Honda Fireblade SP-1-SP-2 at INTERMOT

Honda Fireblade SP-1 / SP-2 at INTERMOT

Honda is resharpening the Fire Blade

The Honda Fireblade drives the old novelty game "More power, less weight" A good bit further by force: the 2017 model is supposed to offer 8 kW, i.e. 11 hp more power and a whopping 14 percent less weight than its predecessor.

For the 25th birthday of the F.ireblade hits Honda pithily: The next level of absolute control should reach the new Honda Fireblade. A major part of this is due to a 14% improvement in the power to weight ratio.

What sounds like a big step (and it is one too) comes at the end of a huge amount of detail improvements. Interestingly, the search for the last horsepower peak performance was not in the specifications, but – as project manager M. Sato explained – the outstanding driveability, which should give your pilot completely new experiences in terms of handling and control.

The core of all technical efforts is a 5-axis gyro sensor, which provides the on-board electronics with precise information about the driving status of the Honda Fireblade at all times. This is where the various electronic assistants dock: traction control, cornering ABS, stoppie control, shift assistants, adjustable engine braking torque and the semi-active chassis, for example.

Honda specifies the Fireblade SP1 with a weight of 195 kilograms (with a full tank) and a rated output of 141 kW (192 hp) at 12,500 rpm.

The SP-2 is a homologation model that has been specially designed for racing and is approved for use in a homologation.It differs from the SP-1 in terms of revised engine interiors (ie special cylinder head, valves, combustion chamber, pistons, etc.) and Marchesini wheels. Special racing parts are optionally available for the Honda Fireblade SP-2.

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