Four Harleys in the test: Stay everything Easy

Four Harleys in the test

Everything stays easy

Four Harleys in the test: Stay everything Easy-test

Frank Rathering
The test bikes in front of the fire station in Rapid City

Four Harleys in the test: Stay everything Easy-harleys31

Frank Rathering
Harley-Davidson: The new iron heaps

  • Site Online Editor Bernhard Santer (Rapid City)

From the Dyna Wide Glide via the Fat Boy Special and the CVO Fat Bob to the Elektra Glide Ultra Limited: The Harley News 2010 in the Supertest.

It is located on the yellow double line in the middle of the wide road, it is pure imagination or the Harley under the butt of the author is? Anyway, his innate antipathy against Tempolimits sinks in the enjoyment of coziness: with a maximum of 65 miles in the hour, so only a little more than 100 km / h, a handful of iron heaps bubble the highway 16 of Rapid City south then. Beinig, with stretched arms and the warm wind in the half open visor, the way to the goal.
So much to the cliche. Still, the streets on the map are also blue deposited – so classified as "simple". But around the stage goal Mount Rushmore Schneuen Schneuen and Red Lines. Are that really the optimal routes for the driving presentation of the new Harley-Davidson models? Finally, none of the 2010 bikes weighs less than 300 kilograms. We have accepted the challenge – and also the look, long-distance suitability and the price included in our evaluation.


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5 thoughts on “Four Harleys in the test: Stay everything Easy

  1. Once Harley and never again!
    I bought a Harley about 18 years ago. It was just the disappointment of my … Life. Expensive, lesser quality and technically not at the level of the time not to talk about the driving dynamic qualities at all. Conclusion, after about 2 years disappointments I sold the driving again and bought me a BMW. Meanwhile, I already drive the 3. BMW and my next motorcycle will be a BMW again. However, the Harleys really have a great advantage: the high resale value. But he has, in my view, the same cause as the myth and fascination of Harley Davidson: the marketing department of Harley!

  2. hammer
    Harley driving is just awesome, he himself had a Softail Classic ago, was the best mopped what I ever had. Department price, admittedly very high, many conversions, a lot of dangers and then sold after 10 years, value loss incl. Conversions only about.1000 Euro. Inspections cheap, spare parts as well. Feel-good and fun factor priceless. I will definitely buy a Harley at the latest at the latest, even if that for some the precursor is the rollator. But that should probably be the envy of the possessless….

  3. Attitude thing
    For purposes of technical or driving dynamic aspects, I do not find a Harley in direct competition with machines from Japan&Europe. Nevertheless, I start (41J, professional&Private arrived and utilized) More and more that me the idea of the "Just roll around" without too "sporting" Claim. Maybe I’m gradually "ripe" for something like that…

  4. Unfair, very unfair…
    …is your article: He shows with great pictures (in front of the fire station) Men dreams that I also dream – unfortunately you do not write where you can get the necessary change for it. I will continue to dream – and save.

  5. Resistant
    Even if the iron heaps are expensive, they are over many years worth resistant. It’s amazing what Harleys used still. The heater fraction with the rice bowls can pack this after 5 years in the yellow sack, because no one wants more. Among the stroke, a Harley counts all the time. And in the driving way you live longer.

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