Honda NC 700 S for sale

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Honda NC 700 S for sale

Honda NC 700 S for sale

Honda NC 700 S for sale

Honda NC 700 S for sale

Honda NC 700 S for sale

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Honda NC 700 S for sale

Buy used Honda NC 700 S.

Honda NC 700 S for sale

The purely informative cockpit exudes the charm of a Tupperware box. Okay for scooters, but unsexy for a motorcycle.

Honda NC 700 S for sale

Helmet instead of fuel – a huge, ultra-practical storage compartment is hidden under the dummy fuel tank. One loves it!

Honda NC 700 S for sale

And that works too: refueling takes place under the pillion seat. Annoying, however, when the baggage roll is strapped on.

Honda NC 700 S for sale

Example: EZ 6/2012, 19 004 km, HU 9/2018, windshield, 35 kW, ABS. Price: 3,850 euros

Honda NC 700 S for sale

The color variant shown below is called Seal Silver Metallic, loosely translated: seal gray. As lovable as a seal, this forgiving and benign entry-level machine appears to be driving.

Honda NC 700 S for sale

The alternatives: Kawasaki ER-6n – ER-6n already throttled to 48 HP with ABS second hand can be found for less than 3000 euros. Good deal!

Honda NC 700 S for sale

The alternatives: KTM 390 Duke – the groovy, ultra-handy Austria stew is a bestseller for young beginners.

Honda NC 700 S for sale

The alternatives: Yamaha MT-07 – Confident and uncomplicated, yet very dynamic and powerful. On the market since 2014.

Honda NC 700 S for sale

The alternatives: Suzuki SV 650 – The Suzi of the type WVBY (2003 to 2008) is top even without ABS, and it is available for little money. Inexpensive tip for starters!


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Honda NC 700 S for sale

Used advice Honda NC 700 S
Tips for buying used

The Honda NC 700 S with a long-stroke inline twin-cylinder is an extremely easy-to-handle motorcycle and is well represented on the used market.

Thorsten Dentges


The storage compartment of the Honda NC 700 S immediately catches the eye. Or not, or only when it is open. Because it hides where gasoline is normally filled. A full-face helmet can be stored in this ingenious storage compartment under the dummy tank. It’s practical, even mega-practical! Actually more of a topic for scooter riders, but why not a useful feature for everyday use for a motorcycle? In addition to this gimmick, the Honda NC 700 S offers a lot more to make motorcycling easy. Excellent ergonomics, for example, which are great for drivers from 1.60 to 1.95 meters. Handlebar width and cranking are flawless, the whole machine fits like a glove. In addition, a pleasantly small turning circle (5.45 meters), low center of gravity and an acceptable weight of 215 kilos. A manoeuvrable city runabout that forgives one or the other driving error with insecure drivers and provides additional safety through ABS. Ideal for beginners and those returning to work, especially since purchase and maintenance do not cost the world.

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Honda NC 700 S for sale

Used advice Honda NC 700 S
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The twin shakes the beginner’s maximum power of 48 hp out of its sleeve calmly and calmly, but the rev limiter locks off just over 6000 rpm – this can be embarrassing at traffic light duels. Heaters feel like they’re on a leash with the Honda NC 700 S, but they weren’t the target group when it was launched in 2012. With discount campaigns for newcomers to driving licenses, Honda wanted to lure people who were previously unsuspected onto motorized two-wheelers. Successful. One year after the start of sales, the low-budget bike was one of the bestsellers, and the option with a double clutch transmission, which is equivalent to an automatic, was also well received. Bottom line: Stress-free characteristics, but also a bit boring – a short test drive usually quickly clarifies whether you (or women) can make friends with this reliable machine.

Market situation Honda NC 700 S

Due to the short construction time of only three years, the second-hand range of the newly well-sold Honda NC 700 S is rather manageable. However, it is not a problem to find a suitable offer in your area.

Honda NC 700 S from 3,000 euros

Low price level: Honda NC 700 S offered for 3000 euros usually find a buyer after a very short time. Even if quick access is a must for this reason, interested parties should be careful not to catch a rotten egg. The situation eases from 3500 euros.

Honda NC 700 S from 3,800 euros

Medium price level: Honda NC 700 S with clutch-free DCT automatic transmission are only available from 4000 euros and are less common. ABS should definitely be on board in this price range, and mileage under 10,000 is not uncommon.

Honda NC 700 S from 4,500 euros

High price level: The pain threshold for many buyers is 4999 euros. Even well-maintained used Honda NC 700 Ss can only be sold more expensively if they are in the condition as new, have a luggage system and touring gimmicks such as a GPS.

Model upgrade Honda NC 700 S

  • 2012:Market launch of the completely new NC model series from Honda and thus also the Honda NC 700 S (type RC61). A newly designed two-cylinder in-line with a 270 degree crank pin offset and 670 cm³ has a long stroke of 48 HP and is embedded in a tubular steel frame. A version with a double clutch transmission (DCT) that is 4 HP more powerful is available for an extra charge. Weight: 218 kilos. The front and rear suspension travel is 120 millimeters. The tank is positioned below the bench. There are three color variants to choose from, which will remain in the range until the end of the 700 series: Graphite Black (black), Pearl Sunbeam White (white), Seal Silver Metallic (gray metallic). Price: 5690 euros, the surcharge for the DCT variant is 1000 euros (remains unchanged until construction stops). Approvals in Germany: 1536 pieces.
  • 2013:Another variant with full power (38 kW / 52 PS), manual transmission (and without ABS) is available. Other changes: reshaped passenger grips. Price: 5730 euros. With discount campaigns subsidized by Honda for novice drivers, the Honda NC 700 S is offered at dealerships for as little as 5000 euros. Approvals in Germany: 2294 pieces.
  • 2014:Smaller facelifts: modified ABS system, modified speedometer, additional accessories, throttle version (48 HP) with combined ABS and DCT added. Price unchanged. Approvals in Germany: 410 pieces. In the course of the year, the 700 series will be replaced by the new 55 hp Honda NC 750 S..

Technical data Honda NC 700 S (model year 2012)

Water-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, four valves per cylinder, wet sump lubrication, injection, regulated catalytic converter, mechanically operated multi-plate oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, O-ring chain.
Bore x stroke 73.0 x 80.0 mm
Cubic capacity 670 cm³
Rated output 35.0 kW (48 hp) at 6250 rpm
Max. Torque 60 Nm at 4750 rpm

landing gear
Lattice tube bridge frame made of steel, telescopic fork, two-arm swing arm made of steel, central spring strut, directly hinged, adjustable spring base, front disc brake, rear disc brake, ABS.
Cast aluminum wheels 3.50 x 17; 4.50 x 17
Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 160/60 ZR 17

Dimensions + weights
Wheelbase 1525 mm, steering head angle 63.0 degrees, caster 110 mm, spring travel front / rear 120/120 mm, seat height * 800 mm, weight with a full tank * 215 kg, tank capacity 14.1 liters.

Measurements (MOTORCYCLE 10/2012)
Top speed ** 160 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h5.5 sec
Pulling speed 60–100 km / h7.6 sec
Consumption 3.5 l / 100 km (country road)

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