Driving report Performance Ducati 999 S


Driving report Performance Ducati 999 S


Ducatisti are extremely fond of renovations. So what could be more obvious than providing the necessary accessories, quasi as factory tuning, where the Bolognese beauties are bought? Why D.ucati has a huge range of special parts and accessories ready across all model series.

Of course, this primarily includes everything that makes the red racers more beautiful, stronger, faster and lighter. How quickly and how easily the 999 S, refined by Ducati exclusively with parts from the performance catalog, demonstrates an impressive 28 kilograms, in words: twenty-eight, the Signora has slimmed down in racing trim. When the tank is just 190.2 kilograms, the editorial scale stops. Sure, lamps and side stands are missing. But the pounds only really let go of the racing fairing, a number of carbon-fiber attachments and, above all, the Dymag carbon wheels.

According to Ducati, you should save around 4.6 kilograms compared to standard bikes. In any case, they give the 999 a handiness with which even the most nasty harassment loses its horror. There really is joy. Yes, a racing Duc must zigzag around the corner. No comparison to the physical effort that is required when a series 999 is to be torn around quickly. Quickly moving from left to right goes in no time at all, zack, whipping the red through the chicane, aiming at the apex of the curve, opening the cock.

And the performance Ducati marches ahead as if the incarnate were after her. The start at medium revs is impressive, the punch is irresistible in high altitudes, garnished with explosive revving pleasure that only ends at an enormous 11500 rpm. A racing control unit allows the Twin a full 1000 revolutions more than the series. The complete madness. Not least because the Testastretta engine roars refreshingly hearty from the Termignoni system with the two stately openings in the titanium muffler and their fat ’57 manifolds. And what about, dogs that bark don’t bite: the two-cylinder sends 145 hp to the very well-coordinated anti-hopping clutch. In particular, the twin permanently delivers over 140 hp from 9500 rpm. The power is passed on to the rear wheel via a narrow, lightweight 520 racing chain. Functional little things such as the Ergal footrests, which, with their fine knurling, provide a perfect hold when supporting, make the Performance 999 completely fun. The fun is just not cheap. But it doesn’t have to be the full program.

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