Driving report Touratech Oryx

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Driving report Touratech Oryx

Driving report Touratech Oryx
The crony

Soon oryx will also be sighted in Europe. This is less about the antelope species of the billy goat, but more about conversions based on the BMW F 650.

Rolf Henniges


The bend races towards the front wheel at 120 km / h, two fingers and one foot are excited about their appearance on the brake levers. Curtain up and print. The rear breaks out, blue smoke billows over the asphalt. the Touratech Oryx slides to the middle of the curve, the brake releases the rear wheel again, the knee pushes the 164-kilogram billy goat down, the guide foot and notch scrape over the tar. Now Gaaas! Too bad. Instead of drawing a bold black line, the thick 160 mm slipper massages the surface as if she were his lover.
The “only” 50 hp are simply too long for such a freak. You push the Oryx close to the 170 km / h limit, tear the front wheel in the first direction towards the treetops if necessary, but otherwise behave extremely cultivated. Without annoying vibrations, excessive thirst or complaining against start commands. In the Touratech Oryx is the spirit of the BMW F 650. And he doesn’t sign autographs. Not on asphalt. not yet.
The ambitious project called Oryx originated in Niedereschach, a small town near Villingen in Baden. The place received international mention at the beginning of this year. The Touratech company based there, well-known as a manufacturer of travel and rally equipment, sent some prepared BMW F 650s into the desert. And gained efficient experience on the approximately 10,000 grueling rally kilometers between Arras and Dakar, from which BMW F 650 owners can benefit: large-volume tanks, chassis optimization and engine tuning. So why not develop a motorcycle as a kit right away? The oryx was born.
And immediately struggles with the smallest streets in the southern Black Forest. She wins. Suspension travel of 250 millimeters each at the front and rear swallow any attacks from nasty holes or bumps. Optionally, the customer can even get 280 millimeters each. The suspension components from the Dutch specialist White Power are fully adjustable in terms of spring base and rebound and compression damping. After all, there is a balancing act to be carried out: from a tight super-moto set-up to a comfortable enduro chair. With just a few simple steps ?? Wheels and engine protection have to be exchanged? the Super Moto becomes an Enduro. KTM has shown the way with their LC4 models.
However, the Oryx is far from the greediness of a KTM. This is ensured on the one hand by the relaxed, not at all greedy and speed-hungry drive of the F 650 and on the other hand by the relaxed seating position. It is less front-wheel oriented than that of the Austrian. The narrow waist of the Oryx can be locked and juggled between the driver’s legs, but the air filter box and oil expansion tank ?? both above the engine ?? determine the bench located far back and thus a very central seating position: Tour instead of sport.
At least extreme sports. But who wants that on public roads? Outside the racetrack is the home of the oryx. And different rules apply there. Stand out for example. She does. Guaranteed. Painted in the most unusual colors on request, the lines different from everything known so far. Or suitability for everyday use. The engine, tried and tested, economical and stable enough to cross continents. And last but not least: driving pleasure. So back to the southern Black Forest.
It goes downhill. Tight, tight alternating curves to the horizon, wide arches in between. Optimal pasture land for the billy goat. Here he has to show what he can do. Give in, for example. Effortless thanks to the wide handlebars, very precise thanks to the small 16-inch wheel and the stiff fork. However, the fat 120 reacts more reluctantly than the 90 of the basic version. The Oryx does not have the easy handling of the series F 650 despite the weight loss regimen from 201 to 164 kilograms. The reason: eight centimeters more seat height, 51 millimeters longer wheelbase, seven millimeters more caster and, due to the longer spring travel, a higher center of gravity. No problem. The Oryx brakes nimbly down the mountain, shines on full throttle straight with optimal straight-line stability. The brake calipers snap easily to their 300- and 240-millimeter teething rings and remain in control of the situation at all times. Another quick brake drift? Break.
Time for observation. Apart from the bridge frame, engine, brake system and electrics, nothing is original on the Oryx. Footrests, silencers, frame beams, swing arm, bench, cockpit, headlights, wheels, kevlar cladding ?? all compositions by the Touratechler. In order to be able to realize the narrow lines, the tank has shrunk from 17.3 to twelve liters and is located in a light rear made of aluminum. The Oryx basic kit is available from 4000 euros. Whoever orders the complete conversion kit pays twice as much. The consideration: an extravagant look paired with the spirit of BMW and rally sport-proven technology.
Back on the road. Fly over bumps, soak up enthusiastic glances from passers-by, surrender to the mysticism of the oryx. Eating corners, drifting, wheeling. For those who really want to sign autographs, let me tell you one thing with a wink: The Touratech team can coax a healthy 70 hp from the F 650 engine. This makes signing child’s play.

Technical data – Touratech Oryx

Technical data Touratech OryxMotor Series BMW F 650: water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, a balance shaft, two overhead, chain-driven camshafts, four valves, dry sump lubrication, electronic intake manifold injection, Ø 46 mm. Three-phase alternator 400 W, battery 12 V / 8 Ah, bore x stroke 100 x 83, displacement 652 cm³, compression ratio 11.5: 1, rated output 37 kW (50 PS) at 6500 rpm, max. Torque 60 Nm (6.1kpm) at 5000 rpm Chassis Bridge frame made of steel profiles, screwed aluminum rear, upside-down fork, Ø 43 mm, two-arm swing arm made of aluminum profiles, central spring strut with lever system, adjustable spring base, rebound and compression damping, front disc brake, Ø 300 mm, double-piston caliper, rear disc brake, Ø 240 mm, single-piston caliper. Spoked wheels on aluminum rims 3.50 x 17; 4.25 x 17 (1.60 x 21; 2.50 x 18 *) tires 120/70 R 17; 160/60 R 17 (90/90 S 21; 140/90 S 18 *) Chassis data: wheelbase 1530 (1535 mm *) steering head angle 60.8 degrees, caster 120 mm (123 mm *) spring travel optionally v / h 250/250 280/280 mm. Dimensions and weights: L / W / H 2235/815/1180 mm (2240/815/1230 mm *), seat height 890 mm (940 mm *), weight with a full tank 164 kg (167 kg *), tank capacity 12 liter colors as desired Price for the conversion kit: between 4000 and 8000 euros depending on the equipment * values ​​of the enduro version

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