Honda CB 125 F: Updates for the entry-level model

Honda CB 125 F.

11 kilos lighter and only 1.5 liters consumption

The small Honda CB 125 F will be revised for the 2021 model year and will be a whopping eleven kilograms lighter. The main reason for this is the new engine, which also radically reduces fuel consumption.

The Honda VS.B 125 F marks the entry into the world of Honda motorcycles. The entry-level bike has been extensively redesigned for the 2021 model year. The 125cc made in Italy gets a new engine, a new frame and a new styling.

Only 1.5 liters consumption

The drive source in the new Honda CB 125 F is an improved engine that Honda originally developed for its 125cc scooters. The new eSP motor is 7 kg lighter than its predecessor and the cylinder is offset. In addition, it should act with significantly less friction. In total, Honda wants to have reduced the consumption of the 125cc by an incredible 27 percent. The new CB 125 F should only consume 1.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Since the size of the tank is eleven liters, tours of over 700 kilometers can be planned.

The 10.9 hp and 10.9 Nm strong air-cooled single cylinder, which is also equipped with an integrated starter generator, ensures the forward thrust. It is shifted by a five-speed gearbox. The final drive takes place via a chain.

Optics based on the large CB models

The new tubular steel frame saves 1.7 kilograms in weight, the rear stereo dampers can be adjusted in terms of preload. The new tank bench line is intended to be reminiscent of the larger CB models. The seat height increased by 15 to 790 millimeters. The small lamp cladding with LED headlights and digital fittings is also new.


The 18-inch aluminum wheels are fitted with tires in sizes 80/100 at the front and 90/90 at the rear. A 240 mm brake disc with double piston caliper is installed at the front and is supported by a 130 mm rear brake drum. There is no ABS, but there is a combined braking system that also easily activates the front brake with a foot brake.

The Japanese have not yet announced prices or a market launch date for the new Honda CB125F. The Honda CB 125 F is available in the colors Splendor Red, Pearl Cool White and Black.


The Honda CB 125 F is not a bike that will knock you off your feet. Purpose: its design makes mobility incredibly cheap. Sometimes it just doesn’t need more.

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