Ducati Diavel 1260: Finer with performance accessories

Ducati Diavel 1260

Finer with performance accessories

Ducati has expanded the range of accessories for the Diavel 1260 power cruiser. The model can be further customized with the add-on parts from the performance accessories range.

Tea D.ucati Diavel 1260 is an extremely expressive motorcycle even in series production. But if you want to sharpen it up, you can draw on the Ducati range of accessories.

Complete exhaust system


Year exhaust system developed by Termignoni is intended to increase torque and power, but also to impress visually. This exhaust system is made of a robust steel alloy, while the exhaust end caps are made of aluminum and end with the classic bevel cut. Carbon fenders cover the front and rear wheels at an additional cost. The new components look good and offer protection from dirt.

Many aluminum milled parts

Milled covers for brake and clutch fluid reservoirs enhance the driver’s workplace. Rizoma supplies the special aluminum parts. As well as an aluminum sprocket cover, a new clutch cover and a new fuel cap. The tank cap guarantees maximum security thanks to an anti-intrusion device. The supplied, specific key with Ducati emblem makes the design of this accessory even more unique and enables a much faster refueling.

Frame sealing plugs made of aluminum, which seal open pipe ends on the tubular space frame, do not make it faster or easier. The same applies to the aluminum mirrors with milled housings from Rizoma.


In terms of driving dynamics, however, the optional forged wheels in the original sizes (3.5×17 and 8.0×17 inches), which are supposed to save a lot of weight. A new bench with improved upholstery and a different seating position promises more comfort.

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