Honda Forza 350: More displacement for more speed

Honda Forza 350

More displacement for more speed

For the 2021 model year, Honda has revised the medium-sized Forza model. The most striking change is the increase in displacement from 300 to 350 cm³.

F.The Honda Forza 300 had to be adapted for 2021 and the Euro 5 standard that will come into force. The Japanese are straight forward to nailing it and go into the mid-range Forza.

29 hp for a top speed of 137 km / h

The liquid-cooled SOHC four-valve injection engine increases displacement by almost 50 percent with more bore and more stroke – from 279 to 330 cm³. This turns the 300 into a 350. More displacement, together with numerous changes in the periphery, is reflected in more power. The Forza 350 offers 29 instead of 25 hp. The maximum torque climbs to 32 Nm. A lot helps a lot. The top speed increases by 8 km / h to 137 km / h at the top. From a standing start, the Forza 350 cracks the 200 meter mark in 10.4 seconds, 0.7 seconds faster than its predecessor. The completely redesigned engine can be recognized from the outside by a newly designed engine cover.


The Forza 350 is equipped with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). The traction control is not adjustable, but can be switched off on the left handlebar switch unit. The new 350 consumes 3.3 liters per 100 kilometers. With a tank capacity of 11.5 liters, you can cover more than 340 kilometers with one tank of fuel.

Improved windshield

The electrically adjustable windshield was redesigned for 2021 and can now be adjusted by 180 millimeters (+ 40 mm). Newly shaped side panels modernize the look, plastic pillion grab handles save 1.4 kilograms in weight. LED technology is the magic word for the new lighting. The indicators are now equipped with an emergency brake function.


The helmet compartment, which can be divided, holds two full-face helmets. A new USB charging socket in the glove compartment. Optionally, the Forza 350 can be paired with the smartphone via Bluetooth, then the Honda voice control also intervenes. It can also be operated using buttons on the left switch unit and the cockpit with new dials.

The Smart Key of the Forza 350 controls both the main switch for the ignition and the locking of the seat as well as the 45 liter top case. With the smart key in the driver’s pocket, the top case is unlocked and automatically locked again when the driver leaves the scooter. Alternatively, the case can be locked with the key.

New swingarm, new colors

The tubular steel frame of the Forza, like the rest of the chassis, remains unchanged and with it the seat height of 780 millimeters. Only the aluminum swing arm has been redrawn. The cooler moves in front of the tank.

When the Forza 350 rolls to dealers, customers can choose between the familiar colors Pearl Nightstar Black, Pearl Cool White, Matt Cynos Gray Metallic and the two new colors Matt Pearl Pacific Blue and Pearl Falcon Gray. Honda has not yet announced prices for the Forza 350.


With the Forza 350, too, Honda is relying on an increase in displacement on the way over the Euro 5 hurdle. All customers should be pleased that this brings more performance. There is also an extended configuration for 2021.

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