Dynotec-Moto Guzzi Stelvio

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Dynotec-Moto Guzzi Stelvio



Dynotec-Moto Guzzi Stelvio

Dynotec-Moto Guzzi Stelvio
Strength and charisma

If you want a lot of strength in addition to charisma ex works, bring your Guzzi to Jens Hofmann’s company Dynotec. The graduate engineer has already helped thousands of Guzzi engines on their way.

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“What’s really up?” Guzzi owners have been asking this question for generations. Because the machines from Mandello del Lario only stood for sporty laurels until the 1970s. Since the 80s, treacherous torque holes and a curious model policy have accompanied the motorcycles with the eagle on the tank. But birds with lame wings are only of limited use for high-altitude flights. Although struggling Moto Guzzi honestly for improvements. But if you want a lot of strength in addition to charisma ex works, you can’t avoid Jens Hofmann and his company Dynotec. The graduate engineer has already helped thousands of Guzzi engines on their way.

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Now also the travel enduro Stelvio with the fat 1151 cubic eight-valve engine. In the series it is significantly thicker and slightly weaker than most of the two-cylinder competitors. Jens Hofmann’s renovation is intended to show what potential there is in the “most superior of all concepts” (Hofmann). A lot down, as the slimming diet to just under 270 kilograms proves. Unscrewing the top case support plate, a lighter LSL handlebar and an 836 gram lithium polymer battery instead of the lead battery weighing several kilograms reduce the weight by twelve kilograms compared to the series.

The delicate muffler with a large secondary pipe, specially developed by SR Racing for the Stelvio, also contributes to the diet. The promised increase in torque and performance makes people sit up and take notice: “More pressure than a 1200 GS,” says Jens Hofmann. That is a word. Where this ambitious goal is to be achieved with minimal tuning on the periphery: The Stelvio manages without mechanical combustion chamber processing, new pistons or valve train revision. According to Hofmann, the alpha and omega of the power regimen is primarily the modified exhaust collector. Inside, he uses a lot of know-how to improve the gas flow. “He calls it dethrottling.

Easier breathing is compared to better inhalation: A K&N air filter of the 1100 Griso fans a lot of air into the V2. Completely reprogrammed Dynotec the maps for ignition and injection: seven degrees less advance ignition and 18 percent leaner mixture from 54 degrees throttle valve angle; at full load then only lambda 0.85 instead of 0.78. Is it all gray theory in a black motorcycle? No, tangible and tangible. In the form of more bangs at medium speeds. The tuned V2 accelerates harder from overrun. And working noticeably more vigorously beyond the 3000 tours.

Forgotten are the wavy torque curve of the series engine and its slight hitch at 4000 rpm. The Dynotec machine is wonderfully buffalo-back and can gain up to 5600 rpm in Newton meters. It pays off. When pulling through in sixth gear, the Black Bomber easily picks up a series Stelvio. But also a twelve GS? Now, in third gear at 60 km / h, the accelerator can easily keep up with the Bavarian mother cow, which is driven in parallel. In sixth gear, however, the 25 kilogram lighter BMW easily pushes itself forward. The “superior concept” is at least almost equal. That’s something. respect!

The Dynotec-Stelvio also demands this acoustically. The SR Racing exhaust thuds loudly. In push mode, he splashes and splatters under water like a non-swimmer. Most Dynotec customers prefer to order the quieter Zard exhaust, which should also deliver more pressure around the bottom.

Performance (Stelvio series)

Pulling through in sixth gear
60-100 km / h 4.1 (4.4) sec
100-140 km / h 4.5 (5.4) sec
140-180 km / h 6.2 (7.1) sec

Conversion of the exhaust collector 150 euros, SR Racing silencer 847 euros, air filter K.&N 74 euros, computer programming 340 euros, lithium-ion battery 259 euros, fork revision 180 euros, modified Ohlins shock absorber 1480 euros, LSL handlebar conversion 170 euros, working time for all conversions 265 euros

DYNOTEC – Dynamisch Optimierte Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH, Alzeyer Strasse 33-37, 67592 Florsheim-Dalsheim, Telephone 0 62 43/58 82, www.dynotec.de

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