Ducati GT 1000


Ducati GT 1000


The last will be the first? Let’s wait and see. In the summer of 2006, the two-seater GT 1000 will appear as Ducati’s third and last type in the “Sportclassic” retro series. Her two sporty sisters are already on sale, the driving reports were published in MOTORRAD 22/2005: a bow to the unveiled Sport 1000 and the half-disguised Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition. Both single-seater models that follow historical models: the Sport 750 from 1973 and the legendary Super Sport 750 from 1974.
However, the Italians had already presented the GT 750 in 1971. This was Ducati’s first model with the sensational V2 bevel shaft, which was new at the time, and served as a model for the 2006 GT 1000. From today’s perspective, the claim that this engine is for D.ucati was the salvation. Because the earlier successful, smaller single-cylinder engines had gradually become obsolete. And the Apollo, a huge tourer with a 1240 cm3 V4 at the time, failed in the mid-1960s after the financing proved difficult and in the end no tires were found,
that withstood the 100 hp and speeds well over 160 km / h.
Ducati’s ingenious engine designer Fabio Taglioni placed the 750 V2 in this drive vacuum, as it were as a halved V4. Together with the desmodromic valve control, it is the hallmark of all series Ducs to this day. Also because of the forward inclined arrangement with horizontal and vertical cylinder, which is why Ducati likes to call it the L-Twin.
The drive of all three Sportclassic models comes from the Monster and Multistrada 1000, is air-cooled, has dual ignition and develops 92 hp at 8000 tours.
Unlike in the past, toothed belts drive the camshafts instead of the complex vertical shafts. In addition to the double seat bench, the exclusive feature of the GT is a higher tubular handlebar instead of the low handlebar stubs. It also has stereo struts and two chrome exhaust pipes on the left and right. As in the past.
On the other hand, the mono struts of the Sport and Paul Smart and their silencers stacked on top of each other on the right have no role model. For fans of classic athletes in love, Ducati will be pushing off in the summer of 2006
the Sport 1000 after a two-seater biposto version. For this purpose, the gross vehicle weight is to be increased from currently only 320 kilograms. And who with the
Paul Smart is toying, has to hurry: If that
2000 copies of the limited edition are built, follows
from chassis number 2001 a simple standard version. Without noble Ohlins chassis, but according to Ducati at the same price of at least 14,550 euros. The dogs are more likely to bite the last. tsr

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