Energica develops voice control for motorcycles

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Energica develops voice control for motorcycles


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Energica develops voice control for motorcycles

Voice control system for the motorcycle
Energica develops voice control

In cooperation with Cellularline and Alascom, the Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica is developing a voice control system for motorcycles.

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“Motorcycle, set traction control to level 2.”, In future, settings on and from the motorcycle could be made, which currently mostly have to be found in a menu or even submenu and activated or deactivated. This is no longer new in modern cars, old hat for mobile devices, but it actually doesn’t exist in motorcycles at the moment.

Less distraction through voice control

Provided that it works reliably, the voice control could not only make settings on the motorcycle easier, but also make the process even safer: Drivers would no longer be distracted because they would no longer have to work through a menu and above all no longer have to look at the display . If the system audibly reported that it understood the voice command and carried it out – “Level 2 traction control activated” – it wouldn’t even be necessary to take a quick look into the cockpit.

The Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer is working on the development of voice control Energica with the two companies Cellularline and Alascom. Cellularline is currently the leading provider of smartphone accessories in Europe, while Alascom acts as a consultant in the area of ​​information and communication technology (ICT).

Giampiero Testoni, CTO (Chief Technology Officer or Technical Director) at Energica: “Thanks to this innovative communication system, the driver will be able to find information about his vehicle easily and without distraction while driving: Alascom uses artificial intelligence to create a voice assistant that improves the motorcyclist’s driving experience, with intuitive voice commands that are displayed on it aim to manage and control the essential functions of the motorcycle.”

“Mopped, activate race mode!”

If we could spin the matter further and possibly also individualize the voice control – for example with any designation of the motorcycle, or even a name – then sentences like: “Berta, set the chassis to 2 people with luggage.”, “Mopped, activate race mode!”, and so on and so on. Coupled with our smartphones, we would probably just have to be careful not to get tangled up in a complicated triangular relationship with our bike and Alexa.


Provided that the voice control works reliably, such a system actually has the potential to minimize distractions while driving and to simplify the activation and deactivation of essential functions.

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