been titled MX2 motocross world champion on Sunday in Canelinha, Brazil. Sportingly speaking, there is no picture: his season was exemplary, he dominated his opponents almost from start to finish and ended the season with a bang.

So much so that some observers believe that he would be the fastest evolving pilot in Europe today and that he is the "next big thing", as the Americans say. But Marvin also hit the headlines for his change of team and machine, in high season, from Honda to KTM … Why? Surely because the neighbor’s bowl seemed more appetizing and this is none of our business, quite Thierry !

But the crispest question of this end of the season is to know who, KTM or Honda, is MX2 world champion … Because without speaking about the "manufacturer ranking" – which everyone is stamping the shell – he It would be interesting to know which brand could use the title of Marvin Musquin, 2009 motocross world champion for advertising purposes … So, let’s do the math ?

Knowing that out of the 15 motocross GPs contested this year – 30 races – Marvin has won six Grands Prix and 13 races. That he was the championship leader from the sixth to the fifteenth GP. That he started the season on the NGS Honda and it was at the British GP – in the seventh GP – that he switched to KTM. That he therefore rode on a Honda for the first six GPs, then on KTM for the next nine … except one, since he did not drive at the Swedish GP because of his legal-contractual imbroglio: the Honda and the KTM were number 25, Marvin was there, in great shape, leader of the championship, but he was not allowed to ride the KTM.

Which gives us six GP contested for Honda and eight for KTM: KTM advantage. For the round wins, two for Honda and eleven for KTM. And for GP wins, one for Honda and five for KTM. No need for a photo finish: it is clear that Marvin gave more victories to KTM than to Honda.

Or is it the opposite? Yes, because on the side of the spectator behind his barrier, we can have a simpler reasoning – even simplistic. Musquin started to hit the mark with the KTM. But will KTM have the right to use these victories for commercial gain? ?

This is reminiscent of what happened in Formula 1 with Brawn GP: at the end of 2008, Honda announced its withdrawal from F1. The famous crisis is involved, but also the poor results of his team and his two pilot "goats" … Ross Brawn buys the team from Honda, keeps the pilots, buys a Mercedes engine … and the same "goats" suddenly start winning everything, one of them even being able to finish world champion !

Have we seen a Mercedes logo on the Brawn GP? Why isn’t Mercedes trumpeting with these stunt wins ?

But let’s come back to the spectator behind his barrier, whose conclusion may be simple – even simplistic: the Honda engine was zero, the Mercedes engine is a bomb … In F1, everything is of course more complicated. But all the manufacturers are in F1 for the record. An engine wins, a brand wins, that’s the hard law of marketing.

And in the case of Musquin in motocross, there are eleven race wins for KTM against two for Honda … It’s the hard law of arithmetic !

Marylin SIDER – Photos DR

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