Driving report Suzuki SV 1000 S

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Driving report Suzuki SV 1000 S

Driving report Suzuki SV 1000 S
Once again

Again Suzuki wants to start flying high with a V2. After SV 650 and DL 1000 V-Strom, the new recipe for success is called SV 1000 S.

Matthias Schroter


It would have been a shame to leave such a potent V2 like the Suzuki TL 1000 S exclusively to a travel enduro. Or even to deport him clammy and secretly to old age. The debut of the 90 degree twin in 1997 was known to be anything but happy. Although the MOTORRAD testers attested the TL 1000 S a lot of steam, the Suzuki two-cylinder had some teething troubles. And the chassis was considered to be quite capricious, insidious handlebar slamming was only stopped by a steering damper retrofitted by Suzuki. But enough old camels warmed up. Especially since Suzuki gradually got these starting problems under control. And with the SV 650 series at the latest in 1999 it has proven that successful V2 concepts are not a purely European matter ?? and transferable ?? are.
Means: Suzuki drives with SV 1000 S a simple strategy: Of course, the V2 engine is based on that of the TL 1000 S, but Suzuki has already modified it so consistently for use in the DL 1000 V-Strom that the former predator almost turned into a model student. The extensive optimization catalog at that time included, among other things: smaller inlet valves, new pistons and an elaborate injection system with a double throttle valve, one of which is operated mechanically via the throttle cable and the other via an electronically controlled servomotor.
The large SV also has all of this, but compared to the V-Strom it has around 20 hp more power due to different camshafts, revised ducts and 52 instead of 45 millimeter thick intake manifolds. So it is not surprising that the Twin comes up with a buttery smooth response and impressive power delivery over the entire speed range right from the start. A nominal 120 hp peak power therefore appears to be a consistently credible value. On the edge: thanks to the secondary air system and G-Kat, the twin meets the Euro 2 emissions standard.
The acceleration from 2000 rpm is particularly impressive. Regardless of whether the throttle valves are brutally torn open or only operated very gently, the V2 is always present and reacts spontaneously, but still extremely sensitively: No choking, no chain slapping, with the Aprilia V2 like to annoy, no annoying exhaust slap, for which the TL 1000 S-Twin was so notorious. The SV drive doesn’t take a slow pace wrong, but actually wants one thing much better: run and burn. Because that’s what this motorcycle was designed for. A flawless V2 for the forced lap on the home route, which can also be in Hockenheim or Brno.
In addition, the SV is by no means a soft all-rounder, not a conglomerate of compromises. And not just a Suzuki Bandit with two cylinders. The SV developers always seem to have had the motto of the successful GSX-R models “Own the racetrack” in the back of their minds – documented not least by a surprisingly sporty seating position with correspondingly high footrests and a tightly padded bench. The motto of this twin could consequently be: »Own the road ?? the highways are yours. “
In any case, that goes through your head when, after almost an hour of happy romping on southern Spanish country lanes, you’ve really shot your own Suzuki. Biggest compliment for the twin: The SV defies all nasty waves, hits and a deceptive asphalt quality, conveys to you in every situation “everything will be fine”. It presents itself as a finely balanced sports motorcycle that inspires with neutrality, great handling and accuracy, certainly also a merit of the sticky first tires Michelin Pilot Sport (special specification E / L).
Especially on the bad sections of the road mentioned, nothing disturbs the Suzuki that easily. The SV 1000 masters tight turns, usually an annoying compulsory exercise for thoroughbred super athletes, with provocative nonchalance. But it also whistles in a stable and reliable manner thanks to the rapid changeover curves. The start and sound of the V2 are always a real celebration: the Suzuki rushes towards the next combination of curves as if pulled on a rubber band, handlebar slapping, or kickback, is successfully prevented by the standard steering damper.
Braking is also fun thanks to the proven, stable and easy-to-dose Tokico four-piston brake system. What bothered me on the first few kilometers with the SV was the too soft setting of the fork. But Suzuki didn’t cut corners at the wrong end. In addition to a new aluminum frame, the Twin has been given fully adjustable spring elements: just a few clicks more compression and rebound damping quickly solve the problem.
After this first excursion, which is unfortunately far too short, one thing remains to be said in particular: Suzuki has once again understood how to set accents? also in terms of price. The SV 1000 S costs 9,790 euros plus additional costs, just right, for a people in the collective bargain frenzy. It gets even cheaper without plastic: the stark naked SV 1000 without S comes to 9,390 euros.

Changes and differences to the Suzuki TL 1000 S

New intake valves with a diameter of 36 millimeters (TL: 40 mm), one-piece valve springs with a different spring rate (TL: two-piece), weight savings: 10.4 gLighter exhaust valvesDifferent camshaft profile for modified valve timing should improve the power delivery in the lower and middle speed rangeNew cylinder coating »Suzuki Advanced Plating« , is used for the first time in a Suzuki engine New pistons (aluminum instead of cast) each save 15 grams, lighter connecting rods 30 grams Lighter 530 chain (187 grams weight saving), shorter secondary transmission Hydraulic clutch (TL: cable) with larger friction discs (149 instead of 138 Millimeter diameter) Throttle valve housing with a second throttle valve operated by an electric servomotor, is intended to improve the response behavior in the lower and medium speed range Secondary air system and regulated catalytic converter (for the European market): The SV 1000 S meets the Euro 2 emissions standard

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