DSM-Bimota DB5

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DSM-Bimota DB5


DSM-Bimota DB5

DSM-Bimota DB5
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Free shifting and control is the highest for tuners. DSM boss Klaus Mayerhofer experienced this rare luck when a customer gave him one Bimota Left to DB5 to make them more beautiful and stronger for the racetrack. The only requirement: The delivered Moto Corse exhaust system should be used. Performance up, weight down, and that according to all the rules of the art, was the motto. Whereby Mayerhofer knows how to make the Ducati two-valve valves really good and this Bimota can therefore serve as an example of what is possible with the air-cooled V2.

The result is impressive. The DB5, which weighed 190 kilograms and had 89 hp with a full tank, has now become a grace of just 173 kilograms and 112 hp. Even when maneuvering it feels like the famous bicycle. And that’s exactly how it can be zapped around the corner.
The tank, which is narrow as a towel, conveys fine contact with the bike, the milled forged wheels from Marchesini counteract the bending with a minimum of rotating masses, as changes of direction slide faster than the rider can imagine.

Huge technical effort on the DB5

DSM-Bimota DB5


Luminous colors for shining eyes: Titanium at its best.

How come? Carbon fiber as far as the eye can see. From the cladding of the DB5R to the toothed belt cover to the battery holder and the almost fragile-looking license plate holder from the Bimota accessories catalog.

In addition, a lavish abundance of titanium and Ergal screws and the equally light and beautifully welded titanium exhaust system, these are the measures of this radical slimming cure. But only the robust twin makes the fun of the light wheel perfect. Even with dB-Eaters in the slim end pots, which only cost one horsepower in peak performance, the two-cylinder hangs razor-sharp on the gas. When opening the throttle, it clicks up the engine speed range almost vigorously. If you turn the steam wheel too hard in first gear, you’ll be on the rear wheel in a jiffy. The tuned engine has the same performance characteristics as the base. That means: enormously powerful middle with decreasing temperament from around 8000 rpm. Just with a lot more steam over the entire speed range. Accordingly, the DSM-DB5 pulls forwards out of tight corners.

However, the effort that Mayerhofer puts into this is enormous. Pistal pistons with a diameter of 100 millimeters bring the displacement to 1123 cm3. Mayerhofer transforms the inlet ducts into fall ducts using complex welding and milling work and then reworks combustion chambers and valve seats. Sharper camshafts and higher compression are among the accompanying measures. And of course the engine must also contribute its part to the pound sterling. He does this with lighter Carillo connecting rods, a lighter and finely balanced crankshaft and the light gear of the 1098 including transmission elements for the primary drive, oil pump, starter and a lighter rotor. The Desmodue is fed by a 748 injection system that breathes in through an enlarged airbox.

Despite the enormously reduced (swing) masses, the V2 can be accelerated cleanly from 2500 rpm without grumbling. A pleasantly smooth mpl anti-hopping clutch effectively prevents the rear wheel from stamping, so that the heart rate remains steady even in the braking zones when the series pliers with the wave brake discs unfold their full, finely adjustable effect.

Conversion info – DSM-Bimota DB5

Chassis and brakes:
Braking wave brake discs, Ø front 320 mm, rear 240 mm, PT radial brake pump, steel-flex brake lines, Marchesini aluminum forged wheels

Engine and environment:
Displacement expansion with pistal piston to 1123 cm3, Carillo connecting rod, crankshaft lightened and finely balanced, combustion chamber processing, inlet drop ports, Ducati performance camshafts, transmission from Ducati 1098, light alternator rotor, injection body from Ducati 748, Marelli control unit, mpl- Slipper clutch, enlarged airbox, Moto Corse titanium exhaust

Bimota carbon add-on parts, Alcantara seat cover, prices for complete conversions by arrangement

DSM-Ducati, Stuttgarter Strabe 40/41, 73312 Geislingen / Steige, phone 07331/66262, www.dsm-ducati.de

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