Driving report Ruko V 1000 SC

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Driving report Ruko V 1000 SC

Driving report Ruko V 1000 SC
Total work of art

The idea, construction, design and the craftsmanship of the smart tricycle came up with two brave Swabians. They only borrowed the powerful V2 engine from Suzuki’s TL 1000 S..

Werner Koch


Uff d`r Alb, “as it is called in Swabian,” isch a half Johr Wendrr, and the other half Johr ischs cold. “Which means that the harsh climate of the rocky ridge south of Stuttgart is hardly friendlier than in Siberia. A slightly exaggerated description, of course, because even in the Swabian Alb there is a pretty dedicated and smart motorcycle scene scuttling through the idyllic cornering area. And when summer comes, the time when it doesn’t snow, many elderly people crawl into their barns and sheds and do whatever it takes. The surrounding area, which is blessed with plenty of metal factories, is a welcome help. Because at least every second cyclist has a buddy, brother-in-law or cousin who earns his bread by turning, milling or welding. Even the most complicated building projects can thrive using “home work” and against the obligatory crate of beer.
The ambitious project by Andreas Rumelin and Hauke ​​Konig from Hulben, on the other hand, is unlikely to be rewarded with a box. A couple of barrels must have already rolled. Finally, under the GRP shell, there is a tubular steel chassis modeled on real racing teams. The two builders have sufficient craftsmanship and relevant experience (see box on page 41), so it is no wonder that new solutions were devised for problematic details. The two brake discs do not rotate in the rim of the front wheel, but instead rotate on an extended axle directly in the cooling airstream. The nested trailing arms of the front wheel suspension stretch imposingly around the braking system. Only after a detailed study of the complex construction can one recognize the integrated spring system and the steering force transmission. A pair of wishbones at the rear guide the rear wheel, which is mounted in the eccentric (for chain tension), while the third wheel is kept on track in a compact linear guide with roller bearings.
The centerpiece, the 125 hp Suzuki TL 1000 S-Twin, hangs on the side of the tubular frame in its low position. The work of art is covered by an elegant monocoque shell decorated with funny design elements. Only the cladding clearly bears the signature of the Japanese TL 1000 S designers.
Driving date. One meets, how could it be otherwise in Swabian, on Fridays after the »Gschafft«. “Pass uff, the Deng drives pretty nervous. You need it to run lukewarm, no it ‘s. «That means: This is actually nothing for a normal person, right. And if you break up my team, there will be a lot of trouble.
Of course we don’t want that, so the first few kilometers are allowed to go leisurely. Simply fantastic, how this great guy from TL 1000-Motor grabs it. Always, everywhere and from all speeds. The overall gear ratio, reduced to around 205 km / h, makes the twin’s job easier and covers the full 365 kilograms with easy thrust.
Anyone who takes the term handlebar too literally and jerks wildly at the wide superbike handlebars will be hitting the corners pretty haphazardly. On the other hand, gently guided, the Ruko team threads its way into the desired line with ease and absolutely precisely on its 195 and 205 millimeter wide pines. Andreas is right: “Oifach run lukewarm.”
Bumps and potholes of all kinds are passed on to the crew the hard way, because the theoretically available 50 millimeters of spring travel are ticked off as non-existent in practice. That’s why it lies Ruko V 1000 SC (SC = side-car) like the much-cited board and bends jaggedly over the curvy Alb even without the co-driver’s weight. If a courageous contemporary slips into the lavishly arranged boat (“d`Kender must stop with”), a sticky, full stability sets in, which enables flawless slides and eerily beautiful cornering speeds. The sporting pleasure is braked together, i.e. the rear brake coupled with a disc at the front and the sidecar wheel, which is also decelerated by the handbrake. Everything is not so easy and a bit much at once for the occasional trailer driver. That’s why we hand over the noble piece with a heartfelt thank you and in absolutely shape-retaining condition to the two elderly people, who dash away pretty crosswise and at lightning speed. Yes, of course, it’s Friday evening: And on Friday there is a regular table on the Alb. Or football club. Or both. Or the two of them just have a new idea.

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