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Driving report Can-Am R 1100 RR


What happens when someone from Baden dreams of a motorcycle with an Italian look and a Bavarian heart, MOTORRAD was able to experience exclusively in southern France: the Can-Am R 1100 RR, with which a very special racing series is to be held from next year.

Twice was enough. No matter how beautiful it looks. After two engine failures in a row, Emmerich Stenger had the faxes from his Ducati 916 fat: he exchanged them for a BMW R 1100 R. Actually a great motorcycle to comfortably tour through his adopted home of southern France, where he runs a yacht service among other things.

But the trained master mechanic not only dreamed of a low-maintenance, reliable two-cylinder drive, but firstly of a light, sporty motorcycle that, secondly, is to serve as the basis for a very special racing series, the »Cup 40«.

The trainer road racer did not want to stop with the addition of a sports footrest system or wider wheels. Fairing, fenders, rear frame, a 17-liter plastic tank and a narrow one-man hump should be made ?? and a high-installed exhaust system, almost reminiscent of the faded Ducati 916.

So he sat down at the drawing board and put his ideas on paper. With the plans for his Can-Am R 1100 RR christened creation in his pocket, the French-by-choice paid his brother, who lives in Oberkirch, Baden, because he, as a mold maker, has a fine hand in dealing with GRP and carbon fiber. Back in France, Emmerich Stenger made the ?? in his workshop. according to their own information ?? five kilos lighter aluminum subframe. Finally, after months of hard work, the prototype was ready. Which optically holds what the first pictures from autumn 1998 already suggested. The builder proudly reports that he has already received eleven orders for his Can-Am.
The cup version driven by MOTORRAD did the diet noticeably good. It is more delicate and noticeably lighter than the production BMW, the former allows a very good knee closure, the latter a good, if not playful, handling of the boxer. The seating position is strongly reminiscent of times gone by in the saddle of an old Ducati 900 SS or a Moto Guzzi Le Mans II: elongated and relaxed, despite the handlebar stubs being low. Completely different from what you are used to from conventional sports motorcycles, but quite pleasant. And that’s how the Can-Am drives: not hyper-sporty, but, in the spirit of the builder, a motorcycle for the sporty, ambitious boxer fan who mainly drives on country roads, but also wants to make a detour to the racetrack.
D.he lean angle is still sufficient for this purpose. And the handiness should improve with the standard 170 rear tire ?? the prototype was still on a showy 190 tire. When it comes to the frame and the braking system, the busy Baden resident also relies on standard parts, "if only because of the cost," as he emphasizes. On the other hand, chip tuning and the Schule exhaust system help the boxer noticeably on the jumps.

Especially in the lower speed range, the engine impresses with a powerful acceleration and beguiles with a sonorous rumble ?? which unfortunately will be reserved for the racing version. Not that the two-cylinder would roar unduly, but still it sounds louder than EU law allows. The standard exhaust system from BMW with G-Kat will therefore be used in the street-legal version of the Can-Am R 1100 RR.

The small series, which is manufactured in Germany, has its price with its high-quality plastic parts and the aluminum rear frame, for the series it is expected to be supplied by the specialist Sauer, or the lightweight racing exhaust system, of course: the Can-Am is to be sold for 29,725 marks in the Cup. Cost version. However, Stenger has a cheaper alternative ready: from 9825 Marks (cup version) he offers a complete Can-Am parts kit, which can give a used R 1000 R or RS an unusually sporty second spring on your own or at one of his authorized dealers can be. Twice as nice because a TÜV version of this kit is available for 11,850 marks.

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