F.B. Mondial Flat Track 125: Euro 5 and new look

F.B. Mondial Flat Track 125

Euro 5 and new look

The F.B. Mondial Flat Track 125 at EICMA 2019 in Milan. Now the deliciously made 125cc with a motorsport look is on sale.

In September the Italian manufacturer F.B M.ondial the new Flat Track 125 to dealers. It’s not brand new, but has been modified for the new model year. The liquid-cooled four-valve single-cylinder has been trimmed to the Euro 5 standard, but remains unchanged at 15 hp and 10.5 Nm of torque. The injection, which was newly adapted by Dell’Orto, should even provide more pressure up to mid-speed.

New seating position

The new seating position is also striking. The distance between the seat and the footrests has been increased so that the Mondial is now also suitable for taller drivers. Not to be forgotten is the new double rear silencer under the seat. The license plate is now on a swing arm, the indicators work with LED technology. The braking system is based on wave discs and with CBS / ABS. The 19-inch wheels at the front and rear are fitted with larger-tread tires.

A new TFT display that offers various display modes ensures the full flow of information in the cockpit. The new F.B Mondial Flat Track 125 is available in the color combinations yellow / black, red / black and black. On the home market, the F.B Mondial Flat Track 125 will cost around 4,300 euros. Prices for the German market are not yet known.

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