Driving report Voxan Scrambler

Driving report Voxan Scrambler

Vive l ?? émotion

Voxan’s third creation plays with traditions, has a strong heart and is bursting with charm. The scrambler, voilà.

It was high time to revive this type of motorcycle: Scramblers, those street sweepers who are more incidentally trimmed for terrain, to whom high exhaust systems give a dash of adventure, which do not have to hang out on the road or off road, but with every inch promise fun for their slim figure.

High time even to offer the cruiser-tired people an alternative, and it speaks for the marketing skills of Voxan to have recognized this opportunity: Instead of knitting another long fork around their 72-degree twin, the French provided one excitingly designed hermaphrodites on the spoke wheels. From May is ?? Also in Germany ?? Sales start and it takes little prophetic gifts to predict great public interest for this unique motorcycle.

Because the historical models from Ducati and Honda or based on Triumph and BSA all ran with single-cylinder or two-cylinder in-line engines, there was little temptation to build another retro bike. Rather, the Voxan aesthetes based themselves on a template from the French luxury forge Boxer, which based on the Aprilia Pegaso had saved the esprit of its ancestors in the modern design years ago. Everything remains visible, is the purist motto, above all the nicely drawn four-valve two-cylinder, which in the first two, more sporty Voxan models transfers around 100, but in the present case only 85 hp to the six-speed gearbox. In view of the upright seating position, but also the actual purpose of this motorcycle, that’s enough. Especially since the pleasant V-Twin, once it has released itself slightly jerkily from the lower rev range, does not look castrated, but revs up from 2500 revs and revs up in fourth gear at almost 170 km / h up to 8600 rpm onset of the limiter. Quite exactly in between, a torque peak rises, the maximum of 109 Newton meters of which is truly impressive and whose gentle rise guarantees powerful propulsion over a wide range. Life is really full here between 3500 and 7000 tours.

The two-cylinder is fed by an injection system. It doesn’t go on the gas quite as gently as good carburettor engines, but it’s a long way from hard work. Unfortunately, the pre-production scrambler that MOTORRAD was able to drive on the occasion of the presentation in Corsica had a little too much play in the drive train, so that tight uphill bends took a little getting used to despite the neutral Michelin T 66 initial tires. In addition, the handlebars, which are very softly mounted in rubber, do not make it easier to search for clues right away. But its upholstery was probably necessary: ​​On the one hand, with this engine too, it is astonishing that Voxan was able to conjure up a 72-degree V-Twin that does not have balancer shafts with such low vibrations. On the other hand, the slight tingling sensation that the roadster or café racer hums through the stubby ends would certainly have assumed unpleasant proportions with the wide antlers of the scrambler.

What had to be avoided, because the Scrambler really doesn’t want to be uncomfortable. If it isn’t, it already looks familiar after a few kilometers and, despite its powerful engine, is tame. As if made for, let’s say, cruising with a shot. Not for sleepy strollers, more for sporty snobs. In other words, people who do not completely renounce the hardships of life, who have taker qualities, who do not want to be carried along bad roads and who welcome healthy spring progression because it prevents them from sneaking. Such people can live quite well with the Paioli rear shock, but it is precisely these people who will ask Voxan to do some rework on the fork from the same manufacturer. The nice-looking part hits through too quickly due to the lack of spring progression when braking on bad roads and, due to insufficient damping, does not perform well in fast, bumpy corners. It would have been okay for a cruiser, but the Scrambler can do a lot more. Actually.

And that’s why it should be able to brake a little better. The two Nissin double piston calipers in the 19-inch front wheel decelerate properly, but could certainly do with a more clearly defined pressure point. And a little more bite. Scramblers aren’t for softies, dammit, everyone has known that since Steve McQueen used them to break prison fences. And above all, Voxan also has good stoppers in the Roadster. So, and now the bench should come up here, so that the nagging has an end: The driver’s seat recess rises a little too steeply towards the rear, and the flat cushion was too soft. Which in turn leads to unnecessary hardness of the seat in the long run. That doesn’t have to be the case and it’s also unfair because the passenger ?? so much was a short sample? seems to have gotten an amazingly comfortable seat.

The first inspection also promises a decent build quality. Not always in a filigree design, as the foot controls show, but solid. With nice details such as a U-lock mount under the easy-to-unlock bench. Or the solid chain tensioners in the rear axle mount. The easily accessible dipstick for the oil level of the dry sump lubrication can also be appealing, but it is doubtful whether every petrol station has a long funnel ready to refill oil on the other side. The reservoir is located in the voluminous cast part of the swing arm mount, from there ?? as with all Voxan ?? two massive pipes to the steering head. It is also a multifunctional cast part: This is where the twin draws in its air.

A.On the basis of this standard construction, further models are to follow in the near future, in the end Voxan would like to offer six or seven variants for sale. Since the participation in the Endurance World Championship is already a done deal, a super athlete can be expected first. Importer Martin Röth is already satisfied with the existing offer (see also interview): He was able to win almost 50, some of them very well-known, dealers, and they are secretly excited about the success of the Scrambler. It should cost 19,990 marks. Not a special offer, but with an improved fork it is definitely an exclusive recommendation for people with a civilized urge to move. To freedom, à la liberté!

Interview with Martin Röth, 33, managing director of Voxan

MOTORRAD spoke to Martin Röth, 33, managing director of Voxan Germany in Hammelbach

Voxan GmbH in Hammelbach has existed since January. What are your plans for this year? We hope to have around 500 machines produced for Germany and Austria. We are building up our spare parts warehouse and sales network, which will include a total of 50 dealers. We take our time when making the selection because we have high standards and it is important that retailers identify with the brand. Which customers do you address with Voxan? The interested parties come from all social classes and ages. We are particularly pleased that many younger people love Voxan. Of course, we especially address aesthetes of all stripes and also the interesting area of ​​francophile customers. How about the production in France? At the moment a total of 160 employees are producing 200 machines per month. Because the demand is much higher, production is to slowly increase to 400 motorcycles. What is Voxan’s planning for the future? In 2004, 10,000 motorcycles could be produced and there could be seven to eight models on the market, most of which use identical parts. This leads to high development efficiency, rational production and high quality, but also makes small quantities per model possible and attractive. Voxan does not want to become a mass manufacturer.

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